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Say Not Sweet Anne 2015 June-June Planners

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I received free product for this review, but my opinions, words and experiences are 100% my own.

Say Not Sweet Anne 2015 June-June planners

You know, I always thought, growing up, that I was pretty organized. And I guess I can be, sometimes. But there are definitely other times when my brain is just a muddle of information, which is why I’m a sucker for planners. Revise. I’m a sucker for GREAT planners. You ever see ones that are adorably cute, but have no room to jot notes or reminders? Or maybe the structure is so rigid you feel like you have to write within the lines? Who wants to write within the lines anyways?! I’m loving Say Not Sweet Anne’s 2015 June-June planner line, and makes me glad my organization is covered for another year.

First, this planner is June to June. Which means we get to skip all that New Years Resolution angst and that last minute rush to find a planner when all planners are on sale at Christmas time and the last thing you want to think about is buying a planner and organizing the next year. There’s just so much less pressure when you start a planner in June, and for me, a certain sense of liberation as well in not having to contain my thoughts to the Jan-Dec calendar year.


Say Not Sweet Anne 2015 planners are printable, which means when you purchase one, you receive a PDF file that you need to download, print out and bind on your own. But you don’t need to worry about formatting pages; all that is already taken care for you.

I took my PDF file to a local print shop to have it printed and bound. Even though I had gotten the Ashley Orange color, I decided to just have it printed in black and white, since my print shop was going to charge $50+ for a full color print. Honestly though, the black and white print is still gorgeous – the pattern is simple and graceful and not having color actually makes it feel minimal and clean, at least for me. I think all of the color designs are beautiful and I think any of them would look just as good in gray-scale as well. It’s really in the strength of the patterns themselves. Then, I got really lucky when they only charge $3.75 for wire binding. And even better, the Junior planner is sized to be 5.5 in x 8.5 in, which is half a normal letter size piece of paper. The print shop said that because they won’t pre-cut the paper, they’ll print me two copies for the price of one! So, I got two planners for under $15! ::really-big-smile::

If you choose to print it at home, Kayla gives really awesome instructions on how to put your binder together on your own. Since I had two copies, I had one of them wire-bound and the other copy was loose. I had a leftover DayRunner 3-ring planner was ages ago, and this half-size planner was the perfect size for it. All I did was punch holes in the loose pages and popped them into my planner.


You’re probably wondering what I’m doing with two. Well, I’m using the one in the zip case so I can hold a pen and business cards and other stuff. Here’s what the two binding options look like side by side.

Say Not Sweet Anne planners.

Now, the innards. Oh, so easy to use! There’s a full month view so if you’re like me, you can attempt to plan out beyond just the next day. Then, there’s full weekly views with plenty of writing space. The lines are light, so I feel no pressure in having to write on the lines – I can write in my big sloppy handwriting any which way. Then there are lots of areas for notes, but on the weekly view and on separate pages, which is awesome for random blog ideas. There’s also pages for contact info, important dates and yearly views. These pages are completely separate from the week/month calendar themselves, which means you can rearrange these extras any way you’d like.


I also tried out the meal planning Add-On by jotting down a list of things to get in my weekly grocery run. This definitely helped me stay organized in the store (you usually find me staring at some vegetables while I’m meal-planning on the fly), and I’m working to get into a habit of using the meal planner more often. The page below is crumpled because I took it out with me shopping and then put it back in to the planner. Yay 3-ring binder!


There’s several different Add-Ons you can … add on … to your planner; you can see them all at the Say Not Sweet Anne planners online store. There’s meal planning, class scheduling, blog tracking or just more notes pages for jotting down ideas on the fly.

Overall, I just love that this planner is simple, but has everything I need and nothing I don’t need, which makes me more likely to use it!

To find out more about Say Not Sweet Anne’s 2015 June-June planner line, check out the store and get lost in all the fun options you have to choose from.

Happy planning!


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