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Homemade Christmas Gift Tags Day 9: O Holy Night

by | DIY, Paper, Winter

Remember how I said  thought the Button Snowman might be my favorite, but it might also be tied with another of my homemade gift tags?  Well, this is the one that is also my other favorite, the one I like to call O Holy Night.  First, I LOVE that song.  I always hear the Whiffenpoofs sing it in an episode of The West Wing, and I LOVE the majesty and the humbleness and the peace that I feel whenever I hear it.  Oooh, I’m getting tingles just Googling and thinking about it!

O Holy Night. Christmas Gift Tags.

While trying to work out this particular design, I knew I wanted the snow using ripped paper, and a gold star, but I also wanted a house.  At first, I thought maybe I’d do a house with a tendril of smoke coming from the chimney in that “country cottage in the mountains” sort of way, but I didn’t know what to make the house out of.  Fabric seemed too…garish.  And loud.  And how in the name of the crafting gods was I going to create “a tendril of smoke”?!  Then, with all the toothpick crumbs left on my craft table, I thought why not use toothpicks?  But I wasn’t going to Lincoln Log my way to a house that was only going to be a half inch high.  And so, it became a manger.  And the gift tag became O Holy Night.

O Holy Night Christmas Gift Tags

So, with 1 toothpick, a bit of gold paper, a scrap of textured paper and some glue, I have a depiction of a clear, quiet night.  A single star shines brightly on the night of the dear Savior’s birth.

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  1. Carolyn

    I love it. Sweet and simple.

  2. marcelle

    where can i find plain tag

  3. ChiWei

    Hi Marcelle, I made my tags, but you can find plain tags on Etsy or in any craft store. I saw small packs of different sized tags at my local Michaels.

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