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Origami Owl Digital Art Print

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I thought I’d do something a little different today because I haven’t gotten around to buying any yarn for my next big project and I’m super-stuffed on life and whatnot. A while back, I had asked you on Facebook to express your opinions on freebies, namely, printables. I never know whether a printable should be a) free forever, b) free for a limited time, c) free through a subscription, or d) something else.


Today, I’m going to try option B – free for a limited time, say, two weeks.  I’m sharing a print out of my digital origami collection, which you’ve seen as cards already. So many of you also provided such great ideas for what else I can do with these designs (tshirts, stationery, cross-stitch patterns), so I’ll be putting them up on Society6, where you can purchase other items with the design printed on it. For now, you can download and print these designs simply to use as nursery prints or fun home decor!

origami owl digital art print |

First up this week is an origami Owl. This print can be framed as an 8×10 inch print, or you can cut it down to a 5×7, which is what I have did when I framed it for my craft room.

digital art framed for display

Download the print

I’m making these available for your personal use and enjoyment, so I do ask that you do not print and sell the prints commercially.

Next week, I’ll share print #2, followed by print #3. Those of you who subscribe to my few and far in-between emails may see a bonus download at some point!


  1. Patricia B

    ChiWei, welcome back! Thank you for sharing your amazing origami owl print. I love owls and your’s is amazing. Good to see your blog again. Take care.

  2. Judi Johnson

    Are you going to share the origami fox print also? I hope I didn’t miss it. Can’t tell which I like more owls or foxes. Thank you for sharing I love them.

  3. Lydia carawan

    Welcome back! Thank you for this amazing print!

  4. Jocelyn

    Lovely! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your art. 🙂

  5. Kristine Manley

    I love the origami Owl. Will display this gladly in my home office. Thanks for sharing.

  6. ChiWei

    Thanks Kristine!

  7. ChiWei

    Thanks Lydia!

  8. ChiWei

    Thank you so much Patricia!

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