Gold Fern Easter Eggs

Fern Silhouette Easter Eggs |

There's one week before Easter, and J has been asking about Easter eggs. Particularly the ones with candy inside. So, he's probably not interested in these gold fern easter eggs I made with my Silhouette, but I love them, especially sitting in my one and only black bowl. I suppose black and gold is an odd combination for my take on April's Silhouette Challenge theme of SPRING, but when I think spring, I think about all the ferns that are slowly unfurling to embrace the sun's warm light. And … [Read more...]

Hedgehog Taggie Baby Toy Crochet Pattern


There I was, sitting on the sofa, completely out of inspiration. I look down and see LM playing with the zipper pull on my fleece. When that was over, she looked around for something else to stuff into her mouth. Teething, I get it. My life is one big slobber ball. Burp cloths dot the living room landscape like damp tumbleweeds. Attractive, no? But it gave me inspiration to make this hedgehog taggie baby toy, so maybe LM won't gnaw on my knuckles as much! My pattern is inspired by this … [Read more...]

Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern

Crochet Easter Bunny |

Well, my crochet monster easter egg was quickly confiscated by J as soon as he laid eyes on it, so I figured I should make something for LM as well, since now with two kids, everything needs to be fair.  One for you, and one for you. Since LM is too young for a toy that opens and holds candy, she got a 1-piece bunny as her (teething) toy.  A bunny rattle, actually. I don't have any pictures of it because it was a last minute idea, but I stuffed a bell into the egg with a bit of fiberfill … [Read more...]

Mini Quiche with a Grape-Nuts Crust

Mini Quiche with Grape-Nuts crust |

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Post Pebbles, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PostWalgreens Now that my son is in the midst of his oh so terrible threes, providing healthy meals and snacks that he'll actually eat has become quite the challenge.  Case in point - we had a nice little breakdown yesterday because we offered a ham sandwich for lunch instead of his usual peanut butter fare.  Do … [Read more...]

Marbleized Polymer Clay Eggs


There I was, shopping for fake Easter eggs to decorate because I didn't want to go through the trouble of blowing out real eggs and then experimenting with a design only to have it fail.  And it occurred to me, people make things out of polymer clay, why not eggs?  Is it because they'll take forever to bake?  Then by luck, I saw this beautiful post that hinted at curing polymer clay in the microwave.  That sent me on a Google chase and some not-so-scientific experiments.  The result?  These … [Read more...]

5 Fun Springtime Ideas at The Project Stash

5 Springtime projects |

Hi Spring, how are you?  I'd like to think that spring if full of flowers and green grass and sunshine, and it's true that the crocuses are popping up in my landscaping, but they may just die again in the below freezing weather we're still having, so can you try a little harder to push winter to the dark dank hole where it belongs?  I mean, Christmas is nice and all, and the New Year brings hope and a lot of promise, but so do you, and I really do prefer the warmer weather.  It's really time to … [Read more...]