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Moutarde Maille

by | Food

Before I start on the food goodness, I just want to announce that it’s official (because I say so), I’m going to be hosting “Party in My Tummy: Culinary Boot Camp”, a basic cooking skills series, starting Memorial Day weekend!  It will be a month of tutorials for basic kitchen skills, with some guest posters, and a link party to kick of summer and show off your own kitchen tips, tricks and skills.  Make sure you follow me via RSS, GFC or Linky to get in on the fun!

Ok, on to the yummy.

My good friend Joe brought me some French mustard back from his recent trip to Paris and I really just giggle every time I open the fridge door now.  This isn’t any old moutarde; this is fresh moutarde ON TAP from the Boutique Maille in place de la Madeleine, Paris.  That’s right, mustard on tap!  So good, so fresh, so spicy!  You can get mustard on tap from two stores in the world, in Paris and in Dijon…and now it’s in my fridge.  You better believe I’m stocking up on crackers and baguettes, and looking forward to cold cut sandwiches for the next several weeks!



Moutarde au Vin Blanc – spicy, sinus clearing.

Moutarde au Chablis – slightly milder, a little bit sweet.

First course, with crackers.

Dinner: Fresh baguette with ham, moutarde, smelly French Raclette cheese, arugula…

and wine, OF COURSE!



  1. Grateful4Crochet

    Love the party in my tummy plan!! Adorable name!!
    Also I’m craving mustard now!

  2. Joe Turic

    mmm, that sandwich looks so good! I have yet to make a sandwich with any of the their mustard, I just keep dipping crackers.

  3. Chiwei @ One Dog Woof

    Crackers are good too! a little sausage, a little cheese, a little wine 🙂

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