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Zoodiacs Dragon C2C Crochet Graph

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Zoodiacs dragon made using c2c crochet |

Here’s my Zoodiacs Dragon c2c crochet graph, representing the most powerful of the Chinese Zodiac signs. This little guy is cute, but still breathes fire! With the graph below, you can make graphghans, or work the pattern using C2C (corner-to-corner) crochet.

Stick around to see all the animals in the Zoodiacs collection. I’ll be crocheting them all together into a blanket for my family. I say for the kids, but let’s be real, it’s gonna be for me.

See all the Zoodiacs!

Zoodiacs dragon made using c2c crochet |

I’ll admit I had a harder time designing this fellow. I kept wanting to create those large dragon puppets you see in Chinatown during the New Year celebrations, not the How To Train Your Dragon kind of dragon, you know what I mean? So, he’s not as ornately beautiful as a Chinese New Year dragon, but I think he’s still pretty cute.


J hook (CloverUSA Amour Hooks*)

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Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Linen (2 skeins), Mustard, Black

Zoodiacs Dragon C2C Graph

Zoodiacs dragon made using c2c crochet |

Zoodiacs dragon c2c graph

If you missed a Zoodiacs post, you can always find all of the graphs available on my Zoodiacs page. I’ll be adding new animals there, as well as fleshing out different ideas related to the Zoodiacs.

I’d love to see your Zoodiacs animals, so share with me on Facebook or tag me (@1dogwoof) on Instagram!


  1. Stef

    So cute! What program do you use to make these graphs?

  2. Joyce Suve

    If a use single crochet stitch, how big will the design be?

  3. Terri

    Just love these patterns. Can’t wait to get started. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  4. Mary Hawes

    I’d love to make this for my boss, she adores her zodiac which is the dragon and I’d love to make it a blanket on its own but I wouldn’t know how to make the square bigger….

  5. Nettie

    Hello, I love your designs. I just wanted to say keep on designing, because your creations are beautiful. Thank you.

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