Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn Pattern

Here we go.  A unicorn.  A large, bright and colorful crochet unicorn.  Yeah!  I wanted something LM could grow up with, and it seems our house is filled with small, handheld stuffies.  Well, I wanted a large, super cuddly, takes-up-serious-room-on-the-bed stuffie, so here it is!  He is inspired by the IT’S SO FLUFFY unicorn from… 

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The Secrets of How We Built Our DIY Play Kitchen for Under $90

So, you know how I like quick and easy crafts?  Well, this post is not one of them.  This post will be epic, long, and chock-ful of what I hope to be super useful information for you! Because why should you figure out how to build a DIY play kitchen from scratch when you can… 

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Top 10 posts of 2014 at

Top 10 Posts of 2014, Reflections and What to Expect for 2015

Welcome to a new year my friends! I’ve had a very much-needed yet still busy break during the holidays and I hope you’ve enjoyed your holidays as well. I don’t normally do this, but I’m feeling a bit reflective tonight so I’d thought I share.  I went and pulled up my top 10 most viewed… 

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Personalized Stamped Gift Wrap

And the second project I want to share this week, right before I close my laptop and enjoy Christmas, is this last-minute gift wrap idea.  If you missed my first quick project, it was this pair of pom-pom gnomes that you can make while watching tv. So, the inspiration for this gift wrap idea came… 

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Pom-pom Gnomes {Crochet Pattern}

I’m sharing two last minute projects inspired by stuff I saw on the internet.  First up are these pom-pom gnomes.  I saw this pom-pom Santa knew I wanted to make my own.  The instructions are pretty self-explanatory so I’m going to keep this simple. Supplies: 1 inch wood bead 10mm wood bead hot glue yarn… 

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Yarn Wrapped Spool Ornaments

Just sharing these quick and simple spool ornaments today, which were a Eureka moment thanks to the impulse buy section at Michaels.  The sequin ornaments I shared a few days ago were also impulse buy creations, so we have ourselves a little series here, I guess! I found these twine-wrapped spool ornaments for $1.50 each… 

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DIY Sequin Ornaments

I was wandering around Michaels the other evening (my preferred method for relaxation) and I saw a small bag of glitter covered styrofoam balls.  Pretty, but nothing unique…until I saw a little sequin ball in the same package.  As Gru would say, “LIGHTBULB”.  And guess what?  I had picked up a roll of hot pink… 

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Winter Village Display

After months of missing the festivities, I’m super excited to be participating in December’s Silhouette Challenge, and even more excited to be part of a fantabulous giveaway with my fellow Silhouette wonder bloggers!  So, lots going on in today’s post.  I’m sharing my winter village display, and there’s 36 other Silhouette projects to ogle over,… 

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Washi Tape Paper Chain Garland

Just sharing a quick project today!  I’ve had this idea floating around in this head of mine for a while, but it always takes some experimenting to get it from my head down to an actual workable result.  And yes, a washi tape paper chain garland, as easy as it sounds, took several tries to… 

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