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Cool and Breezy Cabochon Necklace

by | DIY, Mixed Media

While I had all my jewelry supplies spread out on the dining table, I looked around and decided to make a cool and breezy summer necklace, with just enough of a hint of the beach to make me want to head for the shore.  Not that there is a shore close by for me to go to, so I’ll settle for a relaxing afternoon in the backyard.  I’d say deck, but oh wait, we don’t have one.  It’ll just be me, my concrete back steps, maybe a glass of lemonade, the dog, the husband, the crazy toddler and whatever garden snakes are still hanging out in my raised garden beds.  Still, this is my cool and breezy life, and I’m loving it.

Cabochon Necklace | One Dog Woof | #polymerclay #jewelry

Onto the necklace.  You’re gonna see more Martha Stewart stuff because really, that box pretty much doubled my jewelry supply collection.



Cabochon and cabochon setting
Necklace chain
Jump rings
Round-nose Pliers
Eye pins
Lobster clasp

To create my cabochon, I used the polymer clay and silicon molds from Martha Stewart Crafts.  I’ve never used a silicon mold before this series of projects, and the first several flowers had air bubbles in them.  You have to be really conscientious about pressing the clay firmly into the mold in order to squeeze out all the air bubbles.  Wait the 24 hours for the clay to harden, pop it out of the mold and make sure it’s good to use.

1. Slide a bead onto an eye pin and create an eye on the other end with the round-nose pliers.  Cut off access wire.  Make 3 bead/eye pin combos.

2. Glue cabochon onto the setting.

3. Using jump rings, connect up the lobster clasp to the necklace chain to the beads to the charm to the cabochon setting to the necklace chain to the other end of the lobster clasp. …”your toe bone connected to your foot bone…” Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Wear it while enjoying summer and drinking your fun juice of choice.  Today it’s Goya Sangria or Sprechers Cream Soda, in case you wanted to know my preference since I can’t have Hendricks or a nice bottle glass of Riesling.

Cabochon Necklace | One Dog Woof | #polymerclay #jewelry


  1. Daphne Bryson

    Good Afternoon Chiwei, This is a very pretty summer necklace. I have never made jewellery, but you have encouraged me to try.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Best Wishes

  2. meet.make.laugh.

    Very pretty! The mold thing looks really neat! ~Stephanie

  3. Anna

    Very nice…
    Have a great weekend !

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