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Olaf from Frozen Crochet Amigurumi Pattern

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I can't stand the cuteness! Adorable Olaf FRozen crochet pattern, and it's free! |

The idea for an Olaf stuffie came from a quick random survey I asked on Facebook (Like my page if you want to participate in the randomness!), but really, after the initial idea came out, the whole thing just snowballed.  Yup, pun intended of course!  After days of scrolling through Olaf pictures and drawing out Olaf sketches and watching FrozenOlaf from Frozen Crochet Amigurumi Pattern* one too many times, I’m pretty dang proud of my Frozen’s Olaf crochet amigurumi so I hope you like it too!

***Because so much work went into this, I really do ask that you do not distribute or share this pattern in its entirety and please do not sell it!  Normally, I allow selling of finished products, but as this is a trademarked character, please reserve this pattern and the finished products for personal use ONLY.  You are welcome to share a photo and link to this post with credit to One Dog Woof .  Thank you!***

A few of my readers have been kind enough to translate this pattern into different languages. You can find the following translations here!

Portuguese | Dutch

Check out this amazing Olaf from Frozen! Olaf Crochet Amigurumi free pattern from

The hardest part about this project was the head.  DUH.  There’s just something about they way his nose sits on the continental shelf of his lip.  Seriously, the shaping of it just boggled my mind for days.  I even made a first draft of a head but ended up not using it.  But once the head was complete, everything else sort of fell into place. 

Free Olaf Frozen crochet pattern |


worsted weight yarn in white, orange and brown.  I used yarn from my stash and no longer know what brand it is.
G hook for the body
F hook for the nose
9 mm animal eyes, same as the ones used in my Owl Pouch
black and white felt
fiberfill stuffing
scissors, tapestry needle, hot-glue gun

Olaf Frozen Crochet Pattern


ch: chain stitch
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
dc: double crochet
yo: yarn over
sc2tog: single crochet two together – a decreasing stitch -> insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop, insert hook into next stitch, pull up a loop, yo, pull yarn through all loops on hook.  (I like using Planet June’s invisible decrease for this stitch, which is slightly different but so amazing)
sc3tog: same as above except crocheting 3 stitches together. (the invisible decrease works for this too)
hdc2tog: half double crochet two together – a decreasing stitch -> yo, insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop, yo, insert hook into next stitch, pull up a loop, yo, pull yarn through all 5 loops on hook.
dc2tog: double crochet two together – a decreasing stitch -> yo, insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop, yo, pull yarn through 1st two loops on hook. yo, insert hook into next stitch, pull up a loop, yo, pull yarn through 1st two loops on hook, yo, pull yarn through all 3 loops on hook.
sl st: slip stitch
standing start: with a slip knot on hook, insert hook into stitch, yo, pull up a loop.  yo, pull yarn through loops on hook.  1 sc created.

A few notes:

  • I do not have a pattern for the nose, only basic guidelines.  It was “free crochet” and done on the fly since it was so small and the tube was so tight.
  • I am only providing guidelines on how to assemble his body parts.  Always leave a long tail so you can sew the different parts together.  I liked sewing the parts together at rounds 5 or 6 to give him a more squashy look, but since Olaf can be assembled in a million different ways depending on his mood and what you want him to be doing, this exercise is really left up to the reader.
  • The eyes are white felt pieces cut into 3/4″ circles, with small holes cut slightly off center and a safety eye pushed through the hole.  The safety eye + felt is then “installed” centered between rounds 19 and 20 of the head piece.
  • Once I’m done using the end tails to assemble or secure the pieces, I sew directly into and out the back of the stuffed piece I’m working on so the yarn is pulled into the stuffing.  When I pull the needle out and cut the yarn, the end sort of shrinks back into the stuffing.
  • The parts are worked in continuous rounds.


Round 1.  Start with a magic circle.  Sc 6 into magic circle. (6)
Round 2.  Work 2 sc in each stitch around. (12)
Round 3.  *1 sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next stitch* 6 times. (18)
Round 4.  Work 1 sc in each stitch around. (18)
Round 5.  *Work 1 sc in each of next 8 stitches, then 2 sc in next stitch* 2 times. (20)
Round 6.  *Work 1 sc in each of next 9 stitches, then 2 sc in next stitch* 2 times. (22)
Round 7.  *Work 1 sc in each of next 10 stitches, then 2 sc in next stitch* 2 times. (24)
Round 8.  *Work 1 sc in each of next 11 stitches, then 2 sc in next stitch* 2 times. (26)
Round 9.  *Work 1 sc in each of next 12 stitches, then 2 sc in next stitch* 2 times. (28)
Round 10.  *Work 1 sc in each of next 13 stitches, then 2 sc in next stitch* 2 times. (30)
Round 11.  *Work 1 sc in each of next 14 stitches, then 2 sc in next stitch* 2 times. (32)
Round 12.  *Work 1 sc in each of next 15 stitches, then 2 sc in next stitch* 2 times. (34)
Round 13.  *Work 1 sc in each of next 16 stitches, then 2 sc in next stitch* 2 times. (36)
Round 14.  Work 1 sc in each of next 11 stitches.  2 sc in next 5 st.  1 sc in next 4 st.  2 sc in next 5 st.  1 sc in next 11 st. (46)
Round 15.  Work 1 sc in next stitch, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in next 7 st, 1 sc3tog, 2 sc2tog, 1 hdc2tog, 4 dc2tog, 1 hdc2tog, 2 sc2tog, 1 sc3tog, 1 sc in next 7 st, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in last st. (30)
Round 16.  Work 1 sc in next stitch, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in next 7 st, 1 hdc in next 2 st, 1 dc in next 6 st, 1 hdc in next 2 st, 1 sc in next 7 st, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in last st. (28)
Round 17.  Work 1 sc in next 7 st, 7 sc2tog, 1 sc in next 7 st. (21)
Round 18 and 19.  Work 1 sc in each st around. (21)
Round 20.  Work 1 sc in next st, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in next 15 st, 1 sc3tog. (18)
(Start stuffing the head)
Round 21 and 22.  Work 1 sc in each st around. (18)
Round 23.  *Work 1 sc in next st, 1 sc2tog* 6 times. (12)
(Install safety eyes between rounds 19 and 20).
Round 24. *sc2tog* 6 times. (6)
Close off using this technique and weave in ends.


Round 1.  Work 6 sc into a magic circle. (6)
Round 2.  Work 2 sc in each stitch around. (12)
Round 3.  *Work 1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* 6 times. (18)
Round 4.  *Work 1 sc in next 2 st, 2 sc in next st* 6 times. (24)
Round 5-9.  Work 1 sc in each st around. (24)
Round 10.  *Work 1 sc in next 2 st, 1 sc2tog in next st* 6 times. (18)
Round 11.  *Work 1 sc in next 1 st, 1 sc2tog in next st* 6 times. (12)
Round 12.  *Work 1 sc2tog* 6 times. (6)
Close off, leaving a long tail for assembly.


Round 1.  Work 6 sc into a magic circle. (6)
Round 2.  Work 2 sc in each stitch around. (12)
Round 3.  *Work 1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* 6 times. (18)
Round 4.  *Work 1 sc in next 2 st, 2 sc in next st* 6 times. (24)
Round 5.  *Work 1 sc in next 3 st, 2 sc in next st* 6 times. (30)
Round 6.  *Work 1 sc in next 4 st, 2 sc in next st* 6 times. (36)
Round 7.  *Work 1 sc in next 5 st, 2 sc in next st* 6 times. (42)
Round 8-16.  Work 1 sc in each st around. (42)
Round 17.  *Work 1 sc in next 5 st, 1 sc2tog* 6 times. (36)
Round 18.  *Work 1 sc in next 4 st, 1 sc2tog* 6 times. (30)
Round 19.  *Work 1 sc in next 3 st, 1 sc2tog* 6 times. (24)
Round 20.  *Work 1 sc in next 2 st, 1 sc2tog* 6 times. (18)
Round 21.  *Work 1 sc in next 1 st, 1 sc2tog* 6 times. (12)
Round 22.  *Work 1 sc2tog* 6 times. (6)
Close off, leaving a long tail for assembly.


Round 1.  Work 6 sc into a magic circle. (6)
Round 2.  Work 2 sc in each stitch around. (12)
Round 3.  *Work 1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st* 6 times. (18)
Round 4.  *Work 1 sc in next 4 st, 1 sc2tog* 3 times. (15)
Round 5.  Work 1 sc in each st around. (15)
Round 6.  *Work 1 sc in next 3 st, 1 sc2tog* 3 times. (12)
Round 7.  *Work 1 sc2tog* 6 times. (6)

Cute Olaf Frozen crochet pattern! FREE! |


Work 4 sc into a magic circle.  Work sc around and increase or decrease as you feel necessary to create the shape you want.  When you close off, leave a long tail for sewing on to the head. #freestylecrochet

Love the head shape of this Olaf from Frozen crochet pattern! |


Work 6 sc in magic circle (or free crochet into magic circle).
Fasten off, leaving a long end to sew onto bodies.


With yarn already attached to hook (and leaving a slight tail), insert hook through a stitch in the Upper Body and complete a slip stitch.
Chain 13.  In second chain from hook, slip stitch in next 2 stitches.
Chain 4.  In second chain from hook, slip stitch in next 3 stitches.
Chain 4.  In second chain from hook, slip stitch in next 3 stitches.
Chain 3.  In second chain from hook, slip stitch in next 2 stitches.
Work 1 sc in each of the next 3 stitches (should match the 3 “fingers” previously made)
Work slip stitches in each stitch back to the base of the arm.
Fasten off and leave a bit of yarn.  Tie the two tails (beginning tail and end tail) to better secure the arm and stuff the ends into the body.
The instructions are the same for both hands, so one hand might look wonky, c’est la vie.

Olaf from Frozen amigurumi. Free crochet pattern |


With yarn already attached to hook, insert hook through a stitch at the top of the Head and complete a slip stitch.
Chain 3, 4 or 5 stitches depending on length of “hair” desired.  Fasten off and cut yarn.


Using the tapestry needle and a length of brown yarn, embroider the eyebrows over the eyes.

Here's lookin' at you, says Olaf. |


The mouth you can free cut out of black felt, with an additional piece of white felt for the tooth.  You can cut the mouth shape any way you’d like, or skip it altogether if Olaf has his mouth closed.   The tooth is always visible and is rounded at the bottom.  These pieces are hot-glued onto the head piece.

I love his smile! Adorable Olaf Frozen crochet pattern and it's FREE! |

Amazing Olaf from Frozen crochet pattern. Great gift idea! |

This project has lots of pieces and the directions are completely based on my own experience (obviously).  If you have questions or suggestions on how I can make the instructions clearer, please let me know in the comments sections below!


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  1. Lori Bennett Kramer

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    Have a beautiful night!

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  6. Robin Andreasen

    Thank you! My daughter adores Olaf, and I was not able to find a pattern that truly looked like him until yours. The others are a little bizarre looking. You are quite talented. Blessings.

  7. Debbie

    You are so incredibly talented! Thank you SO much for sharing your skills. I can’t wait to try this (in the hopes that this will solve a few Christmas Present needs!)

    Thanks again!
    As already mentioned, your attention to detail and scale is spot on. I can’t say enough good about the quality of your recreation of him.

    Olaf: Hands down, this is the best day of my life,
    [starts melting]
    Olaf: and quite possibly the last. (A lot depends on me following your pattern now! haha)

    Thanks again!

  8. jorey

    Thanks so much for offering this. I have a friend going through post partum depression that loves olaf. I will be making one for her to cheer her up. Once again thank you. 🙂

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    This is one of the best, if not THE best, Olaf’s I’ve seen! My daughter is crazy about Olaf so I think I just found one of her Christmas presents! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  10. Debbie K

    I have made a PDF of it for you if you’d like.
    Now to get my hooks out and start making him!

    Thanks for taking the time to do this for those of us who can’t write a pattern to save our souls 🙂

  11. Wendy

    I would love a PDFs for this pattern to make it printer friendlier. If it is allowed by the designer of course! Thank you


  12. Charlene

    So cute!! How tall is Olaf when finish?

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  15. Itzel Estrada

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  16. Gina M

    Thank you so much, ChiWei, for creating & sharing this ADORABLE Olaf pattern! You are amazingly talented, & I love that you’ve generously made this a FREE pattern. Hugs & Blessings, From Gina in Beautiful SW Oregon.

  17. ChiWei

    You’re so welcome Gina! And thank you for such a sweet compliment! I like sharing what I make, so I’m glad you enjoy them 🙂

  18. ChiWei

    Hey Lisa. Let’s go through it slowly. “Work 1 sc in next stitch, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in next 7 st, 1 sc3tog, 2 sc2tog, 1 hdc2tog, 4 dc2tog, 1 hdc2tog, 2 sc2tog, 1 sc3tog, 1 sc in next 7 st, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in last st.” You should have 46 st from the previous row, and you’re shrinking those 46 stitches down to 30 stitches. The first parts of the line should be straight forward. 1 sc, then sc the next 2 st together. Then you’ll sc in the next 7 stitches. Then, take the next 3 and sc them together. Then, sc 2 stitches together, and then do it again. Take the next 2 stitches and hdc them together. Then you’ll dc together the next 2 stitches, and do that 3 more times (for a total of 4 dc2tog). At this point, you’ll then be repeating what you did, but backwards to create symmetry. Does that make sense?

  19. ChiWei

    Thank you so much!

  20. ChiWei

    He’s about 10 inches tall. Not too big actually. I thought about making him bigger, but couldn’t figure out the proportions 🙂

  21. ChiWei

    Thank you for the feedback Wendy! It’s something I’m considering doing, but I haven’t fully decided whether to offer it yet. I’ll definitely post about it once I make a decision!

  22. ChiWei

    Wow, Debbie, thank you for the extra work! I haven’t decided if I will be distributing a PDF, so I do ask that you hold on to your PDF for yourself for now. I will post about it once I make a decision!

  23. ChiWei

    Aww, thank you so much Sheri! I’m a sucker for correct proportions so really tried to make him look “real” 🙂

  24. ChiWei

    I’m so so glad she’ll find some joy in your present, and what a wonderful friend you are! Thank you for sharing your story!

  25. ChiWei

    Thanks Jennifer!

  26. ChiWei

    I’m so touched by your comment Debbie! It feels awesome to know that you appreciate the thought that went into this project. I spent a TON of time staring at pictures and working on the shape of his head and the general proportions of the different pieces, so I’m so glad you (and everyone else) recognize the work. Thank you so much!

  27. ChiWei

    Ha, thank you Robin! I think he’s a character that can be very open to interpretation and there’s a lot of love for him everywhere!

  28. ChiWei

    Thank you, you’re too funny!

  29. ChiWei

    Too funny! I agree, it’s the comment of the day! Even more than the words he says, I love his giggles 🙂 Thanks for the pin, and the love Kristin!

  30. Doris

    Your Olaf ami is SUPER ADORABLE!! Another thing to add to my never ending crochet bucket list! I’ve just created an Olaf beanie today but my olaf is not nearly as cute as yours!! If you want to see it, it’s on my blog: Thanks for this Olaf pattern!! Can’t wait to give it a try 😀

  31. Matt D.

    You really got Olaf there. Mass produced this little cutie and you’ll be rich!

  32. tamara

    This is adorable – and this is my first time attempting this sort of pattern. I’ve mostly stuck to hats and blankets so far, but I could not resist this…

    I have a question for you. I’m just starting on the head and I have noticed that there is no mention of joining with a slip stitch and then doing a chain 1 to start the next row. Am I missing something, or is that something that is not needed on the pattern?

    Thanks so much for sharing your hard work!

  33. sue

    I Started OlAF yesterday and finished him today, your pattern is by far the best and spot on. Just wish l New how to upload a photo for you. Thankyou for sharing.

  34. tamara

    Never mind – I figured it out! I finished Olaf’s head! I had to learn some new techniques, and this was definitely a harder project than I have done before, but your instructions were very clear and easy to follow (especially after I figured out what it meant to work in continuous rounds)

    Thank you again for such a fun project!

  35. Linda K

    love this. gonna try to make for my granddaughter for Christmas.

  36. Retha

    Guess who is going to crochet an Olaf today?? Yay.
    Thank you very much for the pattern. He is gorgeous and you are brilliant!

  37. Sherry Flowers

    I left a PM on your FB page. I have questions in regard to your Olaf instructions. Thank you.

  38. Laura

    So cute! Your Olaf is very good. What type of yarn is this (cotton, wool…)? I’m a beginner and I don’t think I can resist attempting this.

  39. ChiWei

    Thank you! I used plain white acrylic yarn for all the pieces.

  40. ChiWei

    Thank you!

  41. ChiWei

    Oooh, I’m so glad you finished the head! The hardest part is over 🙂 And great job on learning new techniques and pushing yourself to new heights!

  42. ChiWei

    Thank you so much! If you would like to upload a photo to Facebook, I’d love to share it with my readers 🙂

  43. ChiWei

    Thank you for the sentiment Matt, but unfortunately, he is a trademarked character and is not mine to sell 🙂

  44. ChiWei

    Thank you so much!

  45. Anna Fiorillo

    I’m enjoying making Olaf. My daughter sent the pattern for me for my grandchild who is 5.
    Thanks for clarifying the 15th row, although I was somewhat on the right track. I rewrote it for myself: Work 1sc in next st., sc2tog-1x, l sc in next 7 sts, sc3tog-1x, sc2tog-2x, hdc2tog-1x, dc2tog-4x, …and so on.

    Also, I slip a threaded tapestry needle through the “sc in the next st” as it helps me to keep count. A bobby pin will work too.

    Thanks for a lovely pattern; and do I ever appreciate all your thought, effort, and planning that went into this piece of work.


  46. Matt

    Well, you’re right. But who knows, maybe you can get licensing or permission from Disney Enterprises and maybe they’ll give you one.

  47. kim

    I really love this pattern
    I wrote out the pattern for the nose
    Work 5 sc in magic circle
    Round 1-2 sc round (5)
    Round 3 sc in next 2 stitches, 2sc in next stitch, 1 sc (6)
    Round 4 sc round (6)
    Round 5 sc in next 2 stitches, 2sc in next stitch x 2 (8)
    Round 6 sc round (8)
    Round 7 sc in next stitch, 2sc in next stitch x 4 (12)
    Round 8-9 sc round (12)
    Round 10 sc in next stitch, 1sc2tog x4 (8)
    Round 11 sc2tog x4 (4)

    Close off

    You may use it for your pdf pattern

    Many thnx

  48. Vanessa

    Hi 🙂
    Thnx so much for posting your pattern. It’s the best Olaf I have seen yet. I am making this for my nephew for Xmas. I just wanted to clarify, when working the rounds for the head you state 6 times….. I worked the 18 and the next row states 18 as well…… What do you mean by 6times? I worked the round six times around and it didn’t look right so I disassembled.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  49. Vanessa

    Never mind. Lol.. Just reread it a few times and I see what you meant 🙂

  50. Roxie

    Round 15 has been popular, I read it did it and messed up. I pulled out the stitches back to round 13 having 36 stitches….then I worked Round 14 I did everything and came out with 45 stitches not 46…..I took it back to Round 13 did it again and came out the same so I took it as a miscount or somewhere I missed a stitch. Any way on to round 15….made it there and followed the instructions you gave Lisa and I came out with 2 single stitches at the end but those two stitches worked came out to 30… all in all something I’m doing is not right and as I said I am careful when counting and moving the marker ect…has anyone else have this happen two??? It still looks good I am very pleased and grateful for the Olaf pattern and for you posting it. It is awesome and your response is wonderful too. Can hardly wait to see your finished pattern in PDF or revised….glad everyone is helping.

  51. Israel Narváez

    Hi ChiWei! I want to say congratulations for your job, it’s amazing!.
    I made a translation to spanish of your pattern. I post in my page on facebook. I think it can be interesting for the people who speaks in spanish. You can see it, and if you think I have to erase it, you only tell it to me and I will do it.
    Thank you for your job again. And for your blog too.

  52. Zuzana

    Nádhera, už ho skoro mám, děkuji za úžasný návod a obdivuji Váš přístup ke komentářům. Zuzana

  53. Valerie

    I’ll be trying this for my 6 yr. old daughter. She just walked by as I was looking at this page and squealed in delight. “I need that Olaf, Mommy.” she said. Thanks for sharing this cute pattern.

  54. Laura


  55. Bonnie

    Oh , he is so cute and so spot on. I wish I could crochet, but I have trouble with the pattern directions. I have tried to learn, but I get mixed up. I am having an Olaf sleep over for my two grandsons on December 6. I am making Olaf pajamas for them and wish I could make Olaf. I hope to start a holiday tradition where each year we have a special holiday sleepover with a theme. That is my plan.

  56. Deebi27

    I so wish I could crochet…this Olaf to just so darn CUTE!…perfection! I am thinking I may ask someone I know who DOES crochet to make 2…1 for my grandson (6 moths old) and the other for ME! I just LOVE Olaf!!

    If there’s one thing I someone that will go to great lengths to make something so Spot On…this is talent magnified! Thank you Chi Wei!

  57. Eileen

    Thank you for the explanation of the sc2tog as I had not seen this before. Love Olaf and am planning on making him for my g-grandchildren

  58. Cheryl Wood

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern! I have made one already, didn’t take long at ALL, and going to make another one in just a bit!! I will share a pic to your Facebook Page SOON!!!! Thanks again for a GREAT pattern!!!

  59. ChiWei

    Yeah, I was pretty happy that once the head was made, the rest of it came together pretty quickly. I’m glad you enjoy it!

  60. ChiWei

    You’re welcome!

  61. ChiWei

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I’m really happy that everyone appreciates the detail in this pattern, and I’m still pretty darn happy with how the shaping came out, lol! I hope you get one for Christmas!

  62. ChiWei

    You’re so welcome!

  63. ChiWei

    Thank you Bonnie! The themed sleepover sounds like a great idea!

  64. ChiWei

    I don’t have a problem with your posting it in Spanish, and I hope your friends like it 🙂

  65. ChiWei


  66. ChiWei

    Thanks for the clarification Anna; I’m sure there are others who will find your style more clear. I hope your grandchild loves your creation!

  67. Claire

    Hello, I love your Olaf pattern and I have been trying to resist making him for so long but I had to give yours a try

  68. julia

    Thank you so much for this pattern. I will try to translate it into french !

  69. iane

    Hi, ChiWei! I do love how your Olaf looks like! I am planning to do crochet stuff for our Christmas decor in the office. We have a ‘Frozen’ theme so making Olaf is a good idea. Thanks for sharing your pattern! 🙂

  70. Amy

    I followed your head pattern exactly and the head looks nothing like yours. Im confused. Is the hole on the bottom or back of the head. It just doesnt seem right. It would seem right if the hole was in the back but then mine doesnt look like your picture. I have this pinched look. Uh. I dont know what I did wrong…

  71. Garron

    thanks so much for this pattern! I will be using as Christmas gifts for my 3 nieces! I just finished with the head (crocheting) and I’m so excited to finish the rest! The pattern is so easy to follow! Thanks again! Happy holidays!

  72. Jo

    Thank you SO much for sharing your pattern! I know two little girls who will be very happy! (The daughters of my friend, they’re crazy about Olaf! )
    Once again: Thank you!

  73. Thio Morgan

    Thanks for the explanations but I still can’t seem to be available to do the head don’t know what am doing wrong, do u have a video explain this had no problems with the rest thanks 🙂

  74. Farrin

    I finished the pattern and I love it! I made mine with a j hook so he is about 13.5 inches! With more practice he will be as good as yours! I crocheted the mouth and eyes instead of felt! Anyways thanks again!

  75. Kelly

    Thanks for such a great pattern
    your Olaf is the best by far I’m going to make him for my little ones because they love Olaf so much
    I’m also going to use him in my elf on the shelf projects over the Christmas period
    Thanks again

  76. Sylvia

    Thank you so much for this pattern!! I just made it and it was perfectly clear.

  77. ChiWei

    Thank you Sylvia! I’m glad my instructions made sense! 🙂

  78. ChiWei

    Ooh, Olaf as an elf on the shelf? What a great idea!

  79. ChiWei

    Thanks for letting me know about the size! I thought about making the details out of crochet but felt that felt was easier 🙂

  80. ChiWei

    I’m sorry but I do not have videos available. You may want to do a google search on sc2tog to find a video for this technique.

  81. ChiWei

    Yay for making little girls happy! I’m crazy about Olaf too 🙂

  82. ChiWei

    Thanks! Once you’re done with the head, the rest is easy 🙂

  83. ChiWei

    I’m sorry, I can’t help without seeing it. The pattern is worked from the bottom of the head to the top.

  84. Susan Smith

    Thank you for such a cute pattern, I am attempting to make one for my daughters niece. Can you please clarify, do I keep crocheting in rounds or do I slip stitch the row together and chain one to start the next row? Thank you for your time.

  85. Tamara

    Heel leuk patroon! ik heb echter wel een vraagje (het kan misschien dom klinken :p) maar waar staan de afkortingen 2 sc2tog, 1 hdc2tog, 4 dc2tog, 1 hdc2tog, 2 sc2tog, 1 sc3tog voor?
    Het spijt me als dit echt een domme vraag is :p

    Groetjes Tamara

  86. ChiWei

    They are “single crochet 2 together”, “half double crochet 2 together”, “double crochet 2 together”. They are decreasing stitches.

  87. ChiWei

    I chose to crochet continuously in rounds, but this pattern should work if you end each round with a slip stitch too. My first attempt was worked in individual rounds so I could keep track of stitches, and then I re-made it in continuous rounds to eliminate the seam. Hope that helps!

  88. Amy

    I figured out what I did wrong, lol. I am assembling him now and crocheting his nose. Awesome pattern!!!

  89. Amber

    Thank you so much for explaining on how to do those stitches! I usually go to youtube to watch people crochet certain stitches but I couldn’t find anything on there for these. You’re explanation helped me tons! 😀 I’m making this for my 1 year old daughter. She loves Olaf.

  90. Amber

    I actually went on youtube and found a video that does help explain it if you are like me and need visual aid. Look up CrochetCabana- sc2tog, dc2tog – the decrease. Hope you don’t mind me posting ways to get to the video. You did explain it very well and I am loving the challenge of Olaf 😀

  91. pat

    Wow i,m glad Lisa asked the question i had i found row 15 difficult thank you for explaining.

  92. julia

    Thank you so much for the pattern ! I will offer it to a friend and soon you’ll be able to see it on my blog (I will note a link to your blog) !

  93. Susan Smith

    Thank You, I choose to work this pattern in continuous rounds, and used a small safety pin to mark the rows, so I could make sure my stitch count was correct.

  94. Marilyn

    This Olaf is so cute! You did a wonderful job! 🙂

  95. ChiWei

    Thank you so much Marilyn!

  96. ChiWei

    Thank you for the link back! It’s very much appreciated 🙂

  97. ChiWei

    Thanks! I’ll have to update my pattern with the descriptions. I actually have descriptions in my Mary Jane pattern, so just need to update this one as well.

  98. Yvette

    I was wondering if it would be OK for me to translate this pattern into Swedish and post it on my blogg? With a link too your original pattern of course.

  99. Yvette

    I forgot to write that I really love the pattern and it’s the most Olaf like I’ve seen so far ^_^
    So cute!

  100. Tish

    Hi ChiWei! I would like to take this time to say thank you for your designs for the Blog Hop CAL. I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to doing more in the future. I really love your Olaf and was wondering if you have a design using him in a Lovey Blanket? I’ve never made one before and wasn’t sure how to as far as attaching the head or continuing an afghan from the head. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

  101. Jessica

    Hi! I’m trying to make this and was a little confused on how the head, upper body and lower body are attached to each other. Your Olaf looks just like the one in the movie! Thanks!

  102. Afri

    Hi! This pattern is so useful for me; this Olaf is gonna be the perfect christmas present for my brother in-law (he is 8 years old)
    I started to crochet the body and the head and everything was okay, until I tries to crochet the Round 16, of the head. It does not make sense for me, could you pleas explain it? Above all the part that says “1 dc in next 6 st”. I am very confused about this, because I do not get to add the account. Please, it is very important to me. Thanks for your help 🙂

  103. ChiWei

    I’m not sure I understand the question. Please look through the other comments and see if that helps you.

  104. ChiWei

    Thanks Jessica! I squished the parts together and sewed them together with a whip stitch.

  105. ChiWei

    I’m sorry, I don’t have experience making lovey blankets. But I’d guess that you make the head individually and attach it directly to a small afghan? Thanks!

  106. Milena

    Wow! This is stunning, you’re such an amazing artist, thank you very much for the pattern!

  107. Kimberly

    I absolutely loved this pattern! He turned out awesome… THANK YOU

  108. Magda

    I’ve come up with a pretty good pattern for the nose.
    1. sc4 into the magic ring (4)
    2. Inc 4 (8)
    3. Sc8 (8)
    4. Sc2, dec2, sc2 (6)
    5. Sc2 inc2 sc2 (8)
    6. Sc2 inc4 sc2 (12)
    7. Sc12 (12)
    8. Sc4 inc4 sc4 (16)
    9. Sc16 (16)
    10. Sc4 dec4 sc4 (12)
    11. Sc2 dec4 sc2 (8)
    12. Sc dec sc dec sc2
    Finish off

  109. Janie

    I made this olaf last night, everybody loves it. You nailed his features just right. That’s not easy, trust me I tried, several times!

    This pattern is amazing, thank you so much for sharing it with everyone.
    I just know I am going to end making loads of these, all my family and friends want one.

  110. Marie-Helen

    Your Olaf is great! I’m assembling mine but he won’t stay standing- was that a problem with yours??? Or did I over stuff the head and nose??? Thanks for your design. I will forward a pic as soon as I have finished.

  111. Pilar

    Te escribo para agradecerte este patrón en concreto, gracias por tu generosidad y esfuerzo. Y por favor no me borres de la suscripción al correo, me encanta recibir noticias tuyas. Felices fiestas y próspero 2015. U

  112. annette

    Merci beaucoup beaucoup !!! – Huge thanks !
    I just shared the link to your pattern on my blog, translating the “Abreviations” part, so that french readers a bit shy with english pattern can have a try. My two little princesses and their brother can’t wait to have Olaf at home, perfect gift just after Christmas… Thanks again !

  113. Jacqueline Granados

    Thank you very much for sharing this pattern! I made this for my Son as a Christmas present, and Olaf is his new best buddie! 🙂

    Your pattern writing is great. The one suggestion I’d make is for you to possibly indicate, for the head, that one is starting at the bottom of the head and working up.

    Be Wll!

  114. Kate Morris

    Hello, thanks so much for this pattern. I finished Olaf today and he has come out really well. You are very talented.


  115. Lisa

    Your pattern is so very adorable and I can’t wait to make one for shelf!! Thank you for sharing your pattern with us!! When I get mine made I will send you a pic and hopefully it will turn out as awesome as yours! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  116. Karla

    Hi! thanks a lot for this pattern. I had a problem with the arms. I couldn’t do it! 🙁 do you have a video or something…?

  117. Donna Purcell

    I love your website and Olaf. I tried to print him today so I could crochet him but even that went wrong. I got the instructions but no pictures. Maybe I did something wrong. I only wanted the pattern so I printed just the pages that it was on because if I had printed everything I would have gotten every ones comments, 33 pages total. The pattern is only 8 pages with pictures. I am going to try it one more time because the pictures really help. Keep up the great work!

  118. Donna Purcell

    Hey Ladies ,(oops and Gents if any) Did you know the original Elf on the Shelf came out in the early 70’s and came in three colors-Squash yellow, Olive green, and of course Red. Their arms were closed together and their knees bent up into their chest. Oops I am telling my age now!

  119. Donna Purcell

    Tried a 2nd time but no luck so I will just use the computer to see the images when I crochet. It is weird I can print all the images on the side and top of the page just not Olaf images, on pages 1-9.

  120. ChiWei

    So glad you like it!

  121. ChiWei

    I’m so sorry, but I don’t know why the pictures don’t show up. Remember that the head is made from the bottom up 🙂

  122. ChiWei

    For the arms, it’s a chain then worked back on itself. It’s kind of like drawing a handprint around your hand – go up one side, do the individual fingers and then come back down the other side.

  123. ChiWei

    Great point, and thank you!

  124. ChiWei

    Yup, he won’t stand up on his own, so you are ok. I totally overstuffed mine, but he is definitely top heavy.

  125. ChiWei

    Thank you! His features are so simple, yet really hard to duplicate right? So glad your family loves them!

  126. Laura

    Hi! We are late comers to the frozen frenzy but my two little boys are now completely obsessed! I’m over the moon you have provided your wonderful pattern for free, I’m just assembling my Olaf and he’s looking great. Thank you for such a detailed, well written pattern and all the time and effort you have put into it. It means I get to whip up a surprise for my children in no time at all so I’m very grateful.


  127. ChiWei

    Thanks so much Laura! I’m glad Olaf is coming together for you and that your boys love the movie, even with the princesses in it 🙂 We watch the movie almost daily…

  128. Patricia Fernandes

    Hi, I’m from Argentina and I have just translated your pattern into spanish. You are a genious. Olaf really looks like the real one. I am doing it right now. The head is amazing.
    My little baby girl will enjoy it tremendously.

    thanks for sharing.

  129. ChiWei

    I’m so glad you like it!

  130. Cherie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This nose was giving me so much trouble! I even tried someone else’s pattern for it and it didn’t look right. I really appreciate you taking the time to post this pattern that actually looks like the right nose! THANKS!!!

  131. Cherie

    I have to add my thanks along with all the others. This pattern is so amazing. The attention to detail, the head… all of it! And it was so kind of you to offer this as a free pattern. I appreciate your hard work and your sharing it with all of us. THANKS!!!

  132. Gwen Kennelly

    This made my day! How wonderful is this!! I am so excited to make this little Olaf. Thanks again. You are wonderful and talented.

  133. ChiWei

    Have fun with him!

  134. ChiWei

    Glad you got it working!

  135. ChiWei

    You totally made my day Cherie, thank you for your kind comment! I hope you enjoy playing with him 🙂

  136. Miranda

    Hello I absolutely love this pattern and heres a pattern I made for his nose. I used a 4mm hook.
    Olafs nose
    rnd 1: 4 sc in magic ring
    rnd : 2-3 1 sc in each sc around (4)
    rnd 4: 1 sc in first sc, 2 sc in next [x2] (6)
    rnd 5: 1 sc in first 2 sc, 2sc in next [x 2] (8)
    rnd 6 -10: 1 sc in each around (8)
    *Stuff nose now firmly and as you go on*
    rnd 11: 1 sc in first 2 sc, 1scdec [x2] (6)
    rnd 12: 1 sc in first sc, 1scdec [x2] (4)
    Now fasten off and sew tip closed or sew on as is.

  137. Miranda

    I prefer to sew nose as is 🙂

  138. angelica

    this is perfect!

  139. Laurie

    Thank you so much for this pattern. I’m new to your website and I love it. I started crocheting to help with ptsd and anxiety. And you have great patterns I have been debating weather I want to do one of the patterns I enjoyed looking at but when I saw Olaf I made the decision to make this site my #1 must list. And I simply must try to make Olaf.
    Thanks again

  140. Marian Janssen

    Heel hartelijk dank voor dit goede patroon van Olaf. Ik heb hem met heel veel plezier gemaakt.
    Het was een hele uitdaging om hem te vertalen in het Nederlands, maar hij is toch goed gelukt.
    Reuze bedankt.

  141. Nicole H

    Great work, thanks so much for this free Olaf pattern! I can tell that you’ve watched Frozen many times and spend a lot of time and effort on him. It really looks like the real thing!

    I am thinking of putting Olaf together with velcro strips so the parts can be removeable and poseable… I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    Now I’m going to look for you on Ravelry.

  142. Gloria Martins

    Hi Chi Wei, This is the most beautiful Olaf I have ever seen. My grandkids will love it for sure… since I have 5 granddaughters you can imagine what I have to work on…. 🙂 – Thank you for sharing!
    Cheers from Portugal 😉

  143. ChiWei

    haha, awesome! You’ll have a whole army of Olafs! Have fun with him 🙂

  144. ChiWei

    Thanks Nicole! Yes, there was a lot of staring at stills and watching the movie with my kiddos. I had thought about the velcro but was afraid it’d pull the yarn and make it all fuzzy, so I’d love to see how it works for you!

  145. ChiWei

    Thanks for writing in Laurie, and I’m glad I can help with your decision making 🙂 Good luck and have fun!

  146. Carmen Ochoa

    Completely agree with Gina. Couldn’t have found better words of appreciation and gratitude. Sharing is a gift not given to everybody.
    Thank you sooooo much ChiWei and congrats on your talent.

  147. Cynthia

    Best Olaf pattern I’ve found! You are very talented! Any tips for beginners on reading patterns? I am self taught and only learn patterns by watching videos.

  148. cathy

    when doing round 16 just do what it says….it will make since after you finish……shapes his mouth….will post mine when done…..MY 20 month old granddaughter is crazy on love with any and everything OLAF..working on a quilt and dress also !

  149. Claire

    This is an amazing pattern! Very easy to follow. Just finished my version and can’t wait for my daughter to see it tomorrow morning!!

  150. Ellie

    Hi Chi Wei – I have made and unmade the head several times up to Row 16. I get row 15 done and have 30 stitches, but your stitch count by pattern only produces 26 (however pattern reads 28). I cannot then figure out how to decrease from 26 to 21. I have read through the pattern several times and cannot figure out how to get 28 stitches out of row 16. Could you please help??

    Thank you!

  151. ChiWei

    Round 16 is 28 stitches, just like the pattern reads. 1 sc, 1 sc2tog, 7 sc, 2 hdc, 6 sc, 2 hdc, 7 sc, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc – that’s 28 stitches. Then, for round 17, you’re removing 7 stitches to get 21.

  152. ChiWei

    I also learned by reading books and poring over illustrations. My best recommendation is to go slow and take it one stitch at a time. Good luck!

  153. Ellie

    Thank you for the clarification. I was reading 1 hdc in the next 2 stitches as a decrease. Thanks again! Can’t wait to finish this cute little fella. I appreciate your time in sharing this pattern.

  154. Maria D

    Hi. I would like a pattern for Olaf nose. Please I really need one. Thank you!!! I really appreciate if you put a pattern.

  155. Tiffany

    Approximately how tall does Olaf turn out when he’s done?

  156. ChiWei

    He’s probably about a foot tall.

  157. ChiWei

    Hi Maria, sorry I don’t have an exact pattern. I started with 3 sc in a magic circle, worked up to 4 stitches, 6 stitches, and I think up to 8 stitches before starting to decrease again. But since each round is so small, I didn’t bother with a stitch marker which is why I say to just make it up as you go.

  158. Inga

    Hi ChiWei,
    First of all Thank you for creating this AWSOME Olaf pattern!
    Secondly Thank you for posting it for free!
    I understand how much work was involved and am awestruck! You have created the best Olaf I have been able to find anywhere and I am really pleased to be able to give my children something so lovely.
    I can’t crochet myself, but my mother in law can, may I translate this into Danish? And if I may, would you like to have a copy?

  159. Lorraine

    Thank you so much for this fabulous OLAF pattern! I’m probably going to crochet the mouth and eyes too, can’t wait to make it!!!

  160. Elizabeth Longcoy

    Any way you can put a printable template of tooth and mouth,Lol not a very good artists and yours looks great.

  161. Shelly

    You are awesome!!!! My grand daughter is going to love this!

    Thank you soooo much!


  162. Fernanda

    Hello! Your Olaf is absolutly amazing! I’ll make one to my daughters and another to my niece. Thank you very much. I want to ask if, after finishing the Olaf I can put a link to your page in my blog. Thanks very very much. Big hug .

  163. Juliette

    Hello I just love this daughter and niece love Olaf. Ive taught myself to crochet and I don’t know what a magic circle is?

  164. Azzarine

    Hi there ! I’m just crocheting your Olaf, but I’m a bit confused at the round 16 of the head ! At on moment we nedd to do “1 dc in next 6 sc” WTF ? I try to search on youtube how can I do that, then I make 1 “sc” in the next 6 sc, and it work ! Can you fix you pattern, please ? Thank a lot !

  165. Maggi

    De la ronda 15 (30 puntos), no puedo pasar a la 16 (28 puntos), dado que el número de disminuciones afecta las proporciones. Cómo se hace?

  166. ChiWei

    No, I don’t need to fix my pattern. “1 dc in next 6 st” is the same as “1 sc in next 6 st”, except it’s a double crochet instead of a single crochet. That’s what gives the head its shape. Thanks!

  167. caz wilson

    I am still learning to read a pattern….If it helps try what I do if I find something I find hard or new…I go on you tube and search for what I’m stuck on say hcd 2tog and a few videos will come up.i copy what they do then Wright it down in book for future reference. ….when I come to a row like 15 I try not to read all at once as I get very confuse but I just take 1 sc/stitch at a time and use YouTube every time (for people that dont use youtube a lot ) you can also save your videos to favourites by pressing the + at the top of video and they will always be at hand….hope this helps xxx

  168. Ondine

    Hi! I would just like to know if you could tell me how tall your Olaf is, approximately. Thanks!

  169. Joe

    Daughter convinced me to learn to crochet with her and this was my first piece. Great pattern and you were right, that head was tricky. Took three tries even with the pattern. By the end I am even able to keep my stitches a consistent size. Keep up the good work.

  170. jennie

    how tall is the finished Olaf?

  171. Lynn Climenhage

    Thank you so much for the Olaf pattern! I can appreciate how much effort and skill went into it. Just finished it for my granddaughter to take to college in a few weeks. Once I turned the head right side up I had no problems with this!!Might be making it again as 3 other grands are drooling over him!!

  172. mary

    I love the Olaf pattern and have made 3 so far. I’ve had a couple of friends say they will pay me to make one for each of them but because of your request I’m not sure what to do. I’m thinking of just telling them to give me what they want even though I know it won’t cover the time it takes to make them, but it was fun making the first 3 as 1 went to my daughter and 2 went to 2 sisters who are good friends. I would love it if you could make a Sven pattern, you are way more talented than I am, I love finding patterns to make, but can’t do very well creating my own pattern.

  173. Malin

    Thanks so much for a lovely an accurate Olaf pattern! However, I was wondering about the feet, you don’t close them off? Or is it just a mistake leaving that bit out of the pattern?

  174. Cecelia Knuckles

    There are so many comments to read through so this may have already been mentioned but are the row numbers right for where to attach the eyes. The way I look at it rows 19 and 20 are the neck. I just put them where it looked right to me. Anyway, this is a great pattern, easy to follow and thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  175. ChiWei

    As long as it looks right to you, then it works! The count is starting from the bottom going up.

  176. ChiWei

    The feet are closed off. It starts off as 6 stitches, and ends with 6 stitches. Thanks!

  177. ChiWei

    Honestly, selling is up to you. Olaf is a trademarked character and there are rules about selling trademarked merchandise, but I don’t know all the details. My statement is more so readers are made aware of the bigger picture before they make a decision for themselves.

  178. Cecelia Knuckles

    Thanks for the reply….must have been too much birthday cake….I should have figured that out. It really is a great pattern and plenty of little ones will be happy to get Olaf. You are sooooooo talented!

  179. Mel Ina

    OMG it all makes sense now!! XDD

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, as I was making the head I coudn’t stop thinking you’re a genius with every row I made 😀 It is truly a work of art!! Thanks <3

  180. Miranda

    Thankyou,I am a grandma of a 3 year old girl and she loves Olaf. A great gift (from Lima,Peru).

  181. Aida

    Lovely! Thanks for the pattern.

  182. Erika

    Just have to start by saying, this is an incredible pattern. When I saw it I just had to try. I finished one and it turned out great! The only issue I have is with connecting the pieces. I just can’t seem to get a clean look. Must of the tutorials I’ve seen show the pieces being connected with one piece not finished off. Did you use thus method with yours? Or did you do like I did and kind of squish the pieces together and sew them up. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Since I’ve done one and my kids have gone bonkers over it I am going to have to make three more. Next time around I am going try something different with the arms. I’m going to use a piece of brown pipe cleaner, poke it into the body and slip stitch around it up until the fingers making them poseable. I’m hoping it works out. Thanks again fur all the hard work you put into creating this pattern.

  183. Isabel

    Adorable!!! How big is the finished Olaf?

  184. Nanske

    First I like to say … WAUWWWWW
    this is a lovely pattern ,
    The members of my FB group loves it also , but a lot don’t speak English ( We’re a Dutch Group of crochet freaks)
    Can I have your permission to translate it, please ?
    I can give you the translation , so you can put it on your blog , or I put it on my group with a link to your blog
    I hope for a positive respond
    Greetings Nanske

  185. Natalie

    This will be my first “ami”, I hope I’m not too ambitious!
    I’m starting with the feet so I can get the hang of it by the time I get to the head! haha
    Do you stuff the feet?? I noticed instructions for stuffing for the other pieces….

  186. Natalie

    This is my first “Ami”!
    Do you stuff the feet?

  187. ChiWei

    Yup, I do!

  188. ChiWei

    I can publish the translation on my blog if you have it, and you can point the members of your FB group to that post. Thank you for asking! You can email me the translation at [email protected].

  189. ChiWei

    About 14 inches.

  190. Tina

    Oh so so, so, happy you posted this pattern, my year and a half old granddaughter is going to love Olof!, started the head tonight thru round 19 and can already see he’s going to be what your pic looks like, I had to laugh at how happy he looks already even with out his eyes or mouth yet, thanks again for sharing and like the others have been saying “spot on”. Great job!!! I feel like a dancing Olof!!! ?

  191. Patricia

    Hello There! I’m not sure if I posted my last comment correctly, so here’s anther go at it! Your Olaf crochet pattern is wonderful and easy to follow! I’m starting my third one – for my third grandbaby! He’ll love it! I linked to my teeny, tiny blog at Thank you for sharing!

  192. Tracey Nesbitt

    I’m sorry but confused on the instructions for the arms and hands could you please email it to me so I can print off for myself thank you again

  193. Joan Shimmin

    Love this can you email the pattern please I have just printed 27 pages of comments and no pattern ,
    It’s lovely to read the comments but I would really like the pattern if possible without the comments thanks in anticipation. Joanx

  194. Lau

    This is so good! Olaf is my favorite character. He’s so much fun!

  195. Ana

    Im here just to say that you are amazing! Thanks for all your beautiful crochet patterns! My niece is going to flip with this Olaf! Have a good day!

  196. sev bay

    Unfortunately, I don’t like any amigurumi pattern with DCs, let alone DC decreases. These leave gaps that makes stuffing visible. I can fix it obviously but I’d rather not have any problems in the first place. Thanks for the pattern though although it didn’t work for me.

  197. Svetlana

    Thanks a lot for this pattern! Your Olaf looks exactly like a cartoon character

  198. Barbara

    I made the unicorn for my 2 yr old granddaughter. And now am working in 2 Olafs for my great nieces that turn 4. Party is on Valentine’s Day! Almost done with making all the pieces. You directions are always so clear. And I love that I can turn to your creations for much needed gift ideas, knowing the quality is supurb! Thank you for your patterns!! HUGS!

  199. NancyB from Many LA

    I just finished my Olaf for my granddaughter – he’s adorable! Instead of a felt mouth and tooth, I crocheted it.y G-daughter is 2-1/2, and I didn’t want to give her the opportunity to tear it off. LOL
    Thanks so much for the pattern – it was fun!

  200. May

    love your work very much <3 <3 <3
    can't thank you enough ^_^

  201. Niina

    Thank you so much for the Olaf pattern! My first Olaf.. is not perfect, but it is funny. Now I will make a second Olaf.

  202. Keanu

    I just want to thank you for your pattern.. I used an F hook and just regular 4 ply yarn it came out pretty big and huggable! I made one for my 7 year old niece, grandson & 1 for my grandsons auction basket for his 1st grade class! Thank you for sharing your pattern… You can whip one out in a night. The first one I had a hard time figuring it out but by the 2nd one I had it down … I made the mouth with felt and used fabric glue and safety eyes. What I like about Olaf it make a great giveaway for a boy or girl no matter how old they are!

  203. Susie at Oui Crochet

    My daughter NEEDS a “happy snowman” for her upcoming 2nd birthday. I am about 1/3 of the way finished, and I am loving your pattern! Especially the head… That is one trial and error that I just don’t have time to take on right now. Haha
    Thank you so much for all of the hard work and attention to detail that you put into this pattern!

  204. Amy

    Thanks so much for this pattern, it’s awesome! My 4yo brother will absolutely love it!
    And I definitely agree with all the others that this is the best OLAF pattern out there 🙂

    Just wondering if you’d be interested in a german translation of the pattern to put on your blog?

  205. Debbie

    Thankyou for your free pattern, l am going to make this for a little boy who has just had open heart surgery, he loves Frozen

  206. Anja

    Awesome ♥
    Thanks so much for the Pattern! Love it 🙂

  207. Sue Sellers

    Love this it is so cute! Love Olaf!! Awesome job!

  208. Alexandria

    Hi, I was wondering if I can sell finished items from your product? I am trying to raise money for missions through my small shop on ( I will be happy to link back to your original posts in my photos and listing. I have a shop account on Instagram. Username: @craftlodge_99 Thanks 🙂

  209. Francine

    Thank you very, very much for sharing the pattern and for all the effords you have made to create the lovely Olaf.
    I have made him for an 18 years old girl, who is so happy with hm.

  210. louise

    Hi. I look forward to making this. I do not see a print button. Please tell me how to print – thanks, Loujse

  211. ChiWei

    Hi Louise, I do not have print buttons on my patterns. You can print directly from the browser. Thanks!

  212. Laura

    When it says, “One dc in the next 6 st,” it means put one dc in EACH of the next six st.

  213. Lisa

    Hi! Can I ask how big this is? How tall?

    Thank you!

  214. Anonymous Praise

    This is the best pattern for Olaf that I’ve found. Thanks for putting it out there for people. I’ve just started him, but I’m really excited to see how he comes out.

  215. Lucie

    Hi, I can ask for an explanation of row 15 on my head. Rund 15. Work 1 sc in next stitch, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in next 7 st, 1 sc3tog, 2 sc2tog, 1 hdc2tog, 4 dc2tog, 1 hdc2tog, 2 sc2tog, 1 sc3tog, 1 sc in next 7 st, 1 sc2tog, 1 sc in last st. (30)
    I do not understand: 4 dc2tog
    Thank you

  216. Pam Andrews

    It just means that is the number of times that you do the dc2tog

  217. Pam Andrews

    I had just found this pattern and I worked it up. It turned out beautifully. My only issue is that I can not get it to stand on its own. I think I overstuffed my feet but I have a place where he can lean so it works out well. I may do another and less stuffing in the feet. Thank you for the pattern, this is a wonderful Olaf. My grandson is going to love it.

  218. Deborah Stewart

    Thank you so much for sharing this adorable pattern with the world!

  219. Linda Š.

    Hello and thank you so much for such a great olaf pattern. My four-year old daughter keeps asking me about him for such a long time so now I can finally start! Thanks again!

  220. Meinar Alison

    Thank you sooooo much….
    I made it in a smaller version for my 4 year-old niece. She loved it so much…. I modified using small magnet, for the nose, head, body n leg… So… It can fall into pieces…. I personally live it so much….

    Once again… Thanks for sharing the pattern.

    Meinar Alison
    Bandung – Indonesia

  221. Margaret carroll

    Thank you so much for this pattern, Olaf came out really cute.

  222. chrystal

    Thank you for the note at the top in regards to him being a trademarked character and not being able to legally sell items made from this pattern.

  223. norma

    hola, soy nueva tejiendo y mucho mas en amigurumi, me encanta, per no entiendo lo que copié abajo, si pudieras aclararlo. soy venezolana, viviendo en barcelona, españa.

    gracias y espero tejer muchos y publicar las fotos

    Gancho G para el cuerpo – dónde lo puedo comprar
    Gancho F para la nariz – donde lo puedo comprar
    ch: puntada de cadena
    sc: crochet simple
    hdc: medio crochet doble
    dc: crochet doble
    yo: hilo sobre

  224. Helen Haberern

    When I finish round 16, I only have 23 stitches and that throws the rest off. There are too many decreases to go from 30 stitches to 28.
    Round 17 can only have 4 decreases

  225. Jane L

    What a clever idea to magnetise the body parts! Clever you!!

  226. Rachel James

    You may be able to pull out some stuffing.

  227. Lenka H.

    Oh wow, absolutely gorgeous ???? thanks a lot for sharing the pattern♥️ I really love how you designed it???? I’m going to crochet two O’s for my children as Xmas gifts. Thanks very very much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  228. monica

    thank you for this pattern. i will try to do it for my daughter. she love Olaf so this will best Christmas gift ever!!!!

  229. Caren Geberer

    I love this guy. Am I the only one who can’t figure out his NOSE????

  230. Tanna

    How tall does he workout to be?

  231. Amanda

    Hello. I have a question about the eyes. I only have 18mm eyes so I was going to free hand them, but I am confused about the placement. The pattern says between rows 19 and 20 but that puts them on the neck. Am I missing something?

  232. Denise

    I have just finished OLAF and his head won’t stand up I can’t stuff it any more do you have any ideas . It’s looks amazing thank you

  233. Sara

    No lol it’s m having trouble also with the nose, I’m actually looking through comments to see if anyone shared a pattern for it lol

  234. Vissoune

    Bonjour je me permets de vous contacter pour le modèle de Olaf. Je ne comprends pas bien les explications des bras. Pourriez-vous m’aider svp. Merci à l’avance

  235. antonella

    buongiorno, volevo fare olaf per mio nipote, ma non riesco a fare giro 15. non mi tornano i punti da 46 a 30. mi potete aiutare. grazie

  236. Chris

    I am new at this arigurumi so when you don’t take the time to give exact instructions for his nose I am at a loss. Your pattern so far is the best one out there that I have found so I really wish to make him. I really like the shape of how you made his nose too.

  237. Chris

    I am wondering if using her christmas tree cork ornaments could be used as a pattern …maybe the tall skinny one. Sharing a free pattern and omitting the nose instructions is like sharing a recipe and leaving out some key ingredient.

  238. Cathy

    Looking at the first picture and counting, the eyes would be between rows 6-7 about three stitches apart. Hope this helps. I’d get to at least row 13, to see lip placement for centering and then attach the eyes and begin some stuffing.

  239. Cat

    My comment under another question. From looking at the first picture, the eyes go between rows 6-7 with about three stitches in between. I’d work to row 13 to see lip placement for centering the eyes and insert them at that point and begin a little stuffing. Hope this helps.

  240. Bine

    It is between rows 19 and 20 because the head is crocheted from the neck up. But if you count from the top, you’d be right. 🙂

  241. Carol Vale

    This is so cute. I wished I crocheted but I don’t. Is there a knitted version?

  242. Dana

    How tall does the finished product measure? Really I’d like to know how tall the head is. Thank you!

  243. Susanne

    Snälla vill du förtydligade hur du gör när det står 1fm3, 2fm2 och 4fm2tog?

  244. ChiWei

    Thank you! No knitted version at this time.

  245. natalia canelo

    Hola que tal¡¡ hermoso tu patrón, no se como hacer para que me salga un poco más grande podrías ayudar ?

  246. ChiWei

    Hi, the doll’s height is dependent on the yarn and hook used. In this sample, the head is approximately 3 inches high.

  247. Elaine Rigby

    I’m so thankful to find this pattern and anxiously awaiting my white yarn to be delivered so I can start on it. It’s way cute! I began the nose as I had orange yarn, but I didn’t know how long to make it. It turned out to be 6 1/2″ long. Is that too big? How tall is this whole Olaf (not just the head)? I’m using the recommended G hook and the F hook for the nose.

    Can it be made bigger if it is not at least 18″ tall?

    Thank you,

  248. ChiWei

    My finished piece was around 12″ tall. You can increase the size by using thicker yarn and larger hooks.

  249. Vanessa

    Hi! By any chance do you remember what hook size you used and what kind of yarn? Thank you!

  250. ChiWei

    Hi Vanessa,
    As it says in the supplies I don’t know what the yarn was (from my stash with no label!), but the body uses a G hook and then an F hook for the nose.

  251. Natasha

    Fantastic, love it.

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