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How to Choose the Right Stuffing for Amigurumi

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So you’re making some amigurumi! I always find it so amazing that we can make such adorable stuffed toys for our loved ones with nothing but a bit of string. But a stuffed toy needs to be stuffed, and there’s a few different types of stuffing for amigurumi you can use depending on the project you’re working on, the density of the stitches you used, and the overall feel you want for your finished toy.

Choosing the Right Stuffing for Amigurumi.

In the video below, I discuss the 3 types of stuffing I like to use for different amigurumi projects – a regular polyester fiberfill, a cluster fiberfill, and rice. I have heard others recommend not using rice because of the risk of long-term decay. An alternative would be plastic bean bag pellets; I’ve shared purchasing links below. The specific project being discussed is the Stanley Duck Amigurumi crochet pattern, which you can find free HERE.

Tools and Materials Shown in Video

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Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice

Lion Brand Baby Soft Boucle

No-clump Cluster Fill

Standard Polyester Fiberfill

Weighted Stuffing Pellet Beads

When you choose your stuffed toy filling, remember to take into account who will be playing with the toy. If it’s meant for a child, the toy will need to endure a lot of hugs, kisses, and even tears. You’ll need to make sure the stuffing you choose won’t come out easily when squeezed or pose any kind of danger to the child if it does come out. You may want the toy to be well-stuffed to hold its shape, or a loose and floppy toy to cuddle with in bed. All of these considerations come into play to help you decide what kind of stuffing to use and how much to use.

Over time, you’ll recognize quickly what type of fill you like to choose for which projects. And then, you can focus on creating beautiful and sturdy amigurumi toys!


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