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Diaper Tricycle Tutorial: How to Make a Diaper Trike with #MyFavoriteBloggers

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A couple of weeks ago, in a post full of randomness and my current projects, I posted a picture of a diaper tricycle I made for a friend’s baby shower, and I received a few requests to post a tutorial.  So here I am!  I put together some photos and drawings to help you make your own special diaper tricycle centerpiece.  It’ll be the showstopper at the next baby shower you attend, and the mama-to-be will love this beautifully unique gift!  As always, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need clarification!

Final Product:

One Dog Woof: Diaper Tricycle Tutorial



A pack of diapers
2 receiving blankets
2 bibs
1 bottle
1 pair of socks
matching ribbon



1. Start off by making the 3 wheels.  I used a pan to hold the diapers as I fanned them into a wheel shape.  The pack of diapers I used was Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers, Size 1, 90 count, so each wheel has 30 diapers in it.  (Unlike the picture below, my final wheels did not have the 3 diapers rolled up in the center.  All 30 diapers were fanned out into the wheel.)

2. Tie the wheel together with a rubberband, or a knot, or a tautline hitch knot, as I did.  I like the tauline hitch knot because it’s adjustable, so I can tie it, and still adjust or add diapers before fully tightening the knot around the wheel.

3. Once the 3 wheels are formed, secure some wide ribbon around the center of each wheel.  You can use safety pins or tape, like I did.

One Dog Woof: Diaper Trike Cake
4. Roll the first receiving blanket with a long piece of string inside.

5. The second receiving blanket is just rolled, with nothing on the inside.

One Dog Woof: Make a Diaper Trike

6. Thread the first rolled receiving blanket through the front wheel, and center it (#1 in the second picture below).

7. Then thread each end through the side wheels, from the outside in (#2 and #3).  The string ends should now be between the 2 back wheels.  Pull the string ends tightly together and tie a solid knot.  It’s important that this step is really secure, since it holds the whole thing together.  The picture below shows the view from the top.

One Dog Woof: Make a Diaper Tricycle
One Dog Woof: Diaper Trike Tutorial

8. Thread the second receiving blanket through the front wheel, centered, and the ends are pulled up over the wheel (#4 in the above picture).

9. At the top of the wheel, secure the receiving blanket roll with a rubberband, string, or ribbon.  Make sure you leave enough room to drape the bib and add the bottle.

10. Drape the first bib with the neck facing backwards over the front wheel.

11. Drape the second bib over the “seat” of the tricycle, with the neck facing forwards and covering the bottle.  (I used a 3rd receiving blanket because that’s what I had on hand, but it would be easier with bibs.  In the picture below, I draped the receiving blanket, then folded it up and over the bottle.)

One Dog Woof: Make a diaper trike cake using this Diaper Tricycle Tutorial

12.  Place the bottle with the bottom facing forwards the nipple end facing the back of the tricycle.

13. Secure the handle of the receiving blanket so the bottle won’t fall out, and decorate with a ribbon.

14. Finally, cap the “handles” with baby socks.

There you have it!  Your own diaper tricycle, ready to rock and roll at your next baby shower!  I’d love it if you “like” or share this tutorial with your friends, and if you make one, come by and post it on my Facebook wall!

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  1. Messy Roost

    That is so cute! I will have to pin it and remember it. Thanks Rhonda @ The Messy Roost

  2. Ellie

    Are you kidding me with this?! It’s awesome! I’ve never even been brave enough to try a cake. Amazing!

  3. Carrie

    That is darling- thanks for the tutorial!

  4. somewhat quirky

    OK this is precious. I’m going to make this for a friend who is having a baby next week. Thanks for the new inspiration. I’m a new follower.

  5. Jess@Coxs Corner

    This tutorial is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing it! I’m proud to say that I’m your newest follower! You are so talented!

  6. Amber

    Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  7. Tara

    This is ADORABLE. ChiWei! Love love LOVE it.


  8. Marilyn

    ChiWei, this is sssssoooooo cute! Perfect for a boy’s baby shower! 🙂

  9. ChiWei

    haha, thanks Marilyn! A different take on the diaper cake, right?

  10. ChiWei

    Awesome, thanks for the pin Tara! So glad you like it!

  11. yassin

    This tricycle looks amazing. Our son and daughter are due to have our 7th grand child in 4 weeks and I am so looking forward to attempting to make this for the baby. I shall let you know how I go. Please wish me luck. I love it.

  12. Monica Schumake

    Made this tricycle and it looks awesome.

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