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Zoodiacs Snake C2C Crochet Graph

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Zoodiacs snake made using c2c crochet |

Here’s the sign for my little missus, the Zoodiacs Snake C2C crochet pattern. I think out of all the Chinese Zodiac signs, this was one of the hardest to make cute, because … snakes. I have such an aversion to it, and my baby is so adorable, it’s hard for me to reconcile the two in my head, and my chicken scratches always came out looking like a weird little tadpole. Now that he’s here, I hope you like him!

This little guy is just one out of 12 Chinese Zodiac animals graphs I’m creating. You can see all of them on my Zoodiacs page, for all the things related to my fun animal graphs.

See all the Zoodiacs!


J hook (CloverUSA Amour Hooks*)

Michaels Loops and Threads Impeccables in Cherry, Grass

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Fern, Black

Zoodiacs Snake C2C Graph

Zoodiacs snake made using c2c crochet |


Zoodiacs snake c2c graph |

If you missed a Zoodiacs post, you can always find all of the graphs available on my Zoodiacs page. I’ll be adding new animals there, as well as fleshing out different ideas related to the Zoodiacs.

I’d love to see your creations, so share with me on Facebook or tag me (@1dogwoof) on Instagram!

1 Comment

  1. Charleene

    You are missing the Antique/Dusty Rose background on the yarn list as well as the Mustard that is used for the forehead V and the tail tip. I had to compare other zoodiacs I had already made to the picture to figure out which pink and yellow shades to use lol! The V and the underbelly of the Snake are two different shades, so they have to be different colors. They are different shades on the graph as well.

    Thank you for much for putting these designs up with the free patterns, they are very much appreciated and you do beautiful work! Please dont take my post as a criticism, its just a heads up that there are some colors missing on the list and it might be confusing since the yellows are so similar and there are 2 pinks that are used throughout the blanket.

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