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Embellished Napkins with Martha Stewart Decoupage

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This post is sponsored by Martha Stewart and Plaid Crafts.  All opinions, tutorials and photos are 100% my own.  Please see my full disclosure here.

When I opened the box of Martha Stewart Decoupage products, I was excited to find a beautiful collection of fabric cut-outs and lace trims.  At first, I wanted to decorate some magazine files with the lace trim, but I realized the box contained fabric-to-fabric decoupage medium.  So, change of plans!  In the end, I picked out a few flower cut-outs and made some embellished napkins that would make a beautiful housewarming gift!

One Dog Woof: Fabric Decoupage Embellished Napkins


  • Martha Stewart Decoupage, fabric-to-fabric matte finish (Products can be found at Michaels)
  • Martha Stewart Decoupage fabric appliques
  • Martha Stewart Decoupage soft bristle brushes
  • plain napkins
  • assorted buttons
  • needle, thread, scissors

One Dog Woof: Martha Stewart Decoupage

Once upon a time, we had bought a whole ton of plain white napkins on sale, thinking we were going to be that couple who threw awesome dinner parties with fancy napkins.  Now, with a toddler at home and a baby on the way, I have come to the conclusion that we will never be that couple.  Parties now consist of paper and plastic, so those nice gleaming white napkins are just sitting in a closet, in their original packaging.  I pulled out a few to use as the base for my decoupage project.

One Dog Woof: Fabric Decoupage

When I opened the flower themed applique set, I was so impressed with the number of appliques to choose from, in all different sizes.  I picked a few for each napkin and arranged it on the corner of each napkin. Then, just following the directions included in the package, I applied the decoupage medium first to the napkin where the flowers were going to go, and then to the back of the flowers themselves.

One Dog Woof: Fabric Decoupage

Then, I carefully picked up each sticky flower, recreated the pattern on the napkin and smoothed out the appliques, starting from the center moving out.  It was nice to have taken a quick picture of my desired pattern before I started working so I could look back to it as reference.  Once the appliques were smoothed on, I walked away and let it dry for about 2 hours.

After the decoupage dries, I applied two more coats of the decoupage medium over the top of the pattern, waiting about 2 hours in between coats.  The decoupage medium dried clear each time and was fairly flexible.

Once the napkins were fully dried, I found a few buttons from my collection and sewed them on in the place of the flower centers, just to add a little texture.

One Dog Woof: Fabric Decoupage Napkins

Now I have a set of napkins ready to give as a gift or just to keep for myself.  Maybe I’ll use it at our own place settings while the kids get the paper napkins!

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  1. Amy Renea

    Love these colors! Super cue!

  2. Kelly

    Super cute! Love the flower and the colors. xo Pinning and Stumbling.

  3. Melanie

    How pretty!

  4. Adrianne

    These are so gorgeous!! Love the colors!

  5. Marilyn

    ChiWei, these are so beautiful! I love appliqueing without having to drag my sewing machine out!

  6. Kadie

    These are so pretty!! I would have never thought to put something like this on a napkin!! I love it, and would LOVE to get it as a gift. Great idea.

  7. Joseph

    Beautiful. I am glad to see the cutouts dry so bright, the same way it looked before it was pasted. I have read some matte finishes dry a little cloudy, and I thought I saw on Martha Stewart’s video it was the same (the flower shoes). I’m interested in decoupaging shiny fabric. Hope it turns out okay!

  8. ChiWei

    The dried results are definitely not cloudy. You can slightly see where the decoupage was brushed on, but on shiny fabric, that may be much less noticeable.

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