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Leaf Pendant Necklace with Martha Stewart Jewelry

by | DIY, Mixed Media

This project is not sponsored, but the supplies used are from the Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry line from Plaid, which I received free as compensation for another post.

With all of the goodies I found in the Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry kit I received, I just couldn’t stop making stuff!  Once I figured out how to properly use the polymer clay and silicon molds, I started thinking more about different types of pendants that I could feasibly wear to work.  I’m not all that comfortable wearing owl earrings or having a seahorse dangling around my neck while meeting clients, so I tried to stick to the basic shapes – flowers and leaves.

Here’s what I came up with!

Leaf Necklace | One Dog Woof | #jewelry #polymerclay


A chain of beads.  I used a package of green chain-like beads from Martha Stewart Crafts.
Pendants.  Either you can buy them or make them out of polymer clay like I did.
Round-nose Pliers
Jump rings
Necklace chain
Lobster clasp

I started by squashing some green polymer clay into a leaf silicon mold.  Both the clay and the mold are from the Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry line.  The clay is actually a clay and activator combo.  Once you mix the two together, you have a fairly short time to work with it, and it takes 24 hours to set.  Remember to poke a hole in the clay before it sets!

The pink flower in the back was for a different project.

Connect the string of green beads together to form a circle and fold in half.  Connect up the necklace chain to both ends of the folded strand of beads to create a “double” strand.  Hook up the pendants to jump rings and connect them to the bottom of the two green strands.  I made a white leaf, a green leaf and grabbed a bead from a another strand that came in the supplies.


Finish up by adding a lobster clasp to the back of the chain and Voila, you’re done!

Leaf Necklace | One Dog Woof | #jewelry #polymerclay



  1. Carissa Bonham

    this is so simple and pretty. I love it!

  2. Crystal

    So beautiful!! Love it!!

  3. Marilyn Clark

    I LOVE this project, ChiWei…this is so beautiful! So, would you recommend that I go out and purchase some Martha Steward jewelry supplies?

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