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Meet Elliot, Owl Amigurumi

by | Crochet, Kids & Toys


Whooo, you say?  He’s the newest addition of our family’s collection of stuffed animals!  By “family”, I mean J’s….err…mostly mine (sorry, I just can’t throw them away!  sentimentality, you know).

This post is a bit late in coming; Elliot actually joined the crew about a week ago, before the Great Flu that has since ravaged our household.


owl amigurumi. pattern from craftsy


I originally saw Elliot’s cousin, Simon, at Maybe Matilda, where she recommended a Craftsy workshop that teaches you how to create your own owl.  I was intrigued by the offer, especially with the promise that you can learn secret methods! and time-saving tips! and brush up on your crochet! all for the low low price of $11.99!  (Oh dear God, I watch WAY too many info-mercials.) The workshop really was wonderful, though, despite my OxyClean-man impersonation.  Stacey from FreshStitches provides step-by-step instructions and lots of photos on how to create the body, head and all the different pieces, and then how to stitch them all together.  The really neat thing is you can ask questions, and she’ll write back.  You can also see what other people have asked, in case it helps you out as well.  I was a bit nervous about creating a stuffie or softie, or whatever, but the instructions were very easy to follow, and all you really need to know is a Single Crochet.  Heck, I even brushed up on my sewing terms – what’s a running stitch?  A whip stitch?  Those secret methods and time-saving tips?  Got those too!


I was SOOO proud of myself for finishing it, I made this big deal out of presenting it to J.  “Look honey, this is the product of mommy’s blood, sweat and tears.  Won’t you just love him to pieces? PLEASE?”



After about 2 minutes of curious fascination with Elliot, he found other things to capture his attention, like the radiator,



and the camera.



A couple of things I’ve learned here.

1. J gets jealous.  If I hug Elliot hard enough, he will come and steal Elliot away, hug him terribly and then drop him.



2. It’s nearly impossible for me to capture my fast moving kid in a decent photo.



This one warms my heart though, even though I think Elliot was body-slammed onto the floor about 30 seconds later.


Has J started loving Elliot more in the week that he’s been here?  Not really, but here’s me hoping.



  1. D. Lynn @Purple Kale

    That is the most precious thing EVER! I love me some owls, and this is beyond adorable! Thanks so much for sharing! Stopping by from Tip Junkie!

  2. Deana@

    Elliot just got pinned……I’d love for you to share this @CountryMommaCooks Link & Greet Party on Friday night…Have a great weekend!

  3. Rebecca Heron

    This is sooo cute! I love him! Owls are so cute and Elliot is no exception!

  4. Tonia L

    Oh my…that owl is so adorable! I can’t imagine making it!

  5. atnumber29

    Very cute and such a cuddly size too! usually crochet animals are teeny!

  6. Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing

    It’s adorable! I just made an owl too- out of a kitchen towel 🙂 He’s a “tooth pillow” to hold the teeth for the “tooth fairy” – I’ll have to link it up next week – this week I linked up a project you might like for your little guy – a personalized “brief case” 🙂 game box

  7. MC

    He is absolutely adorable! You’re a generous mom, because if I made something that cute it might have to sit on a shelf the little one can’t reach 🙂

  8. anu

    SO cute! Your little guy is adorable and lucky to have such a lovely handmade gift.

  9. Rachel

    How did I miss this post? Your little owl is adorable! And I love the pics of Josh “playing” with him . . . reminds me an awful lot of my attempts to get decent pictures of Forrest with his owl, too. Sigh. These fast-moving boys are just too difficult when it comes to photo shoots! And I’m glad you liked the workshop, too–I thought it was SO helpful! I haven’t done much amigurumi before, so it was nice to feel confident making something instead of googling tips every 10 seconds because I’m completely lost. And get this–Forrest actually did like his owl quite a lot and always took it to bed with him for naps and nighttime (definitely the first time he’s ever cared for anything I’ve made him, woohoo), until I got him up in the morning one day and noticed that he had ripped Simon’s head halfway off. There was stuffing all over the crib and his head was dangling. I have no idea how he did it . . . I really thought I had sewed it all together pretty securely. Poor little Simon, so abused! It’s been like 3 weeks and I still haven’t fixed him because I feel a little peeved that Forrest would torture his friend so cruelly.

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