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DIY Succulent Planter with Crochet Holder

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I had this strange weekend a couple of weeks ago where I was completely obsessed with succulents and ran out to “stock up”. I came home with a ridiculous amount of plants, and of course, ran out of planters. Here’s my easy DIY succulent planter solution!

diy succulent holder with crochet holder

Since all the pots that I saw at the nursery were deep and tall, and I wanted a wide, shallow planter to make a grouping, I dropped by the Home Depot and picked up a 4″ PVC pipe end cap. I actually walked all around the store to look at other hardware options. The largest PVC pipe end cap was 4″ wide. If you want something larger, you could consider a 6″ duct pipe end cap, but it’s metal and has some sharp edges on it.

A quick note about the pvc pipe. I’m not normally a huge fan of pvc for craft projects, since they do off-gas, especially in sunlight. You can find a safe type, but not usually at the local hardware store. In this case, I’m ok with using it because I’m not eating anything from this planter, and my kids aren’t playing with it (at least, they shouldn’t be!) So, anyways, it’s something to keep in mind.

Now all you have to do is pop the succulents in however you wish, fill in the rest of the space with some cactus-appropriate soil, and boom, you have this really plain white planter. Haha! I’m actually not going to get into how to care for the succulents, because I have a notoriously black thumb. My plants all look great, for the first few weeks…. If any of you can tell me why that light green plant’s spikes are drooping, I’d love to know! (It’s still growing and alive, but all the spikes droop)

So here you have a small, wide, white planter, and it’s just kinda boring. This is where the crochet comes in. Grab some yarn and make yourself a very literal pot holder!


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diy succulent holder with crochet holder

I got the chance to experiment with Lion Brand’s new Fast Track yarn, a fabric yarn made from cotton and polyester. Because the yarn is super bulky, and you only need to cover a few inches of pot, this project works up incredibly quickly. I love the look of this fabric yarn with my plants because of its clean lines!

Make a quick and easy DIY succulent holder with a clean modern crochet holder.

To make the cover, work 6 single crochet into a magic circle. Then increase each round by multiples of 6 until it’s slightly larger than the bottom of your pvc pipe end cap. On the next round, work into the back loops only, and then work a few more rounds until you get the “pot” as high as you want it to go. Fasten off and weave in ends. That’s it!

Insert your pvc planter into your crochet pot holder and you’re done! This same pattern concept would great great for other straight sided planters as well. I’d love to see your succulents!

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  1. Douglas Charles

    Thank you so much for this great pattern!

    P.S.: I love the design of your blog! Great job!

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