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Vintage Typebike Canvas Art

by | DIY, Home

I’m pretty excited to share this project with you today…ok, cross that out. I’m SUPER excited to share this project with you today! (Imagine little kids jumping up and down and screaming) I was working hard trying not to do any work the other night by surfing the internet and I came across a “typebike” designed by Matthew Sutter. Call me a dork; call me typographically obssessed; call me “so inspired I could barely sit still on the couch”. You’d be right on all counts. So, instead of doing homework and blogging, I ended up creating a design for a vintage typebike, which I then converted into a piece of artwork for my forever-in-progress craft room.


This is a vintage bicycle design created out of characters from the Garamond typeface. The characters have been rotated, scaled, and in two cases have been flipped, but there are no other transformations that altered the integrity of the characters.

Vintage Typebike Canvas Art |

The tutorial will come in a little while, as will the files for you to create them yourself. I haven’t decided whether to sell them in my Etsy shop or to make it available for free download yet. Β And I haven’t really been thinking about it as I finish up my typography course. Β I’ve also been home visiting my mom for a late Mother’s Day weekend and have been enjoying spending some quality girlie time with my mom and my daughter – three generations of pretty ladies! (Yeah, I threw modesty out the window on that one. We’re beautiful and we know it!)

Vintage Typebike Canvas Art |

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Vintage Typebike Canvas Art |


  1. Marilyn

    This turned out amazing, ChiWei! I’m totally blown away by your graphic talents!

  2. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    My mind is still blown by the amount of creativity and artistry it took to create this piece. You are my hero, ChiWei! IfI could crawl inside your head for a day…. πŸ˜‰

  3. Rachel

    Amazing, ChiWei! I love it!

  4. Nancy

    I can’t stop looking at this! It’s just so very cool!

  5. Carolyn

    OMG! I Love It!

  6. Carmody

    I really love this piece!

  7. Marita

    Love this! So creative! I would totally buy one if you put it on Etsy!

  8. ChiWei

    Thanks Jennifer!

  9. ChiWei

    Thanks Marita! I probably won’t put the canvas on Etsy, but I’ll provide the files themselves.

  10. ChiWei

    Thanks Carmody!

  11. ChiWei

    The inside of my head is a mess Lauren! πŸ™‚ Thank you dear!

  12. ChiWei

    Thanks Rachel!

  13. ChiWei

    Haha, me too Nancy! Everything I walk in the room I just stare at it πŸ™‚

  14. ChiWei

    Thanks Carolyn!

  15. ChiWei

    Thank you!

  16. ChiWei

    Thanks Marilyn!

  17. Ariean @OneKriegerChick

    Such a fun project and I LOVE the hidden typography! I’m featuring this on Hit Me With Your Best Shot tomorrow evening… Can’t wait to see what else you’ve been up to!

  18. ChiWei

    Wow, thanks for the feature Ariean, I’ll go check it out! I love the hidden typography too πŸ™‚

  19. ChiWei

    Thank you!

  20. Kristy

    Did you end up providing the files for download? I would love a print of this in my home office – so cute!

  21. Kristy

    Did you decide on posting the files for download / purchase? I looked but couldn’t find them. I would like to frame a print for my home office πŸ™‚

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