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Crochet Pencil-Shaped Pencil Case

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You know, I love summer and all, but I don’t crochet much in the summertime.  To me, crochet seems to be a cold-weather activity, especially if you’re using the soft bulky yarns.  But lately, I’ve pulled out my cotton and lighter worsted weight yarns and gotten a little creative.  So, in honor of back-to-school (Even though we have no school-aged kids), here’s a fun pencil case to work up for your kids or as a gift.

How sad is it that I didn’t have #2 pencils at home to take the photo with, I only had one wooden pencil and a handful of mechanical ones.  Still, this crocheted pencil is long enough to fit an unsharpened #2 pencil.  Package it up with a bouquet of yellow #2 for a great teacher’s gift!

One Dog Woof: Crochet Pencil Case
Crocheted Pencil Case


Worsted weight yarn in pink, gray, yellow, cream and black
G size hook
tapestry needle
small button


This pattern is worked in a spiral and admittedly gets a little funky towards the top in order to keep the button at the “front” of the project.

Round 1: Using the pink yarn, start with a magic ring, and work 6 SC in ring. (6 stitches)

Round 2: Work 2 SC into each stitch around. (12 stitches)

Round 3: *Work 1 SC into next stitch, then 2 SC into following stitch* around. (18 stitches)

Round 4: Using only the Back Loops, work 1 SC into each stitch around. (18 stitches)

Round 5, 6, 7: Work 1 SC into each stitch around.  Change to gray yarn on the last SC of Round 7.

Round 8, 9, 10: Works 1 SC into each stitch around.  Change to yellow yarn on the last SC of Round 10.

Round 11 – 33: Work 1 SC into each stitch around.  This works out to be a spiral with no seam.

Here is where we lose the rounds a bit.

With the yellow yarn, work 1 SC into each of next 10 stitches, then CH 11.  This becomes the hinge between the top and bottom.

Skip 11 stitches and SC into the 12th stitch with your chain.  This becomes the opening of the pencil case.

Work 1 SC into next 40 stitches in a round, still using the yellow yarn.  On the 40th stitch, switch to the cream yarn.

Round A: Using the cream yarn, work 1 SC into next 18 stitches to create a round of cream. (18 stitches)

Round B: *Work 4 SC, then sc2tog* 3 times. (15 stitches)

Round C: *Work 3 SC, then sc2tog* 3 times. (12 stitches)

Round D: *Work 2 SC, then sc2tog* 3 times. (9 stitches)

Round E: Work 1 SC into each stitch around. On the last stitch, switch to black yarn. (9 stitches)

Round F: * Work 1 SC, then sc2tog* 3 times. (6 stitches)

Round G: SC2tog 3 times. (3 stitches).  It does get a bit difficult to see here.


Close off the hole at the tip and fasten off, weaving in ends.  Using the tapestry needle, add the button at the front of the pencil (opposite the hinge of 10 SC) between the 2nd and 3rd row from the top.  Create a loop on the top part of the pencil opposite the button using a SC in the first round of the top section, ch 5, and slip stitching back into the first round of the top section.  Weave in ends of all color changes.

One Dog Woof: Crochet Pencil CaseEnjoy!



  1. renee

    hi thanx so much for the pencil case cute , love your site soooooooo much .so talented yeah you Ms.Wei .

  2. Kate

    Wow! Very cute 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings 🙂

  3. Grace Herron

    Thanks for sharing this cute pattern!

  4. Tamara - Moogly

    So clever! Thanks for linking up on Hookin On Hump Day!

  5. Rsd

    I’M sorry i could not follow after round 33. Can You please help me with this, I’m a beginner.

  6. Ann

    When you finish rnd 33 you sc in the next 10 stitches. You ch 11, skip 11 stitches and and then sc in the 12th stitch. Now just keep sc around like you’ve been doing, except you’ll come to the ch 11. Sc into each ch of that ch 11 and continue sc around. By chaining 11 and skipping the 11 stitches below it and then sc in each of those chains you’ve creating a break in your tube which is essentially now a hinged top!

  7. ChiWei

    Thank you for clarifying Ann!

  8. Annarita

    Ciaoo un saluto da Roma, ho trovato su web questo tuo carinissimo lavoro e mi sono messa all’opera. E’ davvero delizioso. Grazie mille per averlo condiviso.
    A presto
    Annarita (

  9. Cathy Shull

    Cute! I had a thought as I saw this project and wanted to share. If not adding the point to make it look like a pencil, but a flat top, it could be a case for crochet hooks! Just add one or two more button closures.

  10. Samar

    Hi .. Iam samar . Iam from egypt . I found this case really adorable . I will do one for my son.. Thank you so much for illustrating and clarifying its pattern.. Thanks again.

  11. Lakshmi Vinay

    I am trying this out for the first time. Just wanted to know how you finish a round, for e.g. the Round 1 says you have to do 6 single crochets in the ring. Once the 6th SC is done, do you slip stitch to the first SC or do you just continue onto Round 2?


  12. ChiWei

    You can do it either way, actually.

  13. Joyce

    Hey! Thank you very much for the pattern. It looks awesome <3 Can't wait to make one 😀

    I have a question, do you use any stick/roll to make this case stay stiff and how tall is this case? Thank you in advance 🙂

  14. Alpacas

    The Alpacas of Spring Acres offers fiber arts experiences such as weaving, spinning, knitting and crocheting to name
    a few.

  15. avril

    late to the party, admittedly, but had to thank you for sharing this adorable project! I’ll be whipping up a few of these for party favours 🙂

  16. Granny

    I am so confused with your pattern after row 33. What do you mean by SC in the next 40 stitches. Where did you get 40 stitches from and how does it go back down to 18? Can you please clarify that more, I am so lost! 🙂

  17. Lounne

    I have finished the pencil case up until round 33. I am confused as to what to do next. It would be helpful if you did tutorial video on this step. I see that I am not the only one that is having difficulty understanding what you mean. Do I chain from 10 to the 11th stitch or do I chain an additional 11 stitches. Do I then skip 11 stitches and then do the 12th stitch? Then go to to the 40th stitch? Where do you get 40 stitches? I’m confused and the pencil case is so cute!!

  18. Claudia

    You stop counting rounds after round 33. Just crochet continuously for 40 sc.

  19. Claudia

    You stop counting rounds after round 33. Just crochet continuously for 40 sc.

  20. Whitney Davis

    I got to the part where it says “Work 1sc into next 40 stitches in a round, still using yellow. On the 40th stitch, switch to the cream yarn” and I have no idea how to do this can you please help me?

  21. ChiWei

    Hi! Your best bet would be look up how to change yarn colors in crochet on YouTube. 🙂

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