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Thoughtful Details Make These Crochet Slippers Shine

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A beginner-friendly chunky crochet slipper pattern with all the trimmings – the Iota Moroccan Slippers Kit oozes simplicity and playfulness, while reflecting the company’s dedication to sustainability and modern aesthetics. If you’ve got a picky crocheter on your list, this kit might be your saving grace! Use code “best gift ever” for 10% off!

hand made crochet slippers with blue pompoms

This post is written in collaboration with Iota. All opinions are my own.

Year-Round Slippers

When I first received Iota’s Moroccan Slippers Kit, I was quite surprised by the yarn. I knew it was a cotton and poly blend, and loved the color and texture of the yarn. It has a slightly rough feel, so if you’re looking for cashmere slippers, this isn’t for you. Iota’s yarn is also used for an assortment of home decor items that get a lot of wear, so I can see these slippers taking a beating. The yarn has strands of cotton and poly woven together in a loose cord. There’s hardly any stretch lengthwise, and it has a slight sheen to it.

unique chunky cotton yarn from iota

My favorite part about this crochet kit isn’t even the yarn. The Moroccan Slippers Kit comes with a crochet hook, the yarn for the poms, and the best part – a pair of elastic segments with closures to hold the slippers on your feet. I love that I don’t have to worry about a perfect fit, because I can simply pull the closures tighter. The elastic pieces are cut to the right length, with no frayed ends. It was so easy to put everything together. All the pieces were right at hand and came together like a fun art project.

what's in the iota moroccan crochet slipper kit

The slippers have this adorable pointy toe and fluffy poms, which gives sort of a modern elf feel without getting too kitschy. It also fits snugly for my fairly thin feet. I prefer my slippers a bit loose, so I adjusted the pattern slightly. You can scroll down to see my pattern adjustments and tips.

fluffy blue pompoms on crochet slippers

Because the yarn is a rougher, home dec style material, it will feel rough when you first wear the slippers. I wore my on hardwood floors, and the roughness became a bit uncomfortable by the end of the first day. (Don’t judge, it’s lockdown, and I’m in slippers all day!) It was softer the next time I put them on, and I imagine it’ll soften with a wash. And it was super comfortable and breathable to wear on carpet, tucked under a handmade blanket on the couch.

A Bit About Iota

Iota is an Israeli lifestyle brand founded in 2014 to bring the age-old art of crochet into the future, as well as to create social change in the process. Their products feature dramatic home decor pieces that use color, texture, and shape to tell a story. I admit, when I first saw their rope swings, I immediately started looking at my ceilings to find places to drill holes.

iota crochet swing

photo credit:

Iota’s yarns are unique and exclusive to their brand. Their cotton is Oeko-Tex certified, which is an independent certification for product safety and sustainability. I’m an avid reader of when it comes beauty products, so learning about Iota’s dedication to earth-friendly and safe production standards was a real plus in my book!

Crochet with Impact

In addition to ensuring a high quality product, Iota also puts strong emphasis on the social aspect of crochet. This is something many of us have felt more keenly recently, and I appreciate Iota’s efforts to use their business as a vehicle for social change. Iota’s products are handmade by women who may not have the opportunity to work outside the home. They pay a fair wage, and ensures the art of crochet is handed down to another generation.

In their own words, “By using craft in contemporary design, we highlight what is beautiful and irreplaceable in handwork and skill. By designing handmade, one-of-a-kind elements we create products which are timeless, objects which tell a story and encourage more knowledgeable clients. By training and employing more artisans we create diverse job opportunities.”

Crochet Slippers Pattern Adjustments

The Moroccan Slippers Kit comes with instructions for 3 slipper sizes. Note that they’re in European shoe sizing, so make sure you find a shoe conversion chart to find your size. I made the middle size for my size 7 feet.

cool and comfortable crochet slippers

Here’s a list of the customizations I made:

  • I started by working the instructions for the middle size. Halfway up my feet, I increased the width to give my instep more room. You can simply extrapolate the pattern increase instructions to made the slipper the desired width.
  • The length of the slipper is easily customizable too. Keep working the rounds until you reach just before the ankle (where your foot turns up to your leg).
  • Because I increased the width of my slippers, I followed the instructions for the large size for the latter half of the pattern. The pieces of the pattern are interchangeable, so you can sort of pick and choose for the best fit.
  • The yarn for the poms is pretty thick, so I used a large serving fork to make my pompom instead of a regular fork. There’s plenty of yarn there, so you can get a pretty full and fluffy pom.
  • I may grab some scrap leather from the craft store and sew it to the bottom of the slippers to make them less slippery.

If you have a maker on your holiday list who values clean production, and sustainable hand-crafted art, this may be a perfect gift. In return, you are helping to preserve our craft, and empower women to make a change in their community.

easy beginner friendly crochet slipper kit


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    Beautiful! It’s so pretty.

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    This shoe must be very soft and comfortable

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    It’s so cute! You must be very skillful to make this shoe

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