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Quick and Easy Tartar Sauce

by | Food

Here is what happened last night:

We decide on fishsticks for dinner.  There’s no tartar sauce left in the pantry.  Fine, make my own.  Then I discover we finished all the relish.  (Head against fridge door at this point).  Then hubby pulls out one of the numerous jars of summer pickles we put up back in July, and suggested I make tartar sauce from this.   Hmmm, ok, this is doable.

Actually it ended up way better than doable – it was some crazy good tartar sauce!

easy tartar sauce recipe

(This is the amount of sauce leftover after dinner, not the amount I made)


Just as a warning, I don’t do recipes.  I don’t follow them, nor do I write them, but I will save my full recipe rant for another day.  I work in terms of a list of ingredients, and if it’s not a one-pot-wonder (aka throw-it-all-in-a-pot-and-mix), then I suppose there should be a general idea of when to add ingredients to each other.


My tartar sauce “recipe” is :

2 spears of homemade pickles, diced finely

a couple of TB of mayo

generous splash of worcestershire sauce

generous splash of pickle juice

salt, pepper


Throw it all in a bowl and mix.  Best to add the worcestershire sauce, pickle juice, salt and pepper in increments, to taste.  Easy-peasy, and so good!


My homemade pickles “recipe” is :

cucumbers cut in spears or coins

some garlic cloves

maybe half an onion chopped roughly

equal parts sugar and salt

white vinegar (or experiment with rice wine vinegar or cider vinegar or champagne vinegar!)

black peppercorns

coriander seeds


The cukes, garlic and onion go in a mason jar.  Heat up the vinegar, sugar, salt, black peppercorns and coriander seeds in a pot until it comes to a boil.  Pour the solution over the stuff in the jar.  Cap it up, let it cool, and pop it in the fridge.

Lesson Learned: stock up on your homemade pickles in the summer for your fish stick adventures in the winter, because they make some mean tartar sauce!



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