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Origami Fox Digital Art Print

by | DIY, Printables

Of course I’m late, again. OF COURSE. But, better late than never. Here’s Round 2 of the origami print series, this time, a fox. Dear old origami fox. And because I’m been negligent in posting, I’ll leave the origami owl print up and available for a short time more!

Same old, same old: I’m making these available for your personal use and enjoyment, so I do ask that you do not print and sell the prints commercially.

Origami fox digital print. via

I think dear mr. fox was my first origami design, before I went on and drew up mr. owl, and mr. wren, who comes next week. These prints are based on paper folded animals, which I obviously can’t actually do, but hey, I love the geometry of it all. So, that’s where the inspiration came from.

You can print him on a normal printer you have at home, or have it done in a store. Either way, the PDF can be printed on 8.5″x11″ letter-sized paper, and then cut down to fit whatever frame you’d like to use. I personally like it in a white frame to emphasize the pop of color.


Download the print

… and enjoy!


  1. Heather Lynn

    This is adorable!

  2. Paula

    I’d love to see your origami printables with sentiments like: thank you, thinking of you, just because and get better soon.

    As many papercrafters- I have a ton of stamps in my collection. I’d also like to see the images plain without a particular sentiment where I can add my own. My career is in service and I send at least 10 personal cards a week. I try and make each card, even though my company provides “thank you” cards. Some weeks my time is more limted than others and quick options are more necessary than others. Your designs are adorable and I think I’m really going to enjoy your website and blog.

  3. Elys


    Thanks for your origami printables.
    I already printed mr. fox and mr. owl a while ago.
    When will you post mr. wren?
    They look so cute in the nursery.

    Thanks again.


  4. Elys

    I already posted a comment this morning, but I don’t see it on the blog anymore. So I’ll post it again.

    I love your origami printables.
    I’ve already printed the owl and the fox.
    In your comment above you say you also drew up a mr. wren origami printable.
    Could you please share the printable of mr. wren on your blog.


  5. ChiWei

    Thank you for your interest; it’s in my queue of things to do!

  6. tutu app

    Thanks for your valuable information and insights.

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