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Homemade Gift Tags Day 10: Vintage Lace Gift Tags

by | DIY, Paper, Winter

Only 3 days left in our 12 Days of Homemade Gift Tags!  Then I’ll be putting together a nice pinnable post with all 12 ideas so you can keep it all handy.  Today’s gift tag was me playing with Mod Podge, and creating these Vintage Lace Gift Tags.  I went to an estate sale last year and picked up rolls of lace figuring I was going to do something fantastic like edge all my white pillow cases in the stuff, but you know, I just never got around to it.  Plus, the lace rolls were itty bitty narrow and oh so delicate, one big sneeze at night might just tear them up!  Ok, gross, but you know what I mean.  So, there they lay, ignored and unwanted, until now.

Lace Gift Tags at

All I did was cut a length of lace and Mod Podged them to the gift tag cardstock.  I found out that the Mod Podge I have leaves a bit of a mark, so a little discretion when slapping the stuff on made it look much better.  Now I’m tempted to make lace ornaments or something, because these few tags didn’t even make a dent in my vintage lace stash!

Vintage Lace Gift Tags


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