Homemade Christmas Gift Tags Day 5: Felt Christmas Tree


Did you see the Holly Sprig Gift Tag from yesterday?  It took me a while to rremember I had a stash of felt hanging around, and I thought I only had some electric green felt on hand.  When I realized I actually did organize my supplies AND I had dark green felt, well, things were looking up!  And once I started playing with the felt, I couldn’t stop, so here’s my gift tag idea for Day 5 – a Felt Christmas Tree.

Felt Christmas Tree: A simple piece of felt for a simple peaceful gift tag. www.1dogwoof.com

I folded a piece of felt in half to cut a cone shape for the tree, and then while the felt was still folded, I cut out the “branches”.  It was like making a paper snowflake, but harder, because you’re cutting felt and not paper.  But I think it turned out rather better than expected because the “screwups” in my cutting ended up giving the tree a bit of character.  The tree is pretty small, so I refrained from adding ornaments.  You could say I was channeling some Nina Garcia from Project Runway and stopped with the over-editing!  To keep everything minimalistic, I punched out the star shape, and stamped the PEACE on the side.  Because a single quiet tree is rather peaceful, don’t you think?

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