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Pick-up Truck Pouch

by | DIY, Kids

This was a project I did for So You Think You’re Crafty last summer, and I realized I never actually shared it.  Considering how bad I am at sewing, this was an accomplishment for me, but it also scared me enough to maybe not go near the sewing machine for a good long time.

Real life trailers are often shipping containers that hold stuff, like bananas and diapers and Gap jeans.  My little cloth “trailer/pouch” is also a storage container, this time holding little things like small toys, crayons or a light snack.  Get it, get it?  Big storage, little storage?

Truck with pouch as the truck bed | One Dog Woof

I found a simple boy-ish (or gender neutral) star printed fabric and made the body of the truck using a tutorial from Make-It Love-It as inspiration.  Then there’s a lined zip-pouch made using a tutorial from Skip to My Lou.   Instead of setting the zipper in the middle, I offset the zipper to the side so I could add a handle to the pouch.  

Truck with pouch as the truck bed | One Dog Woof

The trailer/pouch is removable and has a removable handle that can be snapped on.  You can choose to attach the handle to the bag to make it self-sufficient as a dopp kit, or attach the bag to the truck and carry the whole thing by the handle.  I thought I was being so clever, but really, I was just creating more pieces to pick up around the house.  The handle is now MIA, the truck is in the play kitchen, but at least the bag is still being used to carry portions of his ever-growing Hot Wheels collection.

Truck with pouch as the truck bed | One Dog Woof

I was hoping this would be a hit on a long road trip last summer.  Not so much.  At last the truck doesn’t hurt when he throws it during his numerous temper tantrums.


  1. Marilyn Clark

    OMG this is so cute! What a creative lady you are Chiwei!

  2. beth jillette

    Love this I will have to try one for my grandson.

  3. Kristy

    That is so adorable! What a cute project!

  4. Marilyn Clark

    This is so cute…Every time I see it I LOVE it even more!

  5. domain

    Awesome article.

  6. Sarah

    I know this was a while ago but, What size did you cut the fabric for the bag part?

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