St. Patrick’s Day Crafts Roundup


St. Patrick's Day Crafts Roundup

You know, I used to associate Sy. Patty’s Day with big green glasses and pints of beer in loud rowdy bars.  Who knew this “just-another-overly-commercialized” holiday can be the harbinger of such beauty and hopes for spring?  Ok, if you knew, then play nice and don’t laugh at my uninformed preconceptions.  So, with just a few days left until people walk around wearing big green glasses and drinking beer, I thought I’d sneak in a St. Patrick’s Day crafts roundup to fuel my daydreams of spring.

Follow the Rainbow

Don’t tell me this doesn’t put a smile on your face.  The color just brightens my day!

Rainbow inspiration |

 Rainbow Pretzel Wands  |  Rainbow Butterfly Cake  |   Rainbow Mobile  |  Rainbow Wreath

Look for Your Pot of Gold

I’m liking the whole gold thing more and more…I might need to go buy me some more gold spray paint and play King Midas.

Go gold for St. Patty's Day |

Golden Mugs  |  Gold Seashell Necklace  |  Gold Rocks  |  St. Patrick’s Day Clay Pot Planters

Chase a Leprechaun

I wonder if leprechauns are as fast and talkative and hard to catch as my 3 year old….

Lucky leprechauns |

Leprechaun Pant Treat Bags  |  Homemade Leprechaun Spirits  |  Leprechaun Hat Treat Bowls

Relax in a Field of Clover

Oh, if only.  A bit of time to lay back in the sunshine and see stories in the clouds.  Have a picnic.  ( Of course there’ll be food! You are talking to me, after all.)  Heaven.

Clover Leaf Lei  |  Clover Place Cards  |  A Wee Bit Irish Pallet Sign  |  Shamrock Pinwheel



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