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Leprechaun Hat Treat Bowl

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Leprechaun Hat Treat Bowl - Use a plastic container to make a leprechaun hat that holds candy |

I’ve never really followed all the holidays before, but now, I’m acutely aware of each and every one, due to school treats and blog deadlines! So here’s what may be my first St. Patrick’s Day craft, a leprechaun hat treat bowl. Puts new meaning to “bowler hat”. dun dun dun… Get it? Ehh, I know, I’m pretty bad with jokes, so just smile and nod and indulge me.

This project floats right up my alley because:

a) it’s simply cute and clever.
b) I was looking for a reason to get rid of some of the more grungy kids’ disposable plastic bowl containers. Now that sounds silly, since they’re disposable, but we just never threw them away. And they breed like bunnies. So now, there’s 2 less in the “kid utensil plastic explosion” drawer.
c) it cost me nothing. See above. The rest of the supplies were all in my stash. Yay for free and yay for using existing supplies!
d) it holds candy. ‘Nuff said.

Leprechaun Hat Treat Bowl |


plastic container
green paint, paintbrush and sponge brush
black ribbon
gold cardstock
green paper
double sided tape or glue

I followed this tutorial to put it together, but the concept is super simple.  Just decorate the plastic bowl to be a leprechaun’s “bowler” hat and fill it with treats!

Leprechaun Hat Treat Bowl |

Leprechaun Hat Treat Bowl |


  1. Carolyn

    Too Cute! I love them!

  2. ChiWei

    Thanks Carolyn!

  3. ChiWei

    Thanks Kim! Me too! I think my husband would appreciate it too 🙂

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