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Sunset Stripes: Free Tunisian Crochet Blanket Pattern Part 1

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Sunset Stripes is a Tunisian crochet blanket made solely from the Tunisian Simple Stitch, which creates a dense, gridlike texture, reminiscent of woven blankets. Featuring colors inspired by a desert sunset, this large blanket will be the one your whole family fights for on movie nights!

cozy tunisian crochet blanket on armchair

This project is made in collaboration with Lion Brand Yarn, and includes affiliate links.

Even before I have the design or the construction of a new project nailed down in my head, I always have a vision of how I want it to be used. Whether it’s a casual, no-nonsense, wear-everyday sweatshirt, or a floppy toy to be dragged around, I like starting out with a sense of the final product. With this particular project, the words “wear and tear”, “mindless”, “dense”, “texture”, “cozy” , and “stashbusting” came to mind.

The Sunset Stripes Blanket is a combination of design inspiration from artist Jess Feury and her Sunstreak series for Anthropologie,  some stash-busting motivation, and a desire to have a large project to work on while binge watching Bones, again.

sunset stripes tunisian crochet blanket

I love woven things and the subtle texture it brings to an otherwise plain piece, allowing the colors in the piece to really shine. To that end, I chose to use the Tunisian Simple Stitch for this blanket. Tunisian crochet projects create thick, evenly textured, squishy fabrics, and they’re magically simple to work up, requiring no turning, which makes them perfect to keep on your lap as you work. This blanket is put into use as a blanket immediately as you work on it! You can

The grid look on the front of the Tunisian Simple Stitch brings that feel of a woven fabric to the blanket, but the back! The back is a study of bumps and waves, with a lusciously squishy texture. It looks like the purl stitches you find in knitting, and brings so much more interest to the whole design.

back of tunisian simple stitch crochet blanket

The color changes are random, but are balanced throughout the blanket. Can you believe I had enough Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in my closet to make this entire blanket? I didn’t think these colors would work well together, but this “unconventional” mix was actually really beautiful in a mid-century modern, Arizona sunset kind of way. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected combinations that you fall in love with, no?

There are 2 parts for this Tunisian crochet blanket pattern. This post, which is Part 1, includes a quick tutorial on how to crochet the Tunisian Simple Stitch, a supply list and color chart for the Sunset Stripes Blanket, and instructions on how to read the chart. Part 2 will have the written instructions for the blanket, along with a second tutorial on how to change colors and carry your yarn when working in Tunisian crochet.

All the information from Parts 1 and 2, including a full size color chart with symbols, will also be available in a printable and downloadable PDF. The PDFs are available in my pattern shops for a small fee.

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Sunset Stripes Tunisian crochet blanket

The Goods, Part 1

Tunisian Simple Stitch

Here is a video tutorial on how to start the foundation row for Tunisian crochet and how to work the Simple Stitch. It’s the only stitch you’ll need for this project!

One thing to note is that the bottom of your blanket will curl similar to a stockinette stitch in knitting. When you’re done with the blanket, make sure to steam block or wet block the edges to flatten them down. I found that over time, the edges still curled up slightly. It doesn’t take away from the functionality of the blanket at all, it’s just a normal effect you don’t need to worry about.

corner of tunisian crochet blanket, with book



  • st(s) – stitch(es)
  • sl st  – slip stitch
  • ch – chain stitch
  • yo – yarn over

Color Chart and Basic Instructions

Ch 70.

Row 1 (Foundation row, forward): [MC] Starting with the 2nd ch from hook, insert your hook into the back bump, yo, and bring up a loop. Keep the loop on your hook. Continue to work into each back bump across, yo and bring up a loop, keeping all loops on your Tunisian crochet hook.

Row 1 (Foundation row, reverse): [MC] YO, pull through 1 loop on hook. *YO, pull through 2 loops on hook.* Repeat to end of row.

Row 2, onwards: Continue to follow the color chart.

Each row in the color chart below signifies one forward/reverse row combination of Tunisian Simple Stitch. Your Tunisian foundation row counts as the first row in the chart. As you finish a reverse row, you’ll notice that the row is really loose and holey and doesn’t look like a complete row at all. Don’t let that confuse you. Everything you need to match the row on the color chart is there. You just won’t fully SEE the completed row until you work the next row and pull up (tighten) those vertical bars. See the video tutorial for exactly what I mean.

Having a color chart that maps so well to this fun and easy stitch makes this a great project to work on while letting your mind wander. Check your color changes, but even then, an occasional mistake can be easily forgiven because design is so organic to begin with. You can experiment with color and striping to add your own personality!

Sunset Stripes tunisian crochet blanket color chart

What’s Next

Head over to see Part 2 and learn about color changing in Tunisian crochet, as well as get written instructions for this design.

You can find a full-page color chart with symbols for easy printing by purchasing the downloadable PDF available on Etsy.

Share your progress on social media with hashtag #1dogwoof and #SunsetStripesBlanket for a chance to get featured!


  1. Janice Chrostoski

    Your the greatest. I love your work. Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  2. sugarpawz

    Your Tunisian foundation row counts as the first row in the chart.
    Having a color chart that maps so well to this fun and easy stitch makes this a great project to work on while letting your mind wander.

  3. Patricia Viviano

    WHAT would the stitch multiple be if you want to make the blanket bigger than 70 stitches? THANK YOU, Patricia

  4. Tae Nomura

    I wanted to make a blanket for a couch in my family living room and this one would be perfect for that! Thank you for sharing ChiWei!

  5. Jenny Ngo

    I have a hard time to read the rows of chart clearly. Would it be possible to email me the original picture of the chart? So, I could zoom it bigger to be able to print it with colour.

    What is the final dimensions of the blanket? I would like to make it larger. Is there any odds or evens stitches have to consider?

    Thank you for your beautiful pattern. 🙂

  6. Aleida

    Is there a pattern to do this in normal crochet? Love the colour changes

  7. ChiWei

    Sorry, just the Tunisian crochet pattern in this style!

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