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10 Unique Bedroom Decor Tips

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Last week, I started my summer semester of classes at Parson’s New School for Design, where I’m studying for a Certificate in Graphic Design.  Last semester I took 2 courses, one on Typography and one on Adobe Illustrator.  It was fun but a bit of a challenge to juggle coursework and baby and blog.  I’m not sure what I drank or smoked or ingested, but this semester, I decided to take on 3 (THREE?!) courses.  Yikes!  Um, yeah, so I’ve learned my lesson – 2 classes = ok. 3 classes = total sleep deprivation.  So, with less time to create and craft and photograph and edit and write, you’ll be seeing a few guest posts here occasionally until I can get my act together.  Wish me luck!

10 Unusual & Unique Bedroom Decor Tips |

Hello beautiful people! I am Alice and I blog here. I love exploring new ideas for making the home look pretty. It is a strong stimulant for me. I am thrilled to be here today. You can talk to me here & I will be immensely happy.

10 Unusual and Unique Bedroom Decor Tips

Your bedroom should be a happy and beautiful place that lifts your spirits, soothes you and gives you a feeling of security. It is
perfectly possible to have all that and impose a unique sense of yourself on the decor too! Here is how:

Dress up the Curtains

Do not feel that curtains should be left plain, either framing the window or shutting out the night. Add extra decor to your curtains by pinning or sewing your childhood badges to them or adding decorative and ornate tie-backs. This will add some much needed texture to the room, even as it infuses the decor with some intimacy, revealing your interests and likes.


Mirror Reflections on Decor

Every bedroom should have at least one mirror as part of the decor. Not only can you check your appearance before leaving the house, but you can use the mirror to create the illusion of more space and, with careful placement of the mirror, even use it to reflect a fabulous piece of art to create wonderful lines of symmetry in the room. Simply placing the mirror by the wardrobe to check your appearance is to ignore the way it can be used use to reflect light and colour around the room.


 Funky Light Shade

There are a number of quirky and innovative chandeliers and lampshades on the market, some of which even make use of the play of light and shade to create beautiful shadow pictures on the wall. While this chandelier forest (found on might be a bit too scary for young children, it is sure to be a big hit for those wanting something unique and distinctive for their room.

Suspended beds

If you have a bit of money left in the bedroom decor why not invest in a unique suspended bed? These range from simple string hammock-type beds to full heavy bed bases suspended from sturdy chains. These can be fitted to the ceiling, or come with a strong frame which is a better choice if you are not sure how strong the ceiling of your bedroom is. Not only can you then rock yourself to sleep every night, but you will add a wonderfully unique air to the decor.

 Theme It

Themed bedrooms do not have to be restricted to young children! Plan out your dream themed bedroom and implement it to the fullest extent of your budget and imagination!

Flop Down!

If you watch television, read or play video games in your bedroom, swap your chair for some soft and comfortable oversized floor cushions, to help you spread out in complete relaxation!

 No Prints Please!

Buy an original piece of art, rather than mass produced tat. Not only will it give your room professional looking polish, but in time, the artist may become famous and the work gain in value, leaving you with a nice little investment towards your retirement!

Accent Wall

Paint one wall (or even just part of one wall) in a strong colour to create an accent wall. You can deepen the effect by only hanging art on that wall (or keeping that wall entirely clear) to accentuate it a little more. Accent walls are becoming ever more popular with interior decorators and designers because they add a certain something to every room and the bedroom is no different.

 Mix and Match

A little bit of mix and match goes a long way with decor and can help you to pick out your chosen colour scheme or decor theme without feeling the need to relentlessly stick to one uniform furniture style or use only one fabric.

Look Up!

If your room seems to be low-lying with nothing of much interest above the top of the headboard, why not think about installing a ceiling fan? Ceiling fans can be highly ornate or very plain so that you can choose the perfect one for your decor style. They look great, add value to the room (and the home!) and keep you cool and often cost much less than you might expect! There is no reason not to have one!

So many great ideas!  And that bit about the original art – so true.  At our house, we have commissioned pieces (from new artists), concert posters, and DIY art – they add so much personality to our space.
Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Ash @ Uratex Foam

    Hey Chi, these are gorgeous ideas. That suspended bed really caught my eye. I’m dying to have one right now. Thanks for the inspirations 🙂

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