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Double Strapped Baby Mary Janes Crochet Pattern

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FREE! Adorable baby mary janes crochet pattern! |

UPDATE: I am now offering a printable PDF version of this Double-Strapped Mary Janes crochet patten for sale on Craftsy. The PDF  does not have ads or comments, and has the photos at the bottom for easier printing.

This is my first new crochet pattern in a while and I’m pretty excited about it!  Part of that is probably because I just recently unpacked a crochet hook.  Or rather, two crochet hooks. The rest is still tucked away in the garage somewhere.  But hey, a G hook is all you need!  The reasoning behind this baby shoe project is because LM refuses to wear shoes.  She just rips them off and throws them everywhere – I lost one of her new shoes at Ikea the other day when I wasn’t paying attention.  So, although I love my Mary Janes, I needed a pair that couldn’t be taken off so easily by grabby little hands, hence my double strapped baby mary janes crochet pattern!  I can attach the button wherever I want, and I attached it far back enough to ensure a snug fit for baby’s fat ankles.

These mary janes are so cute! |

This pattern is for personal use only.  Please do not claim this pattern as your own, or sell or distribute it.  If you would like to share this pattern, please link to this site and do not repost the pattern on your site.  You can sell finished items made from this pattern, but please link back and give credit to One Dog Woof.  Thanks!


Clover 1045/G Purple Amour Crochet Hook, Size G, 4.0mm*
small amount of worsted weight yarn, in two colors  (I used worsted weight yarn and a G hook to make a shoe sized for 6-12 months.  The other hook I found was an F hook, so I used that with fingerling baby weight yarn and made shoes suitable for 0-3 months.  I imagine some combination of hook size and yarn and gauge will give you a pair of shoes sized for 3-6 months, all using the same pattern.)
two buttons
embroidery needle
crochet thread for the buttons (I used a scrap of Lion Brand Yarn 601-630 Bonbons Yarn, Beach* in red)
sewing needle to attach the buttons

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ch: chain stitch
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
dc: double crochet
yo: yarn over
hdc2tog: half double crochet two together – a decreasing stitch -> yo, insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop, yo, insert hook into next stitch, pull up a loop, yo, pull yarn through all 5 loops on hook.
dc2tog: double crochet two together – a decreasing stitch -> yo, insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop, yo, pull yarn through 1st two loops on hook. yo, insert hook into next stitch, pull up a loop, yo, pull yarn through 1st two loops on hook, yo, pull yarn through all 3 loops on hook.
sl st: slip stitch
standing start: with a slip knot on hook, insert hook into stitch, yo, pull up a loop.  yo, pull yarn through loops on hook.  1 sc created.


Note: The first stitch following a chain in each round is worked into the same stitch as the chain (chain does not count as a stitch), except for Round 7, where the hdc is worked into the next stitch (ch2 is considered a stitch).

Round 1: Ch 14.  Sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Work 1 sc in each of next 8 stitches.  Hdc 1 in each of next 3 stitches.  Hdc 6 in last stitch.  Hdc 1 in each of next 3 stitches, working down the opposite side of chain.  Work 1 sc in each of next 8 stitches.  Sc 3 in last stitch.  Join with sl st to first sc.  (32)

Round 2: Ch 2.  Work 1 hdc in each of next 12 stitches.  *hdc 2 in next stitch, hdc 1 in next stitch, hdc 2 in next stitch*.  Repeat from * once more.  Working down the other side, hdc 1 in each of next 12 stitches.  3 hdc in each of next 2 stitches.  Join with sl st to first stitch.  (40)

Round 3: Ch 1.  Work 1 sc in each stitch around. Join with sl st to first sc.  (40)

Round 4: Ch 1.  Turn your work clockwise so that you are facing the wrong side (inside) of the sole.  Insert hook into the space below the last sc you made in the previous round and work 1 sc.  Work 1 sc in each stitch around by inserting hook into the space between rounds 2 and 3 and working the sc AROUND the stitches from round 3.  Since you are facing the wrong side of the sole, this round will be worked in the opposite direction as previous round.  You will also end up with 1 extra stitch (41).  At the end of the round, join to the first sc with a sl st and fasten off.

Round 5: {NEW COLOR} Turn your work again so that the right side (bottom) of the sole is facing you.  With the body color yarn, work a standing start into the last stitch of the previous round.  Work 1 sc in each of next 14 stitches.  Sc 2 in each of next 7 stitches.  Work 1 sc in each of next 19 stitches.  Join to first sc with sl st. (48)

Round 6: Ch 1.  Work 1 sc in each of next 14 stitches.  *hdc 1 in next stitch, then hdc2tog the next 2 stitches*.  Repeat from * once more.  Hdc2tog twice.  *hdc2tog the next 2 stitches, then hdc 1 in next stitch*.  Repeat from * once more.  Work 1 sc in each of next 18 stitches.  Join to first sc.  (42)

Round 7: Ch 2.  Hdc 1 in next stitch (see Note above).  Work 1 sc in each of next 10 stitches.  Hdc 1 in next stitch, then dc2tog the next 2 stitches.  *Skip 1 stitch and dc into next stitch*.  Repeat from * 3 more times.  Skip 1 stitch then dc2tog next 2 stitches.  Hdc 1 in next stitch.  Work 1 sc in each of next 10 stitches.  Hdc 1 in each of next 5 stitches.  Join to the 2nd chain of starting chain using a sl st.  (35)

Round 8 (Left shoe) : Work 1 sl st in each of next 12 stitches.  Ch 20, sl st in 5th chain from hook, ch 15, then sl st in same stitch.  Work 1 sl st in each of next 9 stitches.  Ch 2, skip 2 stitches, then sl st in next stitch.  Work 1 sl st in each of next 12 stitches.  Join and fasten off with the invisible join.

Round 8 (Right shoe) : Work 1 sl st in each of next 8 stitches.  Ch 2, skip 2 stitches, then sl st in next stitch.  Work 1 sl st in each of next 9 stitches.  Ch 20, sl st in 5th chain from hook, ch 15, then sl st in same stitch.  Work 1 sl st in each of next 15 stitches.  Join and fasten off with the invisible join.

Finishing:  For both shoes, insert the strap through the hole made in the last round.  Sew on a button on the same side as the beginning of the strap, and place it wherever you need to towards the back of the shoe.  I placed mine about 6 stitches in from the center of the heel.  The loop you made when sl st in the 5th chain from hook is the button loop.  Make sure you choose a button that will fit that loop.

How to finish mary janes |

Adorable baby mary janes crochet pattern |

Ah, yes, those elephant buttons.  Aren’t they the cutest thing?  I luuuurve them, and have been holding (hoarding) onto them for a while, ever since I picked them up in Taiwan.  I also have star shaped ones, duckies, and puppies.  Oh the cuteness abounds!

Free crochet pattern for baby mary janes |

These mary janes can be made in any baby size |

These crochet mary janes are so cute! |

Free baby mary janes crochet pattern. Adorable! |

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  1. Carolyn

    These are absolutely Adorable. The cutest I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  2. Lindsey

    These are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern 🙂 Can’t wait until I get a chance to make a pair

  3. Alexis @ Persia Lou

    These are adorable, ChiWei!! Off to pin!

  4. Jennie

    Adorable! I just made some simple ones over the weekend for a baby gift. I guess she’ll be getting 2 pairs because I have to make these!

  5. Carolynn

    Quick question, it looks like you start with the sole color and then switch to the body color at row 5, is that correct! Very excited to make these!

  6. ChiWei

    Thanks Carolyn! I’m so so flattered!

  7. ChiWei

    Thank you Lindsey!

  8. ChiWei

    Thanks so much Alexis! I love your work and I so appreciate you pinning my stuff!

  9. ChiWei

    A girl’s gotta have shoes, right? Start ’em early! 🙂

  10. ChiWei

    Carolynn, yes, the body color starts in Round 5. I added a note to Round 5 that indicates the start of a new color. Thanks!

  11. San

    Oh they’re so cute! <3 <3. Pinned for future reference 🙂 (Need a baby first ;))

  12. Dee haag

    Love these can u tell me how to adjust pattern from 18 to 24 month size? Thanks

  13. Ricki @ The Questionable Homesteader

    Oh these are so adorable, and I love the little elephants. I really need to work on by crocheting skills so I can make a pair of these some day. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Joy

    These are seriously the cutest little baby shoes…I can’t wait to make some for my nieces arriving in Nov. and Dec. and Feb.! Thank you so much!

  15. Melissa

    These shoes are super cute, and those chunky baby legs are even cuter! 🙂

  16. Carolynn

    I made the right shoe last night. I did it with a grey sole and black body, and holy moly it is SO cute! Thanks so much for posting this pattern. Now I need to find buttons as cute as those elephants!

  17. susie q makes

    Thanks for the pattern:) I am a bootie challenged crocheter that needs pics to go along with the directions. Would you please consider adding pics the next time you write a bootie pattern? Enjoy your blog and your adventures to San Francisco:) Follow you and your patterns! Thanks again so much for this one! I’m going to give a try!

  18. Jamie @ Coffee With Us 3

    These are so stinking cute! I’m feeling inspired to find a hook around my house (with a 3 and 4 year old, somehow crochet items look like fun toys and end up who-knows-where) and make a pair for my 1 year old! I’m in love with them!

  19. ChiWei

    Yes, that’s my house too! Everything that is a toy is uninteresting. Everything that isn’t a toy is FASCINATING. Why?!
    Thanks, and I hope you find your hooks!

  20. ChiWei

    I usually tear apart my projects several times before the final completion which is why I rarely take in-progress shots, but I’ll try to remember. Thanks!

  21. ChiWei

    Whew, I’m so glad it worked out for you! I made a few of these just to check that my instructions were correct, but it’s good to know someone else can understand my gibberish! Thanks so much for letting me know!

  22. ChiWei

    Thanks Melissa! I’ll try to work up a baby boy one for B for Christmas 🙂

  23. ChiWei

    You’re so welcome Joy!

  24. ChiWei

    I know, right? The elephants just kill me! Good luck with your crocheting!

  25. ChiWei

    I would try a larger hook and maybe thicker yarn, but I don’t have information on changing the pattern itself.

  26. ChiWei

    Thank you!

  27. melissa

    First of all- absolutely LOVE these.
    Second- from the pictures it appears that the spacing created by the dc2tog in r7 is spaces evenly along the toe of the shoe? For some reason every time I attempt- it’s coming out more along one side. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I feel like im starting my main color in the wrong place… Or I’m really not sure.

  28. jackie

    I spent hours trying to find a pattern for some cute Mary Jane’s today and then you posted this pattern. It is perfect to complete the set I am making for my great neice who is due any day now. Thank you so much.

  29. Jamie @ Coffee With Us 3

    Yes! I can’t tell you how many times each day I find myself saying, “If you would rather play with things that aren’t toys, perhaps we should get rid of the things that actually ARE toys!”
    I’m sure I’ll find the hooks now that I have a good reason to dig through the toy box for them!

  30. Marlys (This and That)

    Love these… So cute. I am going to try and make them for my newest niece. I have some 100% cotton that I have been trying to make into a baby sweater for 18 years and never completed that would be perfect for this project. Pinning this.

  31. melissa

    Just kidding- I figured it out! It’s called trying to crochet at night after the babes are in bed- too tired mommy!

  32. Jane

    Beautiful pictures and very clear pattern explanations! Thank you for your work!

  33. laura

    thanks so much for this great pattern, i have been so wanting to make some. I have a niece that is little and they will be so cute.
    i have attempted some other slipper patterns but my brain won’t get it but with you pattern my brain like it. I was wondering if you have a boot pattern. thanks again so much for this pattern. you rock!!!

  34. Kat

    Do they actually stay on as baby is on the move? My 10 month old rips shoes off or they come off while crawling. Thanks!

  35. Elaine

    I simply LOVE this Mary Janes! Can’t wait to make it! I don’t have a baby but there’s plenty of baby girls at church! =)
    Thank you!!

  36. Heidi

    Precious! Wondering if I need to add nonslip stuff to the bottom for a 12 month old that’s walking. They are really cute and double strap a great idea!

  37. ChiWei

    Yes, you might want to attach a piece of suede or leather to the bottom. Thanks for stopping by!

  38. ChiWei

    I can’t guarantee that they’ll stay on, but you can always shorten the strap to make a snugger fit.

  39. ChiWei

    Thanks so much Laura! I don’t have a boot pattern yet but as the weather gets colder, it’ll get higher up on my list of things to make!

  40. ChiWei

    Thank you Jane!

  41. ChiWei

    Wow, a sweater! I would never finish a project that big 🙂 These shoes are small and I can see the light at the end of this tunnel 🙂 Cotton yarn would be great for it too, have fun!

  42. Maria

    After I made my left shoe , I found out it was actually the right one. How did that happen I don’t know. Still looks good. Tomorrow I will make the right one .
    The description was easy to follow for me as a beginner , thank you so much .

  43. Kaitlin

    I love these & thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I have 1 question. When you crochet, do you have a loose or tight tension? I just finished one shoe using worsted weight Red Heart super saver with a G hook & it barely fits my 3 1/2 month old. I’m wondering if my tension is just too tight & I should use a larger hook to make these fit a 6-12 month old.

  44. Linda

    Hi there…
    These are adorable…great job!
    How would I be able to make a larger size?
    Say for a 2 year old?
    Any help would be appreciated…
    Linda :o)

  45. jackie

    Thank you for this adorable pattern. I just made a pair for my soon to arrive great nice. They are so sweet. I put a set together with a blanket, tiny mittens, a hat and these little slippers. I can’t wait to give them to my nice.

  46. ChiWei

    You’re welcome Jackie and congrats!

  47. ChiWei

    Thank you! Unfortunately, I did not modify the pattern for any sizes larger than this, sorry! You can try thicker yarn or a larger hook, but it might not come out the same.

  48. ChiWei

    I’ve never been able to gauge right, but I keep my tension fairly loose, I think. I can definitely stretch the ones I made to be bigger than it’s normal size. Crocheting it too tight would eliminate any give in the shoe. I have had success using a larger hook on other projects when I felt like I couldn’t get my tension correct. Hope it works out!

  49. ChiWei

    Oh, good, I’m so glad to hear you could follow the description! That’s always a worry with me, so I’m happy it worked out for you!

  50. vera

    Melissa – I’m having the same problem, spacing is not centered at all, much more on one side than the other… what did you end up figuring out if you don’t mind sharing?

  51. Elaine

    I use clear silicone for the bottom of all slippers I make. You can find them at your local Home Depot, it’s one for caulking tubs and such. It doesn’t leave a smell, dries very fast, and you only need a thin layer of it.

  52. Elaine

    Hi, I am having a little problem with round 4, I don’t understand what it’s supposed to do. Don’t know what you mean by ” Work 1 sc in each stitch around by inserting hook into the space between rounds 2 and 3 and working the sc AROUND the stitches from round 3.”

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  53. Heidi Higginbotham

    What a fabulous idea Elaine! I used puff paint for a friend but have never asked how it held up. I haven’t made any slippers for myself yet; I need to treat myself to that! Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  54. Elaine

    I think I got it, and I must say, I like it how you did it. It makes the sole more sturdy. Very nice technique to learn.

  55. Kristina and Millie

    oh love those elephant buttons!! Thanks for sharing the double strapped baby mary jane’s crochet pattern! The shoes are adorable and I need some of those elephant buttons too 🙂

  56. ChiWei

    Oh good, glad you were able to figure it out. It does make for a very distinctive sole, doesn’t it?

  57. ChiWei

    I used puff paint once on some baby socks and they ended up cracking after a couple of washes. Maybe the silicone would hold up better.

  58. ChiWei

    I’m not sure how to help with the centering and spacing. You could try counting out the stitches in the round before working the round itself and maybe count from the center to the sides to see if you can figure out what went wonky?

  59. Stella Lee

    So cute I just had to pin!

  60. ChiWei

    Thanks for the pin Stella!

  61. Renata

    These are just adorable like all you create. You are very talented and so kind to share your talent. I can’t wait to make these for my little grand-daughter.

  62. ChiWei

    Thank you so much Renata!

  63. Sandra

    how do I make bigger for a 6 year old special needs child

  64. ChiWei

    Unfortunately, I do have this pattern in other sizes.

  65. carolena

    THE cutest little shoes EVER!!!! I nearly choked when i saw the elephant buttons, they are incredible and I am dying for them. I’m obsessed with elephants! I am terrible at following patterns, i strictly crochet from youtube tutorials, but i thnk i am willing to work hard to figure this one out!

  66. Karen

    Thank you for sharing! these are beautiful!

  67. Teresa

    oh, I’m having trouble understanding Row 4 .. so was searching for answers — found this question by Elaine, but she figured it out prior to anyone giving an answer 🙂 But, I still some assistance in understanding what to do here … I can’t figure out how to crochet ‘backwards’? or where to exactly stitch. Any help would be appreciated! Such adorable slippers!

  68. Teresa

    ha! I think I got it too! On to round 5!

  69. Sue Stevens

    These are so precious! I love the strap as well as the idea of the colored sole! Really cool! Thanks for the pattern!

  70. Sue Mullen

    I LOVE these! As soon as I pinned this my sister asked me to make them for her for a shower gift! I just wish I could figure out how to print the pattern so I could work on them on my lunch break!

  71. ChiWei

    Thank you! You can copy the text into a text file or print the webpage directly.

  72. ChiWei

    Hey Teresa, I’m glad you figured it out. You have to flip your work so you’re looking at the other side, so that when you do crochet it’s actually in the opposite direction as the row before. I don’t know any other way to explain it, but you work the sc around the previous row – it’s what makes the edge of the sole defined and thicker.

  73. ChiWei

    Thank you Carolena! I love those elephant buttons too, too cute, right?

  74. Janice

    It’s very straightforward to find out any topic
    on web as compared to books, as I found this article
    at this website.

  75. Amy

    These are adorable and are so easy to make!

  76. Michelle

    Also have difficulty with round 4, is it a post stitch? And my count on round 2 did not come out to 40 but 42?

  77. Caro

    Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing

  78. Melody

    Hi there im trying to print your mary jane shoes pattern and I cant see where to print it , please help I love your pattern 🙂

  79. ChiWei

    I don’t have a print button. You can print the page through your browser or copy/paste the text into a text editor, and print from there. Thanks!

  80. Claire

    Row 2 ends with : Join with sl st to first sc. (40)

    But the first stitch is a ch2 and then a HDC.

  81. ChiWei

    Thanks! I’ve updated it to first “stitch”.

  82. Hally

    Thank you so much for sharing! I just made these for my 17 month old. I used an H hook with worsted yarn and a loose tension and they fit perfectly (between 4-5 toddler size). Now to figure what to use for non-slip bottom. I like the silicone idea. TOO CUTE!!!!

  83. ChiWei

    Ooh, that’s good to know, thank you for sharing your results with me! I wonder if it’s possible to glue on small pieces of suede on the bottom of the sole….

  84. emilyyeh

    Thank you very much for share this pattern !
    I would like to try to do it . Now I just beginner for crochet! Thanks!!! I am happy to find your website , I think I can learn a lot from you!!! Thank you!

    Ps I also come from Taiwan !!!now I live kn berlin Germany.


  85. ChiWei

    Good luck Emily!

  86. Kathy B

    I understand all but row four. Any photos or suggestions? Also came up with a modification to sole using magic circle so there’s no slip knot there. Love these

  87. norhan

    Good work
    but i stopped on round four
    its not clear for me

  88. ChiWei

    Sorry no photos. You’re going to turn your work so it’s “inside-out” and then crochet around the last row of single crochets. “Around” like you would crochet around a rope to make a basket. The “rope” in this case is the previous single crochet row. That’s what creates the sharp edge of the sole.

  89. Jennifer

    Mine turned out the same way. If you are left handed that could explain it. Lefties work backwards.

  90. Patrick

    I’m having trouble with round 6. No matter how I count it, I can’t get 42. When I ss to first sc at the end of round 6, should the as be going across 4 stitches (over round 5)?

  91. Patrick

    Dang, never mind, I just figured out my error. I was increasing, not decreasing. I’m still new at this. Thanks for the pattern!

  92. karine

    I follow you from Montreal, Canada! I love your blog! I have made this amazing and sooooo easy pattern and I loved it. I have made my first attempt with crochet 5 and thicker rope and I’ve got shoes for my 3 years old daughter (oops!). Then i’ve made another with crochet 4 and baby rope and it work well… now my Little one (5 months) can wear cute shoes too!! Thanks you so much for sharing this free pattern ♡

  93. ChiWei

    Thanks Karine! I lived in Montreal for a year way back in the day 🙂 So glad you like the mary janes and that both kids can have one!

  94. Ellen

    Help! I love your double strapped mary jane’s pattern and was in the middle of crocheting since yesterday, but now it seems I can’t retrieve the pattern on your website

  95. ChiWei

    Hi Ellen, the site was down for a bit last night with an error but is back up now. You’ll probably need to refresh your cache (Command or Ctrl-R should do it). Thanks for understanding!

  96. Ericka

    Hello 🙂
    On round 6:
    Do you work that first sc into the same stitch as the ch2?
    Do you skip the last sc so you can sl stitch into the ch2?
    Thank you so much,

  97. Stephanie

    I love the Crochet shoes pattern. They are so cute. I will be making some for my new granddaughter.

  98. Liz

    Thanks so much for sharing this adorable pattern! I
    can’t wait to make some for my baby niece!
    Happy New Year!


  99. Janice

    Could you please clarify/check Row 7 as I have got it good until Row 7 and then it goes horribly wrong for me. Thank you.

  100. anna

    These Mary Janes are so adorable. I am justnwondering if you could give me the approximate lenth of the sole. Mine came out to 5″. These will be a gift, so I just want to make sure I made them at a good length.

  101. ChiWei

    I think 5″ is about right. I’m sure you can change it depending on your gauge and hook size too.

  102. ChiWei

    I’ve had several readers say the pattern works all the way through so I won’t be able to tell what went wrong. Sorry!

  103. ChiWei

    Congrats on your niece!

  104. ChiWei

    The first sc is worked into the next stitch, since the ch2 is considered a stitch, and there shouldn’t be any skipped stitches. You slip stitch into the first sc.

  105. Ericka

    ok, thank you so much!

  106. baby shoes for boys

    Very nice tutorial for making crochet baby shoes

  107. Sherry

    does your sole measure 5″ in length with a G hook?

  108. Marelva

    You should be, they’re really adorable..!

  109. Stephanie

    I love, love, love these!
    My problem is this…
    I can understand your pattern very well. I finished row 4 and am moving on to row 5. I do see the distinct ridge that defines the sole line. However, I do not see this in your amazing, adorable pictures. I feel like this gives a whole different look to the shoes…did I miss something? I may just skip row 4 because I don’t really want an edge.

  110. ChiWei

    The sole edge shouldn’t be a ridge really, it should just be a distinct angle instead of just having the sole being rounded right up into the shoe body. Of course, modifications are up to you though!

  111. Jocelyn Angel

    Hi thank you so much for this adorable pattern! I made a pair for my niece and they look so adorable on her. I did get extremely frustrated with row 4 so it would be a great help to others if you provided a photo for that step; I did figure it out though. Thank you!

  112. jocelyn

    I’m having the same problem. And I’ve started over about four times. So frustrating haha
    Did you figure out what went wrong?
    I want to make these lovely little shoes for my little girl.
    I had thought me being left handed was the problem but I don’t know….

  113. ChiWei

    Thanks for the input!

  114. Mary Gaines

    I wanted to thank you for this adorable pattern. I also made a pair and they turned out so cute, am selling them on Etsy so I included your website in the listing itself. Thank you again!

  115. terry

    Hi, just wondering. When you say hdc2tog in next 2 stitches, are you doing one hdc2tog or 2 of them?

  116. Beatrice Ocampo

    This is such a great pattern, thank you so much for sharing! Would you happen to have this pattern in other sizes? One that would give a 5.5 inch shoe? 🙂

  117. ChiWei

    Sorry, I only have this one pattern. You can try adjusting yarn weight, hook or gauge to get different sizes.

  118. ChiWei

    Hi Terry, hdc2tog next 2 stitches means doing 1 hdc across two stitches, or decreasing across 2 stitches. Hope that helps!

  119. ChiWei

    Thanks for including my website in your listing! Glad you like it 🙂

  120. isabella

    I have a quick question im starting on row 5 but I cant determine what side is the sole. One side has a flat surface and the other side has a slight rise on the edge. Please help☺

  121. Deanna

    Am having such a hard time! Will you be posting pictures to go along or a video tutorial by any chance? These are so adorable! and I really want to make a pair!

  122. Lori

    Wonderful pattern! I just finished making these tonight and the pattern was very well written and easy to follow. Thank you so much!

  123. J Joseph

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!

  124. Monica

    Hi there. Looks like you figured out Row 4. I have been trying and trying and I just cannot figure it out. To me, crocheting in “the space between row 2 and 3” is the same place I would typically insert the hook, so what am I missing?? These are ADORABLE and I want to get them right!!

  125. Monica

    By “around” do you mean to work a front post single crochet?
    I just found your blog. I LOVE these and the rest of your patterns! Thank you!!

  126. ChiWei

    Thank you!

  127. ChiWei

    I think the inside of the sole (where it touches feet) is where your original starting tail pokes out. I think…

  128. Chelsea

    On round four I keep coming with 40 instead of 41 🙁 Where does the extra stitch that I’m supposed to get go? I’m having a hard time finding where it is supposed to be. Thanks in advanced for any help!!
    And thank you for the beautiful pattern as well!

  129. ChiWei

    I don’t have the shoe on hand, but I think the extra stitch came from the fact that you switched directions and had to create a standing sc stitch to begin the new round.

  130. nia

    Im having trouble with round 6 I am coming up with a gap in the back of shoe. I get 42 but it dont go together in the back.

  131. Rupinder Kaur

    They are soon cute. Thx for the pattern.

  132. Janet

    Row 8 is very unclear when you say “then sl st in same stitch”. Usually that would mean in the stich you are working in (on the strap), not the begining of the first ch 20. It would be great if you could clear that up in the instructions.

  133. Radwa

    It is a very good design and a great pattern. Thank you for sharing it. I need to know how could i apply it for 18 months baby shoes.

  134. ChiWei

    My best guess is to use a larger hook or a thicker yarn. Sorry I don’t have specific size patterns!

  135. ChiWei

    Sounds like you already did! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  136. Erica

    Thank you for sharing. These are beautiful!

  137. Silvia

    Just made these cute lil shoes as a gift…they came out precious..thank you.

  138. Maria

    Hi. New to crochet this is a challenging first trial. On Round 1 you say HDC 6 in last stitch. I know how to HDC but do you repeat 6 times into the one or just once? Not sure how this works. Cheers X

  139. becca

    I found that in row 6 I had to go from 14 stitches to 10 & add those 4 stitches to the 18 at the end of that step. Not sure why, but that got them straight for me. I also had issues with 5 extra stitches in row 7 by the time I made it back to the heel so I just did every other stitch & think they turned out cute. We’ll see tomorrow if they actually work with my adjustments. Lol.

  140. ChiWei

    The way it’s written, it means work 6 HDCs into the last stitch.

  141. Dorothy

    I have a hard time reading the patterns. Is it possible to have u do a video of this sweet pair of shoes. I would like to make them for my new granddaughter.

  142. Jessica

    These are just precious, and the buttons are adorable!

  143. Melanie

    I adore these! I have never crocheted before but I have to make these for my nine month old baby girl. I’m a fast learner and with the help of YouTube tutorials I’m sure I’ll be able to manage. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. You have inspired me to learn something new!

  144. Márcia Elane Vieira

    Adorável! Saudações do Brasil!
    Obrigada por compartilhar.


  145. Sheronna

    Thank you for the wonderful pattern. These are the first pair of booties that I successfully completed.

  146. Francy

    Hi, am not sure if the instructions for the right shoe are correct as the hole in which to pass the band is too up high and the start of the actual band is too down low.. not sure what mistake I am making, because the left shoe came out correctly, the right one not.

  147. ChiWei

    That’s awesome to hear! Don’t you love the feeling of completion?

  148. Nanda Kangas

    You should be able to right click and it should give you the option to print.

  149. Diane Savage

    I love these Mary Janes with the double strap My one granddaughter will love these. I get to spoil her like no other because she is my only granddaughter with seven male cousins.

  150. Marie

    I think I figured it out. In Row 5 you should be doing the sc into the first 16 stitches, not 14. If you do it in 14 only, your “2 sc into next 7 stitches” are already off center, and that will throw all subsequent rows off. I think part of the confusion is that when you start with your standing stitch on Row 5, you’re not starting at the dead center of the heel, so you might not know if you are starting at the right stitch or not. Whatever it is, you can find the middle stitch at the top of the sole (where the toes would be, the widest point), and then count that middle stitch + 3 additional stitches BACK towards your standing stitch. Do as many sc as required to get to those stitches, than start the “2 sc in the next 7 stitches”.

    If your problem is instead on Row 6, do the same as above – count back from what you know to be the middle stitch at the top of the sole. Basically, that’s what the author just said in her previous reply; I’m just spelling it out with some details 🙂

  151. Erin

    Round 5..When you say hdc2tog in next 2 stitches….hdc2tog uses 2 stitches so do you mean do hdc2tog 1 time (using 2 stitches) or do hdc2tog 2 times (using 4 stitches)?

  152. Amanda

    Confused… Your note at the top of the pattern says that the cain dose NOT count as a stitch except in round 7. BUT in the pattern instructions round 6 starts with CH 2 (counts as stitch)…. so should the note say except round 6 &7 or is it really only 7 that this applies?? I tried once and the little holes by the toe seemed to have the wrong placement, I am curious if this is why. Giving it one more shot, they are so adorable!

  153. ChiWei

    So sorry for the confusion! I looked at the shoes again, and it must have been a typo – it’s chain 1, then sc into the same stitch. Let me know if this works – if not, I’ll have to make another pair to check.

  154. ChiWei

    Hey Erin, I mean to hdc the next 2 stiches together – working 1 hdc2tog. Hope that helps!

  155. Johnnie

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  156. Melanie

    Hi ChiWei,

    I adore these little shoes! I am making them for a friends baby for Xmas!
    I am really confused once i get to Round 8 though. Im not a massive crocheter, so maybe I’m just not in the crocheter mindset!
    (Left Shoe) I have worked 1 sl st in each of the next 12 stitches. Ch20, sl in 5th chain from hook, ch 15. Then I get stuck. “then sl st in same stitch” does that mean into the stitch next to your hook or the 5th chain from hook where you sl stitched previously?? Nothing seems to look right to get the straps working!

    May be there is an online tutorial you could point me to??


  157. Elly

    These are absolutely adorable! I You are an amazing artist! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  158. Ashley

    Lovely pattern but round 4 makes me a bit confused. When you crochet around the stitch and not in it, you are going under three loops aka the whole chain? And can we work in the back loops instead or will the pattern not work? Other than that these are some cute booties! x

  159. Ashley

    Seems like you slst in the same stitch that you made your chain 20/strap. Or slst at the beginning of chain 20. Hope that helps!

  160. Ashley

    I think it’s a deep single crochet or what you were referring to.. Not sure though.

  161. Marianna Torres-Gurule

    I absolutely loved your pattern!! I made a pair for my daughter but their a little too big for now. Do you have a smaller pattern between 3-6 months by chance?
    Thanks for the lovely pattern!

  162. Michelle Hunt

    These are so cute…on row 5, do you chain to start the row?

  163. Karen

    Thank you to those above who clarified how to fix the pattern. I’m making them and was very frustrated. Seems the author should fix the pattern so anyone making them will know how to get to the right spot, rather than having to search online in the hopes someone had figured it out! Hopefully, the clarification right above me will help – now back to crocheting for that sweet granddaughter!

  164. Sarah

    It seems in the 7th row I had to add more stitches till I reached the optimal strap start. Then also had to add more stitches to make the hole for the strap in the right place. Also the front of my shoe is not a tidy as yours. Any advice?

  165. Pam

    These are so stinkin’ adorable!!! I have a question tho. I have counted row 7 several times and I keep coming up with 34 but your count shows 35. Here is what I see:

    1 – Hdc 1 in next stitch.
    2-11 – Work 1 sc in each of next 10 stitches.
    12 – Hdc 1 in next stitch,
    13 – then dc2tog the next 2 stitches.
    14 – *Skip 1 stitch and dc into next stitch*.
    15-17 – Repeat from * 3 more times.
    18 – Skip 1 stitch then dc2tog next 2 stitches. 19 – Hdc 1 in next stitch.
    20-29 – Work 1 sc in each of next 10 stitches. 30-34 – Hdc 1 in each of next 5 stitches.

    Join to the 2nd chain of starting chain using a sl st. (35)

    Is this correct?

    Thank you so much for sharing your pattern and for your speedy response!


  166. ChiWei

    Hi, I was counting the other day, and I can’t remember if that’s correct, to be honest. I’ll have to go look for the actual shoes and count them again.

  167. Jane

    Very cute! Thank you for sharing pattern.

  168. Sarah

    I finally found a super cute baby shoe with easy to follow instructions! So fun to make! Thank you so much!!

  169. Carol Grubich

    I am a knitter, but know basic crochet. I am having a few difficulties interpreting the pattern correctly. For the hdc2together next 2 stiches. the hdc2together uses 2 stitches. Does the pattern mean you do it twice? I am not ending up correctly.

  170. Kathy

    Exquisite and wearable! Thank you ChiWe for such lovely baby shoes!

    (One question!?) row 4″- Is it similar to a fpsc as you work around in spaces between sts or: through space between 2 & 3, yo, back through then yo the top of the previous sc row to gather it please?
    Cheers very much!!

  171. ChiWei

    It’s your second option – work through the space between rows 2 and 3. Thanks!

  172. ChiWei

    Any decreasing stitch is worked across 2 stitches. The hdc2tog means you work the next 2 stitches together using an hdc, but you only do it once. 2 htc2tog means you do it twice, using 4 stitches. Hope that makes sense!

  173. Bess

    What is your suggested worsted weight yarn for this project? Specifics, please. Thanks!! 😀

  174. Maria

    I’ve made these multiple times now and no matter what I do, I have to modify the pattern slightly to make the toe part centered. for example, I have to start row six with 16 sc and then end it with 16 sc. Just wondering if that’s normal with other people? Am I doing something wrong? I always have the correct amount of stitches at the end of each round.

  175. Christine

    I’ve run into the same problem and don’t think there’s anything wrong with the pattern itself, otherwise there wouldn’t have been so many people getting it right the first time.
    I think it comes from the turning clockwise and then back again. I’m thinking some of us start in the WRONG direction after that. Which messes up everything, even you count your stitches and all. I’m going to start over and go in the opposite direction (from the one I did first), and see if I’m right.
    It would explain a lot of things I believe…

  176. Ness C

    Thank you so much for sharing! I tried these, but since I didn’t have buttons that matched the yarn, I crocheted on two knobs. ;p

  177. Laurie

    I had the same issues, but figured it out by reversing the instructions on a couple of rows. I chose pink soles and white for the tops, then added some vintage white flower buttons. I’m in love!

  178. Rafeela

    Hi Iam new youtuber. Iam very weak in English. So first I say Sorry for any mistakes. I want to show this shoe pattern in my channel. May l use this pattern.

  179. Siera

    I love these! So adorable! Have you ever thought of coming up with bigger sizes? I’d love to have a pair for myself and my 3 daughters! I actually used your straps on this pattern to put on my flats that kept coming off as I walk I had to adjust the length of course!

  180. Katie

    I love this pattern, especially the sole, it comes out so well, I was wondering if you have considered using the sole pattern for some little boots or the like for a baby boys shoe?

    Thanks for the awesome pattern

  181. Na ta

    I like the information you share in this article. bloxorz

  182. Linda

    read the pattern note.. ch 2 counts as 1st stitch on row 7 only… so that first hdc is second stitch on row, not first stitch

  183. atari breakout

    The baby crochet shoes are beautiful and very cute, I really like the homemade stuff. Thank you for sharing.

  184. bush mush

    awww so cute for babies. the stuff looks really the best quality. i like it thanks for sharing.

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  189. Stephanie Blew

    Ok I’ve searched and searched….where did you find those adorable elephant buttons? I found the same shaped but only painted ones. Do you have a link to the plain wooden ones? Love this pattern and thank you!

  190. ChiWei

    Hi Stephanie! They’re actually from Taiwan, I’m sorry! I’m sure JoAnn’s has some cute options though 🙂

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