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My Favorite Finds Under $10: Friday Finds

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Friday Finds, week 2.   There’s  fun and goodness and shopping today.  One of my bestest friends (you know who you are) once wrote me a note when I was sad.  She snuck it on my desk and I pinned it to my wall (a real pin, not a Pinterest pin).  “Shopping is Happiness”.  Yes ma’am.  And it makes me happier still when I don’t have to spend a lot and not have to come home all buyers’ remorse-like and annoy the husband with my “Waaa, do I love it?  Should I keep it?” see-saw action.  So, today, here are my favorite finds under $10.

My Favorite Finds Under $10 |

1. Talenti Toasted Almond Gelato: Mmmm, SOOO GOOD!  It’s pretty expensive for store-bought ice cream, but still cheaper than getting cones every week.  Plus, there’s the added bonus of curling up with this baby in front of the tv at night.  Just me, Talenti, and a big ol’ spoon.

2. Sprecher Root Beer: It was just an accident that my first two favorites are edible, I promise.  I’m a fan of root beer, in case you haven’t noticed.  The best one I’ve ever had is Goose Island Root Beer, but I think that’s local to the Chicago-land area.  So, over here on the East Coast, I console myself with the occasional Sprecher.  This is mommy’s “beer”.

3. Maybelline Gel Eye Liner: I tried liquid eyeliner once…I’d like to forget the awful mess of that experience.  But my pencil eyeliners never quite worked, maybe because I never had a sharpener handy when I needed it.  Then I saw this in a magazine talking about the Dutchess of Cambridge and how she looks so put together so easily, because of course, it’s no effort at all when you have a team of specialists to make you gorgeous.  But hey, gel?  I don’t need a rock steady hand to apply it?  Sign me up.  I even got a fancy schmancy eyeliner brush to go with it, although I guess now there’s a brush included?  Works every time, even for my wedding.  Not that I use it all that often now, what with me lounging at home in beat-up old “yes, dear, you can spit up on this” shirts and hoodies, but it’ll be there when I need it, when my kids turn 18 and I can go out on a date again.

4. Essie Nail Color: Meet Me at Sunset: Same deal as above.  I love the color, but go ahead and ask me when was the last time I bothered to look at my nails, let alone take the time to paint them.  I know, I should take better care of myself and get pretty inside and out, but when the baby sleeps, there’s so many things I need/want to do, and “Meet Me at Sunset” always falls to the bottom of the list.  But I luuurve the color!  So summery, so bright, so cheerful!

5. Ritter Sport Mini Chocolate Squares: Hmm, this made the list because KinderEggs can’t be found here.  My colleagues used to bring them back from Germany whenever they went there on business.  Both Ritter Sport and KinderEggs.  My favorite flavors are the strawberry yogurt and the marzipan.  But I’ll any and all of them, thanks!

6. Pentel Big White Eraser: I think of my dad and engineers and math problems and my inner geek and graph paper and mechanical pencils.

7. HUE Cotton Liners: Have you ever bought shoes on a whim and they end up hurting just a bit but you’re too proud and love them too much to ever say anything so you just lightly wince and keep on truckin?  Maybe it’s just me.  I have a lot of these hidden away in my sock drawer, that’s all.

8.The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: I don’t know all the uses for Tea Tree Oil, as there seems to be lots and lots of uses.  I just use this for a bit of antibacterial goodness whenever a (shhh) pimple decides to rear its ugly head, pun intended.  You only need a drop, and it dries fast, so no messes on the pillow!

Well, there you have it.  It’s a little peek inside my life and the little things that make me happy, from head to toe.

Do you have inexpensive favorite finds that you like to treat yourself with occasionally?  Sunshine in a bottle?  No, not moonshine in a bottle.  Just a little something that makes you smile.  I’m always looking for other great products/goodies, so share them!


  1. Ellie@Fit for the soul

    Ooohh great stuff! I’ve been sooo meaning to try tea tree oil because I heard that it’s great for spots and blemishes on the face. But I need to find a good article on it first. And Talenti is sooo scrumptious. I don’t normally eat ice cream “by the pint, etc.” but Talenti has me eating out of it for a few min. straight only to look down at the tub and find out I ate half of it. 0_0 haha!

  2. ChiWei

    I love my tea tree oil, and I thought it was expensive for such a tiny bottle, but a little goes a long way! And yes, don’t get me started on the Talenti – a pint just isn’t enough 🙂

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