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Wood and Wool with JORD Wood Watches

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I was given the chance to review a wood watch from JORD Watches, and since I have this terrible habit of always forgetting to wear a watch, I jumped at the chance to see if maybe this time, this one will stick. Keep reading to see how I’ve been wearing my watch with all my wooley gear, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD website – see below to enter!

JORD wood watch in Zebrawood and Rosé

First of all, these watches are gorgeous. There’s a variety of woods and colors and styles to choose from, but not so many that you decision freeze. Ever experience that? I do. At every restaurant and ice cream shop I go to. Anyways, I easily fell in love with the Cora series Zebrawood and Rosé women’s watch. It was just unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I always feel like watches are either too masculine, too expensive to wear with my casual outfits, or too sporty. Just for reference, I do not have a smart watch, and honestly, have no desire to get one. I don’t really want to know how few steps I’m walking every day, as if I need another guilt trip added to my life, and I don’t need every email and text to buzz my wrist. Silence can be golden. The watch I picked is warm, playful, unique and tells the time, which makes it perfect for me.

See my review of JORD's unique women's wood watch, shown here in Zebrawood and Rosé

Here’s one more thing, and it’s the kicker for me. This watch is a wind-up watch! Before you say UGH or whatever, let me describe to you the graveyard of beautiful watches I have littering my jewelry box. I’ve got a watch that shows two timezones that was gifted to me by my parents, my dad’s old Swiss watch that he always wore, and numerous other watches that were gifted or purchased. But I don’t wear any of them. Because the batteries are all dead, and I’m too busy (lazy) to take the time to get them replaced.

With my JORD watch, I can wear it one day, choose not to wear it for days (or even weeks) and know that at any point, I can come back, wind it up, and it’s ready to go. Just the assurance of always having it available is a great feeling!

As I was prepping for this post, I was trying to figure out what outfit to wear with it for taking photos.

With my Buttercream sweater, the pink yarn brought out the pink in the watch. I felt cozy and feminine, but also ready to kick butt in my back-to-back meetings.

With my Starlight Shrug, the wood and the pink interior provided a welcome a pop of color. The warm tones of the watch adds a subtle richness of color and texture without being overtly on display.

Buttercream Sweater with JORD wood watch

JORD wood watch

I felt like a chic and put together mom at the playground with my new booties and my new watch :-). “5 MORE MINUTES, KIDDOS!”

JORD wood women's watch

I was working on a heather green cardigan (a story for another time), and the watch together with the green yarn made me think of nature and forests. It might not sound like much, but sometimes I miss the slowness and peace of being closer to the wild outdoors.

women's wood watch

I guess that’s what really draws me to this watch. I live in the heart of Silicon Valley. There’s all this technology that helps us live our lives more efficiently, but almost to the point where I’m not really living my life. Back in New York, my husband and I renovated our house by ourselves, grew our own vegetables, made our own tomato sauce, pickles, and broth. We took walks in the woods, foraged for ramps and morel mushrooms, stacked wood for the fireplace, and hung out on the hammock swatting away bees while complaining about pulling weeds. Where I live now, there’s none of that.

Casual and comfortable women's Zebrawood and Rosé wood watch

Somehow, having a winding wood watch seems solid and down to earth and classic in a really comforting way. I can see the collection of gears moving inside my watch, both from the front and the back. There’s a little lever in there that tips back and forth – I have no idea what it does, but it’s fascinating to see the mechanics of it. It’s like I’m clinging to something that has craftsmanship and beauty that is not all about the technology that surrounds me every day.

Anyways, I ramble. Now, let’s talk about a giveaway! As part of my collaboration with JORD Watches, you can enter to win a $100 gift code towards the JORD watch of your choice. And even if you don’t win, you’ll get a $25 gift code just for entering! The contest will run until Sunday, February 26.

Which watch would you choose?

JORD wood watch

Playing with wood and wool

Unique Watch

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  1. Margaret

    Cool watch! Thanks for the review.

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