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Brown Paper Packages Tied up With…

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Yarn.  Brown paper packages tied up with yarn.  Hmm, I would welcome the Sound of Music DVD/Blueray under my tree any year.  But as I buy most of the presents in the household, I can pretty much guarantee that it is not under the tree THIS year.

Did I say buy?  I meant I buy AND wrap the presents because really, can you see Drew doing it?  Didn’t think so.  Lately, I’ve been on a kraft paper kick.  Call me late to the party, but I love the simplicity of it.  I was going to tie my brown paper packages with plain old string, but I have all this leftover yarn from crochet projects, and they were just cluttering up my attic with their “too-short-for-another-project”-ness, but I felt bad throwing them all away, because it was still quite a handful.  So, they have been recruited into package decorators, and my Christmas gifts have turned into brown paper packages tied up with yarn.



And a sprig of pine.  Because we have lots of those hanging around as well, since that 60 foot pine tree that sits 10 feet from our back door does nothing all year except drop crap stuff into our yard.




I added a couple of hand-punched tags here and there, and Voila!  Here’s my very simple take on Christmas gift-wrapping.  Not a cent spent, at least not for this particular project!





  1. meet.make.laugh.

    I have also been totally into craft paper this year! Wrapped with yarn or some simple ribbon. Love your addition of the pine! 🙂 ~Stephanie

  2. Lolly Linens

    Love this idea. Thank you for sharing.


    So cute. I love the first one the best – with the red crinkly yarn!

  4. phraug

    omg, all week i’ve been searching for that yarn in your pic, the pink and white yarn, what is it called!!!!! i even went to michael’s and a yarn store and they had no idea! i have remnants from my mom and remember using them for crafts and my hair and packages when i was a kid. i want some!!!

  5. Lisa

    I love the craft paper! I wish the people in my life could recognize it’s beauty rather than think of me as cheap for using it 🙂

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