Zoodiacs C2C Crochet Afghan

It’s here! After, gosh, 3 or 4 months of designing, crocheting, and procrastinating, I’m sooo excited to finally share my finished Zoodiacs c2c crochet afghan with you all. Can I tell you how much I am in love with this blanket? And it’s not just because I spent so much time on it; it’s because it’s…

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Sample c2c square

Learn C2C Crochet: Everything You Need to Know

This post has been a long time coming, mostly because I’m hesitant about making videos, but now that I’ve got a few under my belt, I’m starting to see the appeal! After sharing my Zoodiac c2c graphghan squares, many of you have requested help on learning how to crochet c2c (corner to corner), so I’ve…

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Zoodiacs Ox C2C Crochet Graph

Just like with the Mouse graph from last time, this little guy’s name is also up for debate. I call him my Zoodiacs Ox c2c crochet graph, but I guess he’s really just a cow. Not a dairy cow, mind you, which I guess is why I want to call him an ox. I like…

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Zoodiacs Mouse C2C Crochet Graph

For the Zoodiacs Mouse c2c crochet graph, I always have to tell myself to call him a mouse and not a rat. A lot of interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac say rat, but in chinese, the word can either mean rat or mouse, and who wants to be a rat? Let’s all be mice instead….

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Zoodiacs Pig C2C Crochet Graph

Whenever I see a pig, I think of the game we play with our little ones – this little piggy on all of their toes. My kids never loooved the game, but you’re guaranteed to get some giggles when you play, and it’s always fun to think up new errands for all the little piggies…

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Zoodiacs Dog C2C Crochet Graph

The Zoodiacs Dog C2C Crochet Graph design may be one of my favorites, this and maybe the piggie coming up next. I love that I can give him a bright blue eye spot because what dog actually has that? Designing him made me miss our own puppy, Isabel, whom we had to leave in New…

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Zoodiacs Rooster C2C Crochet Graph

Hmm, the Rooster c2c graph. I pretty much knew nothing about this particular Zoodiacs design, and almost had no where to start. I did a lot of googling of roosters, and what I found out is that not many of them are very cute. How do I make a Rooster that doesn’t look like a…

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Crochet Jellyfish

I’ve been thinking about these crochet jellyfish for a while, so I’m happy to share the pattern today! I think they’re fun to hang around with, and made from cotton, would pair well with my fish scrubbies in an ocean-themed kids bathroom! Last summer when I went back to Taiwan, my sister and I picked up…

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Zoodiacs Monkey C2C Crochet Graph

I think this was the first Zoodiac that I drew out, on paper, my Zoodiacs Monkey c2c crochet graph. I wanted to make it into a handwarmer but couldn’t quite figure out the tail, so ended up just making the monkey head part. About half way through, I decided paper just wasn’t good enough. I…

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