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WW: Bowtie and Suspenders

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I posted some instructions to make a little boy’s bowtie last week in preparation for a party, and for Easter.  It was a little dull, since it was just photos of fabric and my sewing machine.  So now, see the bowtie on my little model.



Oh yeah, I did get some suspenders made as well, from a tutorial online, but I can no longer remember where.  I was short on time and a bit distracted.  Whatever, a cutie pie like him makes everything look good.



He may be looking for Yo Gabba Gabba on my phone there, but really, who knows?



  1. Jutta

    How cute is that! You have the most beautiful son!!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my ostrich egg planter, got me to visit you. Really like your blog and am following you now on gfc and linky. Would be honored if you would like to follow back, but no hard feelings if not :-).

  2. Our Pinteresting Family

    That bow tie and suspenders set is so adorable!! I found your blog on the BBC on A Simply Klassic Home. 🙂 I loved your wreath that was featured on there as well. Megan

  3. Sarah

    Love your bow tie tutorial and the suspenders are absolutely adorable! Do you have a tutorial for the suspenders?

  4. ChiWei

    Thanks Sarah! I don’t have a tutorial for the suspenders, yet :-). I think I just made two strips of fabric and weaved it through suspender hardware, so there wasn’t a whole lot to go over.

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