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Homemade Gift Tags Day 11: Scrap Fabric Gift Tags

by | DIY, Paper, Winter

I know I’m supposed to be all upbeat when showing off my gift tags and be the cheerful blogger and all, but I have to admit that this particular one did not quite meet the vision I had in my head.  Call it a semi-fail if you will.  I think the concept of scrap fabric gift tags is totally do-able, if only I had thought my cunning plan through a little more thoroughly.

Scrap Fabric Gift Tags

Still, the concept has merit, don’t you think?  The fabric scraps might make for a nice rustic look?  Maybe a little fraying burlap would look better than fraying quilting fabric?

Here’s a call to action for you!  Give this tag a try and let me know how you would make it.  The possibilities are pretty endless – especially with a Silhouette!  Make any shape you want from fabric, and outline it in marker for definition.  Make it rustic, a little sloppy, untraditional, with love!  How would YOU use fabric on a gift tag?

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  1. renee

    thanx will give some a try happy holidays

  2. ChiWei

    Hi Renee, happy holidays to you too! I hope you give them a try and let me know how it goes!

  3. elaine

    your gift tags are beautiful. Very creative!

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