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12 Mother’s Day Crochet Gifts I’d Like to Get

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This Mother’s Day, skip the flowers and the brunch. Give your love in the form of something much more longer lasting and beautiful – a handmade crochet gift. I’ve curated a collection of Mother’s Day crochet gifts to give you inspiration on what to make. Even better, these 12 project ideas area all free patterns!

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mothers day crochet patterns

This is the first year that I no longer work in an office, and consider myself a work-from-home mom. It seems that even though I run my own business from my house, just the fact that I AM home means that I take on all the bills, the washing, the school activities, the homework, and the making of all the meals. Sometimes, it feels overwhelming and a bit unfair. But conversely, my husband spends many hours away from home, and that has its own pros and cons. I could go on about it, but in the end, this is my life right now and I am grateful for all the opportunities and blessings that have been showered upon us. Whenever I feel resentful that I’m not able to focus on my own career, I realize that just as a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, a show of appreciation can make the whole situation seem brighter.

So that’s why I’m here today with this collection of Mother’s Day crochet patterns – because showing your mom love and appreciation doesn’t stop at ordering flowers or taking her out to a nice meal (which I’ve done and is totally fine). This year, show your appreciation by taking the time to crochet a handmade gift, and weave your love right into those stitches for her.

These 12 free crochet patterns I’m sharing below are all gifts I’d love to receive as a Mother’s Day gift. They are beautiful, functional, and will be cherished well beyond that fancy brunch!

Quiet Cozy Time

Yes, my kiddos provide some precious and unforgettable memories. But I gotta say, that feeling of curling up to watch a movie, after they’ve gone to bed, is unbeatable. Give your mom something to curl up with and then leave her alone to her yarn, tea, and movie.

mothers day crochet blanket ideas

Crazy Chunky Crochet Blanket from Red Agape

Llama Blanket from Make and Do Crew

Sunset Stripes Tunisian Blanket from One Dog Woof


Momma Gets a Break

Momma needs a break, even if it’s a short one to just wash her face, or drink that cup of coffee that’s gone cold. Whip up one of these quick projects and bundle it with an offer to “Put your feet up, mom. I’ll go warm up that cold cup of coffee while you listen to some music.” Sounds nice, right?

mug cozy ear bud holder and washcloths for mothers day

Basketweave Cup Cozy from One Dog Woof

Ear Bud Holder from A Crocheted Simplicity

Farmhouse Washcloth from Mama In A Stitch


Handmade Wardrobe

I’ve found that being at home most days has made me almost forget how to dress up, because why do I need to? Here’s to showing mom how beautiful she is.

pullover sweater and shawl and crochet moccasins

Autumn League Pullover from Two of Wands

Adirondack Wrap from One Dog Woof

Crochet Flip-Flop Moccasins from Make and Do Crew


For the Bag Lovers

You got me. I love bags. All sorts, all sizes (but mostly big bags). I haul around all those things the kids don’t want to carry themselves – Legos, extra shirts, random stuffed toy – as well as the usual bag o’ tricks for every outing. I don’t know of anyone who’ll say no to another cute bag.

totes market bags and circle bags

Riviera Tote from One Dog Woof

French Market Bag from Two of Wands

Sonoma Circle Bag from One Dog Woof


Enjoy these free Mother’s Day crochet project inspirations, and I hope you are able to show all the moms in your life how much their work means to you.

free crochet patterns for mothers day


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