Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern

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There I was, sitting on the sofa, completely out of inspiration. I look down and see LM playing with the zipper pull on my fleece. When that was over, she looked around for something else to stuff into her mouth. Teething, I get it. My life is one big slobber ball. Burp cloths dot the living room landscape like damp tumbleweeds. Attractive, no? But it gave me inspiration to make this hedgehog taggie baby toy, so maybe LM won’t gnaw on my knuckles as much!

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern | Makes great gift! | www.1dogwoof.com

My pattern is inspired by this hedgehog teether, but I knew I wanted to use ribbons instead of crocheting the whole thing. I’m a sucker for mixed media, and my daughter is a sucker for tags. Hmm, sucker. Literally.

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern | www.1dogwoof.com

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern - Make one as a gift! | www.1dogwoof.com

This project took me a while to figure out. My first try came out a little lopsided, but attempt number two came out much better, so that’s what I’m teaching you today. Let’s get started!

I’m trying a bit of a pictorial this time around, since I found it a bit hard to explain (to myself) what I did.

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern | www.1dogwoof.com

You’ll need yarn, of course, and the usual crocheting implements.  You’ll also need the ribbon for the tags.  For the stuffing, I chose to use a 1/2″ cotton piping which I magically found in my stash.  I imagine regular ol’ polyfill should also work, but this tutorial assumes you’re using piping.  I think I bought mine at JoAnn’s, but who knows really.

The ribbon pieces should be cut a bit longer than twice the length of the desired tag, think of it as a seam allowance.  So, if your tag is 1 inch, then you should cut the ribbon to be maybe 3 inches.  Ok, off to the pictures!  And don’t worry, the entire pattern is down below.

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern | www.1dogwoof.com Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern | www.1dogwoof.com Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern | www.1dogwoof.com

And ta da!  There you have it!  No, not really.  All you have right now is a ring with no head, but it’s a lovely ring.

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern - Makes a perfect gift! | www.1dogwoof.com

Here’s the full pattern:


Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton yarn in white, brown, and color of choice
Size F crochet hook
Yarn needle
Sharp Crochet Hook or pin for poking holes in the ribbon
5 pieces of ribbon for the tags
9 inches of 1/2″ cotton piping

small amount of fiberfill (optional)


1. Chain 6.

2. *Work 1st piece of folded ribbon onto chain. Chain 3.*  Repeat until all 5 pieces of ribbon are worked onto chain.

3. Continue chain until total number of chains is 36.  Turn. (36 sts)

(Note: The number of stitches will depend on the length of your piping and how big you want the ring to be.)

4. Row 1 – 8: SC into second chain from hook.  Work 1 SC in each stitch across.  Chain 1. Turn. (36 sts)

(Note: I used 8 rows, but the number of rows will vary depending on your gauge and size of piping.  The crocheted piece needs to wrap around the piping, so you’ll need to check as you go.)

5. Fold piece cross-wise with right sides facing each other, wrong sides facing out.  Align the rough edges.

6. Slip stitch through both edges/ends across the width of the piece.

7. Fasten off.  Cut yarn but leave a very long tail.  The tail will be used to close the seam around, so make sure you leave enough yarn to get you home.

8. Tape the ends of the piping together to form a ring.

9. Put the piping ring around the outside of the crochet piece.  The wrong side of the crochet piece should be touching the piping.

10. Use the yarn tail to whip stitch the crochet seams together, and enclose the piping.  It may be helpful to count your stitches before you start so they line up correctly.  You’ll be stitching through the ribbon tags, with the ribbon allowance being tucked into the piece.

11. Fasten off, and weave in ends.


Round 1. With white yarn, SC 4 into a magic circle.

Round 2. *SC 1 in next stitch, sc 2 in next stitch.* Repeat from *.  (6 sts)

Round 3. Work 2 SC into each of next 3 sts. SC 1 in each of remaining 3 sts.  (9 sts)

Round 4. Work 2 SC into each of next 3 sts. SC 1 in each of remaining 6 sts.  (12 sts)

Round 5. Work 2 SC into each of next 3 sts. SC 1 in each of remaining 9 sts. (15 sts)

Round 6. Work 2 SC into each of next 3 sts. SC 1 in each of remaining 12 sts.  (18 sts)

Fasten off.  Cut yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing.

The head is a lopsided cone, and should be positioned with the nose upwards.  Use the brown yarn to embroider a nose where the magic circle is.  Add eyes with the yarn, or use safety eyes.

Using the white yarn tail, attach the head to the ring where the joining seam is.  Optionally, you can stuff the head with a bit of fiberfill to give your hedgehog some puffy cheeks.

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern | www.1dogwoof.com

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern - Be the talk of the baby shower with this gift! | www.1dogwoof.com

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern | www.1dogwoof.com

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern | www.1dogwoof.com

Wouldn’t this be great for a baby shower?  And I didn’t have to pull out the sewing machine for it either, hurrah!

I’ve got some other baby gift ideas too, both using crochet and without, so check them out before you go!

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  1. Lori

    This is adorable!!! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. phil

    Hi ChiWei .
    Love the patt. Is it a cotton wool ,I cant get sugar and spice where i live
    Thanks phil.

    • ChiWei

      Hi Phil, yes, it’s cotton yarn so it doesn’t fuzz or pill when babies chew on it.

  3. wendy

    adorable! thanks for sharing!

    • ChiWei

      You’re welcome!

  4. Jennifer

    Thank you so much for sharing this adorable tutorial!! I am making two, one in orange and one in blue for my cousin’s baby shower!! Love mixing the yarn and the ribbons 🙂

    • ChiWei

      The possibilities are so endless and so much fun, aren’t they? Makes me want to buy more ribbon, but my husband would kill me…

  5. Sylvia

    Love this…. Just made a few for baby shower gifts.

    • ChiWei

      Thanks Sylvia! I hope the recipients love them!

  6. Marilyn

    This teether is absolutely adorable! 🙂

  7. Darlene Castor

    I’m wondering if I made these out of flannel….what size circle would I use?

  8. Maria

    Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful works with us!!!!

    You are a super-woman! ))

    • ChiWei

      Aww, thank you so much Maria!

  9. kathy

    The teethers are precious. Thanks for sharing!

  10. astara

    I made it today for a vriend I only thake a cotton yarn and made a cord of it .
    It worked perfect.thanks.

  11. Maddie

    Hi there,

    For some reason I am really struggling with the head. I am only a beginner crocheter and have done the body absolutely perfectly but not so much the head. It just isn’t working at all!
    Is there any chance you can do a photo or video tutorial on how to do the head? Or is there a tutorial somewhere that you know of?

  12. Loki

    How did you do the nose? can you make a video or post pictures?

    • ChiWei

      Hi! I don’t have a video for this, as I am just starting my video-making journey! Thanks!

  13. Erica Triebenbach

    Quick question…have you washed this? If so, how did you do it? DId you hand wash and hang dry, did you machine wash and machine dry? I’ve made a couple, I don’t have anyone having babies yet so my daughter claimed them for her dolls. Ha, mostly I made a couple to see if I could and they are so cute, I’ll be making more. I liked the idea of a wooden ring that someone mentioned, again, how would you wash it? Babies chewing on this are going to make it icky after a while. I just wondered if you’d done that yet before I try a few ideas. No sense in recreating the wheel if you have already done it. 🙂

    • ChiWei

      Yup, I’ve washed it. Handwash, lay flat to dry. A good teether-quality wooden ring shouldn’t have any problems getting wet either.

  14. KES

    Super cute baby shower gift plus well written directions (with a little help from YouTube for magic loop) made this newbie crocheter jump right in! I am using things I have in my “left overs” drawer from other knitting projects and gift wrap. I think the only thing I have to buy is the cord! Thanks so much!

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