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Origami Apple Favor

by | DIY, Paper

Yesterday, J started school in California.  School, pre-school, daycare, same thing to me, really.  It means he’s out of the house, hanging with kids his own age, getting engaged in activities, and expending energy, which is a whole lot of goodness!  So, as my life now consists of an almost school-age kiddo (where did the time go?!?!), I’ll be sharing some back-to-school and “still-in-school” crafts and projects and printables with y’all.  I know I’ve done teacher gifts, and I’m especially proud of my “wine/whine poem“, so this isn’t anything too new!  Still, whether your little one is in school or all grown up, everyone can appreciate a bit of fun paper crafting, right?  Here’s an easy Origami Apple Favor you can whip up for school or for a party.  The possibilities are rolling around in my head like loose marbles…

Origami Apple Favor |

Ok, onto the project.  I love little paper crafts before they’re mostly easy to make and the materials don’t cost very much.   I dunno, it’s maybe not what a teacher secretly really wants, but who knows, it might look cute on a teacher’s desk, or heck, add it as a favor for your Thanksgiving table!

Origami Apple Favor. Would be great for back-to-school. |



red square paper
scrap of green paper
mini pencil
round paper punch
glue optional


1.  Make an origami ball.  There’s lots of instructions online, but because I’m a visual person, I put together a simple infographic for you to follow.  Once you have your ball (or apple, as we’ll call it now) inflated, you’re almost done.

How to Make an Origami Ball |

2. Cut out a leaf from the green paper.  You can make it as big or as small as you like, depending on whether you’ll be writing a note or decorating it.  (I wrote a thank you note because we’re moving…. see below).  Remember to leave a “stem” on the leaf so it can be attached to the apple stem as shown in the picture below.

Origami Apple Favor |

3. Punch a hole in the leaf stem that is big enough for your mini pencil to go through.  I was thinking, if finding mini pencils isn’t easy, you can always use a brown crayon too.  (I know when I tried looking for mini pencils, I could only buy them in 100 packs, but seriously, what do I need with 100 mini pencils?  I’m not running a horse betting operation here, and I’m not Ikea.  Although I have to say, the one pencil I happened to find in my purse is probably from my last trip to Ikea.)

Origami Apple Favor |

4. Stick the pencil or crayon into the hole in the apple and then put the leaf on the pencil.  You can glue the leaf stem down to the apple to secure it if you’d like.

Add a personalized note on this origami apple favor! |

Wasn’t that easy?  That’s my kind of project!  I actually made this while we were packing to move across the country, since it doesn’t require a whole lot of effort.  And play around with what you can replace the pencil with and the signage for the leaf.  How about a brown crayon?  A love note?  A person’s name if you’re using this as a favor?  

Simple and cute origami apple favor |

Origami Apple Favor |


  1. Tara

    This is SO cute, ChiWei! I love it!

  2. Melissa Johnson

    I am having trouble getting from step 3 to step 4! Can you help?

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