10 Useful Blogging Websites Every Blogger Should Know

These days, a blogger does much more than type some words into a computer.  You are a multi-tasking, multi-skilled machine, juggling writing, editing, photographing, creating, researching and designing.  Does that sound like you?  Yeah, that’s me in a crazy nutshell.  To help you out, I’m sharing some of my most frequented and useful blogging websites… 

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5 Easy Weeknight Dinners at The Project Stash

Welcome back to another week of great features and a great party!  I don’t have any of my craft supplies yet (still waiting!) but I did share a little something as we all try to adjust to our new environments.  Take a moment and see if you share the same sentiments.  And then come on… 

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Feeling the Guilt, and the Pressure

To be honest, this post is a bit of a last minute idea, and I’m a bit scared to be posting it.  I was going to write a post on how to cut avocados.  I bought the avocados today, and even asked the grocer at Trader Joe’s to give me a discount because there was… 

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5 Back to School Printables | www.1dogwoof.com

5 Back to School Printables at The Project Stash

Whew! It’s been a while since I’ve partied with everyone, but I’m back, and I’m coming to you from sunny California!  In case you missed it, you can read about my adventures HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.  Yup, we drove across the country! Now that we’re finally settling down a bit, I can… 

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Origami Apple Favor | www.1dogwoof.com

Origami Apple Favor

Yesterday, J started school in California.  School, pre-school, daycare, same thing to me, really.  It means he’s out of the house, hanging with kids his own age, getting engaged in activities, and expending energy, which is a whole lot of goodness!  So, as my life now consists of an almost school-age kiddo (where did the… 

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Utah Salt Flats – Our Cross Country Road Trip, Part 4

I realize our trip was over a while ago, but I’m still recapping it. For you, and for me too. It was an amazing experience, and as much as I want to share it with you, I also want to remember it for myself, so I can look back someday and wonder what I drank… 

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The Great Plains – Our Cross-Country Road Trip

I know it’s been quite a few days since my last post and if you follow on Instagram or Facebook, you know that we’ve arrived in sunny California safe and sound.  We’re currently in corporate housing and will be living out of suitcases and whatever we packed in our Yakima SkyBox until September, which kind… 

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Chicago to Lincoln, NE – Our Cross-Country Road Trip

Our cross-country trip has been sponsored by Yakima Car Racks.  We received a roof rack system for review, but obviously the trip itself and the opinions are 100% my own. I’m a bit behind on the recapping of our cross country road trip because it is EXHAUSTING to be on the road all day.  I’m… 

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A Different Type of Home Tour…

…the kind where you’ve already left.  I was always a bit nervous about doing a home tour while I lived in the home because of the whole privacy thing, but the honest truth is because I’m just not that motivated to clean my house to a point where I can take some nice photos. You… 

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