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Amigurumi Book Crochet Pattern

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With all the electronic devices in my life, I hardly ever get to sit down and read a book anymore. And I used to be a voracious reader too. As with anything else, you design what you like, and I guess a part of me misses the slowness of sitting down with a good book, undisturbed and cozy. I hope the book lovers in your life love this amigurumi book!

Amigurumi Book


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This amigurumi is worked almost completely in rows, and except for the beginning foundation row, is worked completely in single crochet too. It’s made up of 2 pieces – the cover, and the pages, which are then joined together with a large round of single crochet. I love that you can start anywhere on the edge of the book cover and work continuously around the entire edge of the book back to where you started!

If you’ve never tried foundation single crochet, here’s a quick video tutorial to help you out. I love using foundation stitches because it gives me two loops at the bottom and two loops at the top, but if you don’t like it, you can always switch to a chain stitch instead. You’ll need to add 1 to the number of foundation single crochet stitches specified in the pattern and then work into the 2nd chain from the hook.

pieces to make amigurumi book

When you have the cover made, you can add on the eyes and mouth right away. They should be oriented as in the photo above, with the last active stitch on the top left and the face on the right.

The next step is to align the book pages with the book cover. This is probably the trickiest part and you’ll want to have plenty of stitch markers on hand. The top left corner of the cover should align with the 9th stitch on the pages, and to match that, the last stitch on the edge of the pages should align with the 9th stitch on the cover. Wrap the pages along the outside edge of the book cover. You can see how I’ve used the stitch markers to hold the matching stitches together and see how the book is shaping up. Adding stitch markers ensures you don’t lose your place as you work single crochet stitches around to join the cover to the pages.

align pages with cover

hold everything together with stitch markers

Now that the stitch markers are in place, you can put your hook back into the last active stitch, work a chain, and then work single crochet stitches evenly along the sides, working through both the cover and the pages to join them together.

Working sc to join the pages to the cover

Here’s a little tip when you hit the corners. On the outside corners of the book, you’ll want to make 2 sc in the same green stitch, but work into 2 separate white sts to help turn the convex corner. On the binding, you’ll want to work into 2 separate green sts, but for both of those, work into the same white stitch, and that turns the concave corner. Along the top and bottom of the book, there should be 9 sts across. Your pages may be a bit longer or shorter if the gauge on the pages and the cover doesn’t match quite right, and it’s ok to fudge the join a bit. Point is to make the join.

Before you close up, remember to stuff the amigurumi! This book doesn’t need to be overstuffed, it just needs enough to not feel the back of the safety eyes poking through.

At the end, close the amigurumi book with an invisible join which leaves a smooth finish along the edge. Because I don’t mind knots, I recommend tying a small knot to secure the end before you weave it in.

close off with an invisible join

If you’d like to add a bookmark, you can sew on a red ribbon, or make a quick crochet ribbon with just a few single crochet stitches and sew that on in the top corner by the binding.

add an optional bookmark

I think having the bookmark there helps identify it as a book. Otherwise, if you make it in brown, you could mistake it for an ice cream sandwich!



Pattern Notes

  • Eyes are placed approximately 1.0-1.25 inches apart.
  • Rows are worked back and forth. Chain 1 at the beginning of every row.

Amigurumi Book Instructions


  • Worked with C1.

Row 1: Ch 32.

Row 2: Starting from 2nd ch from hook, work 31 sc across. Turn.

Row 3-4: Ch 1. Work 31 sc across. Turn.

  • Fasten off and weave in ends.



Row 1: Work 22 foundation single crochet sts. Turn.

Row 2-12: Ch 1. Work 22 sc across. Turn.

  • Add eyes as shown below in photo, between Rows 6 and 7 of the cover.
  • Sew on mouth just below and centered between the eyes.
  • Fold the COVER and line up PAGES inside the COVER. Back and front of cover should line up with 9 sts of the white strip, with 4 sts to match the binding. Mark corners of the book with stitch markers.
  • Ch 1. Work sc through both COVER and and PAGES sts evenly around the outside of the book.
  • Stuff the amigurumi before working sc to close the book. Use invisible join to fasten off. Weave in ends.


Row 1: Ch 10.

Row 2: Starting from 2nd ch from hook, work sc across.

  • Weave in beginning tail.
  • Use end tail to sew bookmark to book.


Like many of the Amigurumi Advent designs, this would make a great keychain for the readers in your life! Remember to tag your creations with the hashtag #AmigurumiAdventCAL on social media, and check out my other amigurumi patterns on the Amigurumi Advent intro post!

amigurumi books



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