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15 Free Must-Make Amigurumi Keychains for Bags, Purses, and Keys

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With the new school year right on the horizon, now is when everyone is busy looking at school supplies – pencils, notebooks, backpacks, lunch bags and water bottles. In a sea of squeaky new backpacks, why not set your child’s bag apart with one of these adorable amigurumi keychains!

Amigurumi Bag Charms vertical image


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I love the idea of leaving a love note in my kids’ lunch bags every day, but I also have to admit that remembering to do something like that every day is not my strong point. I’m just happy I can remember to make their lunches! But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to send my children to school with a bit of love from their momma. Since my strength is in making crochet amigurumi, I thought it’d be nice for each of them to hang a crochet bag charm off their backpack. It sets them apart, is a conversation starter, and most of all, is a reminder that despite me being overwhelmed by yarn all the time, I sometimes do come up with little designs that they like.

I have several amigurumi designs in my collection that would work well as keychains, including all 25 of my Christmas Amigurumi Advent creations. They are all free patterns, but you can buy the Advent collection as a downloadable e-book as well, both on LoveCrochet and Etsy.

Amigurumi Advent Calendar Pattern Bundle CTA

Just to get you started on some bag charm ideas, here’s a quick round-up of 15 free amigurumi keychain designs overloaded with cuteness.

For these designs, you can use any yarn you have in your stash. I like Paintbox Yarn’s Cotton Aran for the perfect keychain size, but Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice works well too! Some of these designs were not originally made to be keychains, but all you need to do is add a simple ball chain and lobster clasp to hook it to your backpack or purse. You can find lobster clasps and ball chains on Amazon, or in local craft stores.

15 Free Amigurumi Keychains

Let’s start off with some yummy treats, since who can deny their love of ice cream?

crochet ice cream keychains

Ice Cream Cones from The Friendly Red Fox


Make a watermelon, or change up the colors and make a candy corn with the same pattern!

yellow and red watermelon keychains

Slice of Watermelon from One Dog Woof


Just the thought of freshly fried donuts is making my mouth water.

crochet donuts

Donuts from Hello Yellow Yarn


Encourage your child to reach for the stars with this Rocket amigurumi.

amigurumi rocket pin

Rocket Ship from One Dog Woof


I promise this little guy won’t sting.

All About Ami bumblebees

Bumblebee from All About Ami


As a yarn lover, I had to include a sheep design, right?

sheep amigurumi

Chubby Sheep from Amigurumi Today


Have a woodland lover? The next few are right up their leafy alley.

crochet toadstools

Mini Mushroom from Miss Dolka Pots


sleepy owl

Mr. Murasaki the Sleepy Owl from Amigurumei

owl keychains


Kaleidoscope Owl from Yarn Artists on Ravelry


owl ornaments

Baby Owl Ornaments from A Morning Cup of Jo


Down to the water and some adorable marine animals!

mini penguin

Mini Penguin from Tiny Moon


tropical fish amigurumi

Tropical Fish from Art Pass


Crochet an Amigurumi Seahorse


Seahorse from One Dog Woof


Why not make a backpack to hang on your backpack?


Backpack from One Dog Woof


This pencil amigurumi would make a cute teacher’s gift!

amigurumi pencils

Pencil from Yarn Blossom Boutique



  1. Susan

    Thank you so much for your free patterns over the years, as someone on a limited income, they are much appreciated.
    I have to say, Pinterest is nice for pretty pictures, but as far as help with finding a pattern, it’s awful!

  2. Disnne

    So cute! I want to do them all. Think I’ll stsrt with a seahorse.

  3. Valerie Zalewski

    Thank you for your hard work finding patterns for us. Like the previous commentator, I’m on a fixed income and don’t have a lot of money for my crochet addiction.

    I think Pinterest is getting worse and worse. It’s a work of art reaching the pattern you want. It used to be much more straightforward.

  4. eneurian

    so right about pinterest. i have never! found an actual pattern through pinterest. i have just deleted it altogether!

  5. Jana

    Totally agree about Pinterest. I don’t even look there anymore because I just get frustrated when I can’t get what I’m looking at!
    As for these adorable key Cain’s…thank you! Four of my five grandkids are in school this year. These would be fun for their backpacks! The three year old is in preschool so I’ll need to make her one, too!

  6. SHANZ

    Although I still find Pinterest to be of great assistance, which is how I stumbled upon your website {and I’ve been following you for several years now}, it has become infected with the so called, ‘curators’ and their websites/blogs. It is unfortunate, but like you – I will chase down the original websites/blogs if I want to find a pattern, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to do. So, I thank you so very much for providing the actual links to these adorable keychains.

    And like the others, I thank you so very much for providing your patterns here and free. I enjoy your patterns, whether I make them or not, as well as the hard work you put into them.

    Thank you so much.

  7. lenny face

    So adorable!

  8. Sharon A Maxwell

    I have tried and tried to find a free pattern for a pencil keychain. A site that pops up often in my searches (including here on your site) is Yarn Blossom Boutique but it is a paid pattern. Bummer! Thank you anyway for offering these patterns.

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