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A Wine Tasting Party

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Happy Friday!  A lot of bloggers are enjoying themselves at Snap! Conference this weekend, but I’m here, on the other side of the country, looking forward to a quiet and possibly rainy weekend.  Mmm, it’s a perfect opportunity for some serious cooking and crocheting, I think.  I’m almost done with my amigurumi giraffe that I’ve been working on for FOREVER, and I’m not sure what to do with it….I’m kind of afraid that if I leave it in the care of a certain little toddler, it may get destroyed before the week is out.

In other news, I’m guest posting today at The Gunny Sack!  I whipped (ooh, Family Guy reference…) together a couple of cute and simple projects for a friend’s bachelorette party last weekend, but I think the ideas can be used for any old get-together, so go check it out!

Speaking of party, we did this little wine thing at the same party that turned out to be quite fun.  First off, I have to admit, it wasn’t my idea – I stole the idea from a friend who does this for her annual holiday parties.  My brain was mushy mush mush after a long week so I had to ask her for specifics on the logistics of a wine tasting, with prizes.  I know, it shouldn’t have been difficult, but I could barely think.  So here it is:

1. Ask everyone to bring TWO (2) bottles of the SAME wine to the party.

2. One bottle will be for drinking (duh) and the second bottle will be part of the prize!

3. Cover the labels of the first bottles, and remove the tops and corks to make it completely unidentifiable.

4. Number each wine.



5. Each person gets a ballot, and after tasting all the wines, 3 favorites in order of preference.  I made a wine tasting notes form, in case we got fancy and wanted to talk about the lingering mouth feel of black currants, but mostly, we just wrote “white”, “red”, “not so good”, “yum!”.

6. Once everyone has “voted”, collect up the ballots.



7. Give each ballot’s 1st place wine on the a ballot 3 points, the 2nd place wine 2 points, and the 3rd place wine 1 point.  After every ballot has been counted, hopefully you will see a most popular wine, a 2nd most popular wine and a 3rd most popular wine.

8. Now comes the winning.  The person who brought the 1st, 2nd and 3rd popular wines get to take wines home from the prize pool!  The number of wines each person gets would depend on how many you started with.  Say there’s 9 wines, so 1st place takes home 4, 2nd place takes home 3, 3rd place takes home 2 bottles.

We didn’t figure out how to choose which wines each person gets, since our bachelorette took home all of them!  But I’m sure you can figure that out.

What do you think?  Are you going to try this at your next party?  Or heck, throw a party to do just this!  It’s fun to see what people bring.  Other twists are to have people guess what kind of wine it is – a Pinot Noir, a Riesling, a big red Cab?  Or keep the price down to $10 per bottle and find some new cheap favorites!


Gan Bei!  (or Bottoms Up!)



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