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Over 30 Wooden Handmade Gift Ideas

by | DIY, Winter

Boy, have I got something awesome in store for you today!  I know you may not even know what you’ll be for Halloween yet, but maybe you’re already looking ahead (and sweating ahead) for what could be the ultimate stressful time of the year – holiday gift giving.  Well, you’re in for a treat then, my friends!  Here’s a roundup of over 30 Wooden Handmade Gift Ideas.

Over 30 wooden handmade gift ideas, as part of The Ultimate Library of Handmade Gift Ideas. What a great collection of handmade and homemade gift ideas for every holiday! |

And this is all part of

The Ultimate Library of Handmade Gifts

a collection brought to you by my favorite bloggers just in time for the holidays.  The answer to your wildest dreams, and/or nightmares.  You know how everyone says they have “something for everyone on your list”?  With over 200 handmade gift ideas, I hope that you really do find the perfect gift, or last inspiration, for everyone on your list.  My contribution to this list of all lists are handmade gifts from wood.  I love the versatility of wood, how it can look handmade or store-bought, even if it was all done by hand.  It can be fun, modern, vintage, and customized for the pickiest recipient!  Let’s dive right in!


Gift Ideas for the Kitchen


Geometric wine stopper from The Merry Thought

Kitchen tablet holder from Mamie Janes

Etched wooden spoons from Design Mom

Serving tray from My Altered State

Pallet coasters from One Dog Woof



I mean jewelry, but there’s a surprise here in this collection…for the man in your life.  How about a wood and leather bow tie?  Oh, I love me some mixed media!


Painted wooden necklace from Swallow’s Heart

DIY wooden jewelry from See That There

Chevron wood earrings from Pitter and Glink

Wooden bow tie from The Merry Thought


Bring the Outdoors In

Anyone can gift a glass vase.  Will you be the one to gift a homemade wooden vase?


Scrap wood vase from Shanty 2 Chic

Twig flower pot from Nini Makes


Slice and Dice

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with a slice of wood.  I mean, it’s like having a blank canvas to work with.  I’d even make an analogy to a blank sheet of paper…if they weren’t pretty much already the same thing…  Annnnyways, here are some grrreat ideas!


Wood slice magnets from Suburble

Wood slice and burlap Christmas wreath from Finding Home

Wood clock from Design Sponge

String art from Suburble

Christmas ornaments from Upcycled Treasures

Lace painted wood coasters from Little Red Window


For the Young and Young at Heart

So, the teether has a specific age limit, but the ruler growth chart can be for anyone.  Plus, I think it’d be fun to have a ginormous ruler hanging around the house!


Ruler growth chart from Simply Kierste

Goldfish teether crochet pattern from One Dog Woof


‘Tis the Season

Here are a few creative ways to use wood for Christmas decorating, and all using supplies from around the house.  Ok, I admit it, I did look around and see if I had an old chair I could bust up for ornaments.


Wooden nativity set from Ginger Snap Crafts

Clothespin snowflakes from Owen Family Six

Spindle ornaments from Lolly Jane


It’s Just a Drill

Ah, power tools, how I love you and am terrified of you all at the same time.  Pop a drill onto your favorite power driver and see what you can come up with!


Birch wood candle holder from Oleander and Palm

Wooden makeup brush holder from Brave New Home


Wood Signs

When all else fails, a wood sign with a favorite quote or scripture or verse from a song always always works.  I always tell myself I don’t NEED a wood sign around the house, but then, I’m ALWAYS tempted to buy the “Beach, this way ->” sign or some other “reminds me of vacation” sign at the county fair.  Someday, I will make one, when I can decide what I want to put on it.

wood signs

Sunshiny Day distressed sign from Happy Go Lucky

DIY wood pallet sign from The Thinking Closet


Gifts for around the house

These ideas repurpose pre-made wood items into fun and unique gifts.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a merry-go-round in their house?!


Baseball wall decor from The Benson Street

Merry-go-round bookshelf from One Dog Woof

Letter magazine rack from Living Well Spending Less


Finally, a few more ideas just for fun

Easy to make and gift, fun to receive!


DIY scented wood blocks from Northstory

Bloom keychain from One Artsy Mama

Outdoor dominoes from One Dog Woof



The Ultimate Library of Handmade Gifts with over 200 tutorials and gift ideas - holy inspiration batman! Perfect for the holidays, birthdays and just whenever! |

There you have it!  My contribution to The Ultimate Library of Handmade Gifts.  There’s soo much more to share from all of my favoritest bloggers.  It’s a pretty impressive and invaluable resource, don’t you think?   If you add up all the ideas from here and from the collections listed below, we have amassed over 200 great homemade gift ideas  (200! HOLY GIFT GIVING, BATMAN!) for you to shock and awe this holiday season.  Good thing we’re giving this to you early, right?  Gives you plenty of time to create, or procrastinate, or shop for supplies (always fun…)!

This year, make your gifts personal: make them handmade. Get your ideas from the fabulous collections below!

Sewing Gifts for Kids by Li’l Miss Tori

30 Minute Gifts by It Happens In A Blink

Mason Jar Gifts by Sweet Tea and Saving Grace

Jewelry and Wearable Gifts by One Artsy Mama

Gifts for the Loveable Nerd by 4 You With Love

Handmade Beauty Gifts by Pitter and Glink

Gifts for Avid Readers by The Benson Street

Wooden Handmade Gift Ideas by One Dog Woof

Handmade Gifts for Men by Suburble

$5 Handmade Gifts by Happy Go Lucky

DIY Coaster Gifts by The Thinking Closet


  1. Marilyn

    ChiWei, what a wonderful roundup of projects! I’m off to find some tree branches so I can make some wood disks for some of these amazing proejcts!

  2. Tara

    Thank you for including me in this fabulous round-up ChiWei! I love so many of these gifts – those burned wooden spoons are fabulous. I’m definitely doing that!

  3. Kirsten

    Oh my gosh I am seriously so inspired! I love working with wood but have a hard time figuring out exactly what to do with it. There are some amazing ideas here ChiWei!

  4. Vanessa

    I really love these ideas very much. Thanks for sharing these and I am pinning.

  5. ChiWei

    Thanks for the pin Vanessa!

  6. ChiWei

    Thanks Kirsten! I love working with wood too, they can come out looking so professional, but I’m also always stumped and usually overwhelmed.

  7. ChiWei

    Do you have a wood burner, or do you use a dremel?

  8. Tara

    I actually have a wood burner .

    Are you surprised? 😉

  9. ChiWei

    Ya know, I did look around for tree branches while putting this roundup together. Aren’t the wood disks great?

  10. ChiWei

    Not at all! Says the girl who owns a soldering iron… 🙂

  11. ChiWei

    Super welcome Jennifer!

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  16. Alexander J. Lyons

    You have some really good ideas! I really like the wooden sign section! I’ve been looking for something to help start on the woodworking scene. I really like these ideas with another book I’ve been reading, it’s a book with 16000 woodworking plans. It’s got lot’s of stuff with all types of levels for all types of woodworkers. Come check it out!

  17. Adam Cole

    Wooden artificial gifts are really beautiful and looking awesome. I like a very much wooden interior, wooden gifts, wooden cars etc. You share the handmade gifts are awesome. I like your blog. Great ideas you share on this blog. Thanks!

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    Beautiful handcrafted gift ideas. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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