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How to Crochet the Jasmine Star Stitch

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The Jasmine Star Stitch is a beautiful, reversible stitch that when used, is sure to catch anyone’s eye with its gorgeous even texture.

I’ve loved the Jasmine Star stitch for a long time. The stitches seemingly overlap, so you can’t easily tell one row from the next. The stars blend together to create an endless see of 6-pointed flowers that makes you wonder if it can really be handmade, and how on earth do you make it?

Before we get to the stitch tutorial, let’s take a look how and when to use (or not use) this stitch, as well as a few other things you’ll want to know in order to create that beautiful, compact texture for your next project.

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jasmine star stitch vertical collage

Jasmine Star Stitch Pros and Cons


  • Creates a very even texture without clear row definitions
  • Has thickness even when using thin yarns
  • Eye-catching complexity
  • Doesn’t need extra borders for finishing
  • Lays flat and doesn’t curl


  • Uses a lot of yarn
  • May be a bit hard on the hands
  • Does not have a lot of drape
  • Harder to create custom shapes


Jasmine Star Stitch Video Tutorial

Take a look at the video tutorial below, or check out the tutorial on my YouTube Channel.

Best Uses for the Jasmine Star Stitch

Because of its thickness and cell structure, the Jasmine Star Stitch is best used for square or rectangular designs like potholders, pillows, cowls, and scarves. It also works well for blankets, but you will need a large amount of yarn, and can strain your hands if you work on it too long. But a star stitch blanket would be stunning, wouldn’t it?

white jasmine star stitch pillow

Tips for Yarn Usage and Compact Structure

  • You can use any type of yarn for the Jasmine Star Stitch; it’s the corresponding hook that I find is more important. To get really good stitch definition, I recommend using a smaller hook size than what you would normally use for a particular weight of yarn. Using a yarn with a bit of halo, or fuzziness around it, can help give the petals of the flower a softer feel, while filling in any gaps between the strands. Using too large of a hook size, combined with a very clean, non-fuzzy yarn, can make the Jasmine Star Stitch texture look messy, like a lot of loose strands sort of jumbled together.


  • As you work, you’ll want to make sure that each stand you pull up is consistent in size. Each petal is basically a type of puff stitch, and is defined by the shortest strand used in the puff. If you pull up both long and short strands as you work, you’ll end up with loose strands in a petal that look out of place. Loose strands can snag easily and deter from the clean look of the jasmine star texture.



  • I lock individual petals with a single crochet, but only use a slip stitch when locking the 3-petal combinations. I find this keeps the petals tighter together, so they look more like star or flower clusters instead of floating puff stitches.

Jasmine Star Stitch Crochet tutorial


  1. Judy

    Beautiful star stitch and I’m thinking of making a afghan for my daughter

  2. Cassius Holland

    What a great idea!! 😮 Thank you for the tutorial!! I will definitely try this and I’m dreaming of a wall hanging rug with this!

    Cassius Holland from

  3. Liron

    Thank you so much, I made a pillow similar to the one in your image. Beautiful stitch!

  4. Maggie Frederic

    I would love to make a pillow! May I ask what kind of yarn and what size hook you used?
    Thank you.

  5. Annie

    Just found your blog and love this highly textured stitch. Beautiful blog too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Anita Kurtz

    WOW what a beautiful stitch! So thick and pretty I am thinking that would maybe work good as a pot holder with the right yarn.

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