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Colorful Squares Crochet Quilt

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When I first saw this Granny Square Blanket on Ohdeedoh, I thought this would make a great do-while-pregnant project for the new bubs.  So, I followed Yvonne’s instructions at The Yvestown Blog, and looked forward to a beautiful finished product.  It’s been almost 2 years now.  Bubs is walking.  And he still doesn’t have his blanket, but at least we’re closer to the finish line!  I still want to put a cotton backing on, and a crocheted border, but the bulk of the blanket is finally done!  Whew!

Colorful granny squares quilt

Colorful granny squares quilt |

I was able to pretty much follow Yvonne’s instructions exactly, until I got to the part about connecting the squares together.  There is now a full pattern available now, but back then, when I started, I just made it up, using her pictures as a guide.  Here are some of my own pictures to help explain the “putting together” part.

You make a bunch of colored circles, with 3 rounds, using 3 different colors.  Then, as you crochet the 4th round, you are connecting at the same time.  Obviously, the first square will have nothing to connect to, so it’s just

“ch 3 between your first and last dc of the circle (this is your first dc) – 2 dc – ch 1 – 3 dc – ch 1 – 3 dc – ch 3 – dc 3 (between the same dc’s) and so on – sl st in third chain of first dc – cut.”

Colorful granny squares quilt |

For the second squares and all the squares after, start the same way – ch 3 – 2dc – ch 1 – 3dc – ch 1 – 3dc.  Then instead of a ch 3, only do ch 1, and make a stitch through the corner of the previous square.  Honestly, I’m not sure if that stitch is a single crochet or a slip stitch, but we’ll say it’s a slip stitch.  Once you make the sl, do one more ch 1, then 3dc where you did the previous 3dc.  This makes and connects your corner.

Colorful granny squares quilt |

For each subsequent ch 1 in the instructions, loop through the previous square and make a slip stitch.  The full sequence would be:

ch 3 (this is your first dc) – 2dc – ch 1 – 3dc – ch 1 – *3dc – ch 1 – sl in previous sq – ch 1 – 3dc in same stitch – sl in previous sq – 3dc – sl in previous sq – 3dc – sl in previous sq, then repeat from *.  

Colorful granny squares quilt |

Continue until you get all the way around, sl in 3rd chain of first dc, and cut.  If there is nothing to connect to, then the sl reverts back to a ch 1.

Colorful granny squares quilt |

I finished the last row last night, and ran out of white yarn on my last square.  UGH.  I seriously considered cutting off all the loose ends and tying them together to make enough to finish that one little square when I decided to look around my yarn stash to see if there was anything similar I could use.  Lo and behold the pregnancy brain, there was a whole new ball of white yarn waiting for me!  Somewhere, somehow, in my pregnancy-addled mind, I was smart enough to buy 2 balls of white yarn, just in case I ran out.  I like it when I surprise myself with my own fore-thought. 🙂

This is my first time writing anything resembling a crochet pattern, so forgive me for the sloppiness, and for not really knowing the type of stitch I was using!  And a big thank you! to The Yvestown Blog, because I would never have figured this out on my own from that original inspiration in Ohdeedoh.

Colorful granny squares quilt |

Colorful granny squares quilt |

Colorful granny squares quilt |


  1. Robyn Rasmussen

    What a gorgeous project!! I really need to learn how to crochet, it’s on my list of things to learn. 🙂 Thanks for the follow! I am excited to follow your great blog right back.
    -Robyn from

  2. chiwei

    Thank you!

  3. Rachel

    Wow, wow, WOW! Now THAT is a blanket! I’ve always been a bit afraid to try such a big project (just the thought of weaving in all the yarn tails is making me want to cry), but it is absolutely beautiful! Little one’s going to be so happy to have a blanket handmade by mama as he grows up. Great, great job!

  4. heidil

    I luv this one…very bright and pretty

  5. Lizzy @My Mind..My Life

    BEAUTIFUL! Been wanting to make a granny square afghan and this inspires me to get working on it.

  6. Michelle523

    This is beautiful. Love it.

  7. Two Shades of Pink

    Please, please come teach me to crochet! This is gorgeous! Thanks for your comment the other day…you bless me friend!

  8. The Thin Thread

    very bright and pretty I lov e it

  9. Happy in red

    It looks fantastic. Thank you for writing down this pattern again (I saw Yvestown doesn’t have it on her blog anymore, so I am glad you have).

  10. Robin@robinsnestquilting

    OMGoodness! Finally! That’s how it’s done! Thank you!!! 🙂

  11. Jessica White

    It’s beautiful! I have quite a few of those unfinished projects lurking as well, like the hand quilted stockings I started while pregnant with my first. He’s 5 and I have 2 more kids…better get going before next Christmas! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  12. Chiwei @ One Dog Woof

    There is something about being pregnant and ambitious, isn’t there? Until I realize that any free time I have, I want to spend with my baby! Thank you for visiting!

  13. Mikkel Faurholm

    What a fantastic piece of work. Do you remember how much yarn you used? (Especially interested in hearing how much of the white one it takes).
    Thank you and WOW.

  14. Chiwei @ One Dog Woof

    Thank you! I feel like I went through one of those Caron Pound of Love balls for the white, maybe a little more, because I have another pound of white sitting in my stash. For the other colors, I just bought one ball each, and I still have leftovers from most of them. Hope that helps!

  15. Katie Jacobson

    I guess my comment didn’t post before. I was just wondering how to start the square, or if that’s something I missed?

  16. Carrie

    Love the blanket! I’ve created my circles, but am having trouble connecting the first two circles. I’ve looked at all kinds of instructions, but most are connecting squares, rather than circles. Any suggestions?

  17. Jessica

    This is so pretty! So crisp and beautiful.

  18. Aida Lozano

    what thread did you use to knit this blanket? thanks

    Que hilo usaste para hacer esta manta?

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