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CAL: Let’s Go Shopping!

by | Crochet

Alright, so it’s a Friday, and maybe some of you are snowed in, but others are eager to go shopping and gather supplies for our crochet along!  Thank you all for voting for the project you want to work on, and if you’ve seen the vote tallies, you can see that the winner is the Double Strand Infinity Cowl, by yours truly.   I’d like to thank you for voting for my project, and no, I didn’t rig the vote.  I was sort of hoping for the shawl, and Drew wanted a bunny basket!



If you look at the supplies list in the pattern, you’ll see the following:


M size (9.0 mm) crochet hook

2 balls of worsted weight yarn.

Yarn needle


You’ll be able to find these supplies at any craft store, in the yarn section.  You can think of worsted weight yarn as your average run-of-the-mill yarn that line the shelves.  It’ll have a label that shows the number 4 or Medium/Moyen weight.  You can check out this tutorial on how to read yarn labels.  The pattern calls for 2 balls of yarn because we will be working the pattern with 2 strands of yarn held together for a bulk effect.  Here’s where you can get fancy.  Choose 2 balls of the same color, or use two different colors to add some texture!



If you’re a beginner, I suggest not buying any fancy yarn with waves, feathers, fluffies, or poms poms built in.  It will make it difficult for you to see and understand the stitches you’re making.  Just stick to plain old medium weight yarn.  I like Vanna’s Choice, Loops and Threads, Red Heart or Caron for basic acrylic yarn.  If you want to up the ante, you might be able to find 100% wool or bamboo yarn in worsted weight.


In terms of accessories, you’ll need the hook, a big ol’ yarn needle to weave in ends, and maybe a stitch marker.  You can buy the hook as part of a pack, or individually.  Yarn needles come in metal and plastic, either one works.  When I started, I used a wire tie or a big safety pin as a stitch marker, so no need to spend money on one unless you want to.


Now that you know what to buy, let’s take a look at our wonderful sponsors for this CAL, who will be providing prizes for the top 3 projects linked up to our CAL link party!


Kadie from Seven Alive and I will be giving away a crochet prize pack to the Readers’ Choice winner, consisting of a set of hooks, a hook roll, stitch markers, a pattern book and whatever other goodies I’ll find when I go shopping.  Kadie blogs over at Seven Alive, which is full of fun crochet projects, as well as awesome recipes and cute crafts to do with your kids.



For the second prize in our Readers’ Choice vote, Kara from Petals to Picots will be giving away two free patterns from her Etsy Shop! There are some seriously cute patterns here; I don’t envy the person who has to only choose two.  Kara also has some wonderful free patterns available on her blog (like those Easter eggs), so be sure to go check them out!




Last but not least, our guest posters will be collaborating and choosing a Judges’ Choice winner from the projects linked up, and that lucky person will be receiving a Sharp Crochet Hook Combo Pack from Jessica at Sharp Crochet Hook!  I’m actually using one right now for a project (because my day job and this CAL doesn’t keep me busy enough, right?), and it’s awesome!  It is a crochet hook with a sharp end so you can poke through fabrics and create crocheted borders.



In addition to our awesome sponsors, Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me and Rachel from Maybe Matilda will be on-hand to share a guest post with us, as well as help answer any questions you may have along the way.  These are my bestest crocheting friends, so I hope you will take a moment, visit their blogs/shops and send them some love!


I’ll be posting some tutorials starting next week, and you’ll be able to spend some time practicing the basic stitches before we start the pattern itself.  I’ll also be linking up each tutorial and making necessary changes to the schedule from the last post, so always feel free to head back and review anything you need to.  Happy Shopping!


  1. Daphne Bryson

    Good Afternoon ChiWei, This is exciting. I have not crocheted for years, so your tutorials will remind me of the basics. I have found some wool to practice with, I just need to find a crochet hook.
    Thank you for renewing my interest.
    Best Wishes

  2. Oona Linnett

    Thanks for the info! When you say 2 balls of yarn- is that 50g balls or 100g balls? Sorry if that’s a silly question 🙂 (In the UK there isn’t really anything called ‘worsted’- I think ‘aran’ is the nearest we have)

  3. Chiwei @ One Dog Woof

    I’m going to say 100g balls. I looked up the Loops and Threads that I use, and they are 4.5oz. 100g is about 3.5oz, so I’d stick with the larger yardage, just in case. Worsted and aran are the same. Great questions!

  4. Chiwei @ One Dog Woof

    You may only end up using 2, but having 4 of the same color lot would be good in case you run out. Yes, and you’d be joining in the middle if you have to. Honestly, when I made mine, I used 2 balls of yarn I picked up in a mystery pack, so I don’t how much I needed, but I always like being safe.

  5. Ameryn Marie

    Sounds like fun! Maybe this will make me actually make something for myself, and something besides baby beanies! lol!

  6. Valley Girl

    Is this project suitable for someone who has never crocheted before or is it a little too ambitious?

  7. Eva Sánchez

    Great! I voted for this one =)

  8. Tammy65

    I’m with you ChiWei, was leaning toward the shawl but the cowl is a good choice too…will do the shawl later. Already did
    some of the Easter eggs and started a Bunny Basket last year which I need to find and finish. This will be the first time I have joined in on CAL. I’m a little excited. I have some blue Caron that I am going to use for this. I am usually a Red Heart person. Price and availablity is key ! Got a N (9.0mm) hook for this and ready to start.

  9. Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects

    Oooh, I’m excited to start… I don’t even own a crochet hook yet! How many hours would you estimate for a project like this?

  10. Rachel

    Woohoo, so excited! Now to brainstorm what color I want . . .

  11. The Reid Family

    Super excited to get started on this 🙂

  12. Rebecca

    I’m ready to go!
    Except for choosing the color 🙂
    One color will be Black…the other???

  13. kimmerbean

    Yay! I can’t wait to get started. 🙂

  14. Eva Sánchez

    Is it possible to use bulky yarn?

  15. Chiwei @ One Dog Woof

    Sure. If you do use bulky yarn, you probably won’t need to double up on the strands, unless you want something super big.

  16. Justine

    Well, one of my news years resolutions is learn to crochet… so I was feeling rather tempted to join and when I saw that the winning project was the infinity cowl I am even more so! I just might go shopping today so I can join in on the fun! …By the way this series is a fantastic idea, hoping I can keep up 🙂

  17. Tammy65

    Got one completed…think I will start another but add a third strand for more bulk…will post pic soon

  18. Heather

    How fun! I voted for this one too and can’t wait to make it!!!

  19. 4 You With Love

    I’m stoked to make this with you! I used to be an avid crocheter and about 5 years ago really got into knitting. I’m looking forward to getting back to my “fiber art” roots! 🙂

    If I chose to work a single yarn, do I just look at the label for a yarn that says it’s good for a 9.00mm crochet hook or do I want a drapier cowl and so I should find a yarn that specifies a slightly smaller hook? (Oh, just gave you a shout out on my FB page! :D)

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