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Wind a Perfect Yarn Cake By Hand

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I do own a yarn winder, this one actually, and I love it, but sometimes, I just want the old-school feel of sitting in front of the TV, or in front of a roaring fireplace, or just with a circle of friends, winding yarn and dreaming up my next project. Doesn’t that sound cozy? There’s all sorts of situations where a yarn winder isn’t easily available, and this method is going to help you create the perfect yarn cake.

Wind perfect yarn cakes by hand

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I’m not really sure what’s at the center of a ball of yarn except maybe a bit of a mess, and it’s normal to just unravel the yarn from the outside. But when you pull, the ball rolls everywhere. People have come up with different solutions to this problem – special yarn bowls to rein in an errant ball, and yarn cakes wound on a yarn winder that ensures a cylindrical shape with an easy center pull yarn end. But what if you don’t have a yarn bowl, or a yarn winder? See the video below for an inexpensive and easy way to manage your yarn. It’s a great way to organize leftover yarns in your stash, or if you need to cut a large self-striping yarn skein into the colors that you need, as I did for my Baby Penguin Amigurumi. Whatever the case, this is a tip you’ll like to have in your back pocket.

All you need is your yarn, and a marker. I prefer your run-of-the-mill permanent markers, like this one or this one.

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  1. Joanne owens

    The issue I have with center pull…. if you need to frog….. what then?

  2. Barbora

    I wind it around the ball, on the outside. It will roll around for a while, but unless I have to undo the whole project, it’s not much of a mess.

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