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Robert Bringhurst Quote on Friday Finds

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I’m sharing a Robert Bringhurst quote today….because I’m going to try a new thing here. Ok, before you all start rolling your eyes, I know I know, I always start new things but they hardly ever go anywhere. It makes me think that maybe I’m not nearly as organized as I thought I was, or maybe I’m just not as organized as I used to be. It was easier to keep track of stuff I’ve started when there were only a few things, but now I think my whole life is nothing but a string of “works in progress” or “works that used to be in progress but are now old bread”.

But here I am, starting something new anyways. Except this time, I’m making it easy on myself. No rules, no boundaries, just a name. Friday Find. It just means I will (try to) post every Friday with something that has caught my eye. It can be one thing or several. It doesn’t have to be blog related, just life related…which should be easy, I hope. A quote, a product, an outfit, a review, a book, a thought, an image, just something that has crossed my path that I’d like to share. I’m hoping that if I make it loosey goosey enough, I might actually be able to stick with it for a while.

Robert Bringhurst quote |

I thought this quote was appropriate considering the “no rules” rule.

Unfortunately, as I threw this together in Illustrator, I didn’t make it large enough to be a high resolution printable.  I’ll work on that and update here if I get to it…you know, one of those works in progress…

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  1. renee

    Hi like the quote makes one feel more positive in their goings on thanx made my morning and your blog of course by

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