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25+ Gift Ideas for Crocheters and Knitters: My Favorite Tools and Accessories

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If you’re like me, you may wonder what other crocheters, knitters and makers have in their stash, what their go-to gadget is, and where they source their favorite accessories. I thought I’d share a peek into my tool bag with 25+ gift ideas for crocheters and knitters to help with your holiday shopping for the makers in your life, or inspire you to add something to your own wish list. Here’s to enabling a healthy yarn addiction!

Crochet Gift Guide: 25 Ideas for the Yarn Lover

I own and use all of the products I’m sharing below. This is NOT a sponsored post and all experiences and recommendations I share are because I really do use these tools and gadgets almost on a daily basis.

There are affiliate links to both Amazon and Etsy to purchase the items as gifts or for yourself. Purchasing from these links does not cost you any extra, and it pays me a small commission so I can continue to provide fun free patterns on the blog!

Let’s get started!

25+ Gift Ideas for Crocheters and Knitters. A gift guide based on favorites from my own workspace. |

1. Clover Amour Crochet Hooks – Metal, Smaller Sizes

2. Clover Amour Crochet Hooks – Plastic, Larger Sizes

When I first started crocheting, I used a set of Susan Bates metal crochet hooks and they are perfectly good to use. But switching to Clover’s Amour hooks was a game-changer. They are super comfortable, and I can switch between a knife hold and a pencil hold so my hands don’t cramp up. Plus the colors just make me smile! The smaller sized metal hooks come as a set, and the larger sized plastic hooks are sold as a separate set. Sometimes, it might be cheaper to get the plastic ones individually, depending on the sale prices.

The tiny hook pictured below is the Sharp Crochet Hook, which has a pointed end that’s perfect for piercing fabric. I’ve used it to add a crochet edging to muslin baby blankets for baby gifts.

Colorful gift ideas for crocheters

3. Chiaogoo 24-inch Flexible Tunisian Hook, Q/15.75mm

4. Chiaogoo 32-inch Flexible Tunisian Hook, P/11.5mm

In addition to my Clover Amour hooks, I have a few Tunisian Crochet hooks as well. Because all the loops are kept on the hook for tunisian crochet, similar to knitting, I prefer flexible hooks over the long metal ones, so my work can slide onto the tube, relieving the weight left of the hook. I don’t have a full set, just the size Q/15.75mm which I used to make the Starlight Shrug, and a size P/11.5mm, which is being used on a “forever wip” sitting in a project bag in my room.

clover amour hooks rainbow

5. LIHIT Lab Pen Case, 4.7 x 7.9″

If you give a mouse a bunch of gorgeous hooks, she’s going to want a snazzy new case to hold them all. I chose this bright orange pencil case to hold my Clover amour hooks, as well as all the little accessories that I often need on hand, like scissors, pencils, needles, measuring tape, etc. There’s plenty of room to hold both my metal hooks and the larger plastic hooks, and another side with mesh pockets to hold all the little things. Plus, the bright orange color means I can see it from across a room full of scattered toys and yarn!

store your crochet hooks in style

6. Lion Brand Yarn Jumbo Totes

These large canvas totes from Lion Brand’s Zazzle store seriously store A LOT of yarn in them. I think I fit 12 skeins of Wool Ease Thick and Quick into one tote! It’s always good to have a selection of different sized project bags, for all the differently sized projects. These are great to hauling those cozy blankets and sweaters in the making, and perfect for both crocheters and knitters!

keep yarn organized in jumbo canvas totes

7. Custom Wooden Logo Tags

If you know a crocheter or knitter who sells or gifts their items, these custom tags from All This Wood are thoughtful and beautiful gifts. I chose small tags, 1.5 x 0.5″ and they were able to etch my very detailed logo onto a selection of different woods, so I have tags in 3 different colors. These tags are great on hats, blankets, scarves, and I know makers who add them to sweaters as well! You can see the tags in action on my Pebble Beach Beanie.

brand your work with custom wooden logo tags

8. Arthritis Gloves

9. Lion Brand Yarn Stress Relief Gloves

Does your hand cramp, or do you wrists hurt after working for a while? I noticed some soreness and decided to try out a few different compression gloves to see if it’d help. I’m honestly not sure what these gloves do scientifically, but I find that they do help relieve some of the achiness in my wrists from repetitive motion. I use the Arthritis Gloves more, although having my fingers covered can slow me down, so I switch to the Lion Brand gloves if I need my fingers free.

save your wrists with compression gloves

10. Kai 5165 6.5 inch Sewing Scissors

11. Silver Stork Scissors, 4.53″

I love the look of stork scissors in photos, so I had originally bought a pair from Designs by Phanessa on Etsy. They were gorgeous, but I was dumb, and broke the screw on it when I tried to use those itty bitty scissors to cut through all the yarn on a pom-pom maker. After berating myself for that mistake, I went out and purchased a pair of gold storks from a local yarn shop, decided it was too small, and settled on another silver stork scissors from Amazon. Since I didn’t want to use the storks to make pom-poms, and my big craft scissors were too big, I bought medium sized, super-sharp, stainless-steel sewing scissors as well. My mom used to tell me that different scissors can only be used for certain things – like cooking scissors in the kitchen, and sewing scissors should not used for paper. Well, I get it now, and these babies are set aside for specific uses, from embroidery thread to chunky yarns, each to their own.

12. Clover Quick Locking Stitch Marker Set

I received this Clover Quick Locking Stitch Marker Set when I attended Creativation earlier this year, and this set actually makes me want to use stitch markers. They’re super easy to open and close, and they’re just so much more delicate than the big clunky stitch markers I had before.  The pack comes with different sizes and colors in a handy little case with 4 compartments, so you can keep them color coordinated.

13. Flexible 60″ Tape Measure

The yellow tape measure shown below was part of a gifted crochet kit, but I actually prefer to use a soft, flexible sewing tape measure when I measure my projects. But, I also just keep random tape measures laying around, so there’s always one at hand!

essential tools for crocheters and knitters

14. Bernat Faux Fur Pom Pom

When you don’t want to make your own faux fur pom pom out of faux fur fabric, you can purchase a big ol’ sturdy one already made. I used one on my Lolly-Poms Easy Ribbed Beanie.

15. Clover Large Pom Pom Maker

16. Clover Extra Large Pom Pom Maker

If you want a simple yarn pom, this is the way to go. Gone are the days when we’d cut out cardboard donuts to make scraggly poms. Now, it’s so easy to make full and fluffy balls of yarn with these sturdy pom-pom makers. They do eat up quite a bit of yarn though, so make sure you save enough from your project! You can see examples of poms on my Ribbed Beanie, Lolly-Poms Sweetheart Beanie, Amber Waves Seed Stitch Scarf and an extra large pom on the tail end of the Classic Stuffed Bunny.

17. Clover Large Tassel Maker

Tassels are a bit of a mystery to me, so I’m super thankful to have this tassel maker on hand. It comes with instructions on how to work this gadget, and I admit it takes a bit of practice to get it right. But the resulting tassels are gorgeous, if I say so myself. See it on my Yarn Cuckoo Clock or the Honeycomb Shawl Scarf.

poms and tassels

18. Felting Kit

This basic felting kit from Mama Knows Luxury on Etsy comes in handy more often that I would have expected. I really only use the light pink needle, but I use it all the time to felt yarn ends together. Did you know that Wool Ease Thick and Quick contains enough wool (20%) that you can felt the ends together? This is so useful since tying big chunky yarn like that creates big ugly knots.

crocheters can felt too!

19. Stanwood Needlecraft Large Metal Yarn Winder, 10-ounce

Most yarn purchased from big box stores comes in balls ready to use, but many boutique or hand-dyed yarns come in twisted skeins that have to be wound before using. That’s where a yarn winder becomes essential to saving time, and my sanity. Plus, I use my winder to create beautiful little cakes out of leftover yarns so I don’t have tangled messes hanging around everywhere. This large winder can wind up to a chunky 8″ cake!

yarn winder gift idea for crocheters and knitters

20. Blocking Mats – 9 blocking boards with grids

As I’ve gotten more into garment design, I’m starting to see the need to block my work. Seeing finished but unblocked work can be frustrating, as the sweaters and shirts often look lopsided and bulky in all the wrong places. I soak my pieces in some cold water in the tub, then squeeze the water out, roll it in thick towels, and then lay it out on these blocking mats to dry. I know there’s special blocking pins, but I just use regular sewing pins to hold my work flat. Seriously, a blocked piece looks SO much better than I thought it would. So yes, I’m a blocking convert.

I love that these interlocking blocking mats have 1 inch grid lines on them, and all the lines on all the squares line up with each other!

crochet and knitting essentials - blocking mat

21. Modular Blocking Station

Speaking of blocking mats, I had first created my own modular blocking board to flatten and stretch out granny squares for a granny square blanket. The holes are set approximately 2 inches apart on a pre-cut lazy susan base, and I use dowels to hold the granny squares in place. You can see what a difference a bit of blocking makes!

diy gifts for crocheters

the difference blocking can make

22. Modular Bobbin Holder

If you do any sort of color-work, this Modular Bobbin Holder just might be a life-saver. It’s another project I made myself, mostly because I needed a way to keep all of my yarns straight while working on my corner to corner Zoodiacs Afghan. I didn’t want to have to keep cutting small bobbins and wrapping clothespins like I did for the Silverstone Argyle Cowl, since the squares were big and used a lot of yarn, so I made the bobbin holder large enough to hold entire skeins of yarn.

diy gift idea - bobbin holder for yarn lovers

23. Moleskine Notebook, Dotted

There are millions of notebooks in the world. The leather bound one shown below is a gift from the husband from a local shop. I also use a large technical notebook similar to this one, with grids that are useful for drawing out designs. One that I use at work is a simple black Moleskine, hardcover, with dotted gridlines on the inside. Of course, a notebook with succulents or rainbow unicorns on the cover would be magical, but it’s the dotted grids on the inside that make it useful for me.

24. Cactus Pen

Because everyone needs something to write with. So why not a pen to feed my succulents obsession.

25. JOBY Gorillapod Flexible Tripod for Smartphones

The Gorillapod is great for strapping your phone to just about anything, and it worked wonders when I first started shooting videos of my crochet. I’d hook it to my camera tripod and angle it just right to get the shot I wanted. Now that I shoot video on my mirrorless Olympus, I’ll be in the market for the full size Gorillapod!

fun accessories for the maker in your life

26. BONUS – 40mm Giant Crochet Hook

It’s in the pictures and I can’t not acknowledge it, this monster hook. I haven’t actually used it yet with the gorgeous extreme yarn from Mama Knows Luxury, but I love the uniqueness of the hook, and boy am I ready if a vampire decides to show up!

27. BONUS – addi Click Lace Short Tip Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle System

Many of the gift ideas I’ve shared above are useful for both crocheters and knitters, but this one is just for the knitters. My husband once bought me knitting needles when I wanted to try knitting, and I liked them but I didn’t really pay attention to the brand. Only when I had committed to really learn how to knit did I discover that my husband had gone all out and bought me highly rated (and expensive) addi needles, which I probably wouldn’t have splurged on myself, especially as a beginner. Since I loved the ones he got me, I went ahead and bought the full interchangeable kit, and I haven’t regretted it at all. I love using circular needles even for flat projects so I don’t have my entire project hanging off a stick.

I also have a few Knitters Pride Dreamz Fixed Circular needles, in 17/12mm and 19/15mm, which I also love and are not pictured because they are currently in use!

There you have it, over 25 gift ideas for crocheters and knitters alike. Whether they make, design, sell, or all of the above, I’m sure there’s something they’ll find useful here. I know I use most of these items often enough that I sometimes don’t even bother putting them away, to my husband’s chagrin! Happy Holiday shopping!

gift guide - favorite crocheting and knitting tools of the trade


  1. Melissa

    Great gift ideas! Could you fix the link for the arthritis gloves? It currently goes to the wood tags shop. I would love to be able to add the gloves to my Christmas list!

  2. Gina M Hart

    I have the grey arthritis gloves. They’re amazing!!! I haven’t used them while crocheting because they do slow me down too much.

    I do wear them to bed. I love them and highly recommend them!

  3. ChiWei

    Ahh, thank you for letting me know! I’ve fixed it!

  4. Susanne

    Thank you so much for posting this, I have been looking for arthritis gloves for ages 🙂

  5. Sharon Holesh

    Hi Chiwei,

    Can you tell us where you got the small leather tags you have ib the picture with your logo on? ( Not the wooden ones).

    Thank you!


  6. ChiWei

    Hi Sharon, I received them as a gift from a friend who had access to a laser cutter. I think you can find them on Etsy – either Brick & Bubble or All This Wood should have different tag options.

  7. LuAnn Braley

    My mother had a pair of those stork scissors from her mother, and I always thought they’d come to me and I’d pass them to my own daughter. But Mom took them on a flight at some point after all the security measures regarding carry-on luggage came into play and they were confiscated!

    I think the blocking stand is my favorite thing in the list. I don’t practice often enough so scale and uniformity are things I struggle with.

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