Modular Crochet Blocking Station

I’ll admit, I don’t usually make crochet blankets. My last big blanket project, with its billions of loose ends, sorta turned me off to the whole idea of a mess of granny squares. So, I’ve tended to stick to cute little things, like owls and fish scrubbies and things. BUT love can make you change…. 

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Crochet Fish Scrubbie Washcloths

On our last date night, Drew and I walked around the “downtown” of the town we’re moving to this fall, you know, to get a feel for our neighborhood. We found this little doodads store that had a bunch of, well, doodads, and all sorts of vintage-y, charming things. I’m sure you know the type… 

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Invisible Half Double Crochet Decrease

Here’s a quick tutorial for today, an invisible half double crochet decrease. The invisible decreasing single crochet is something I learned from Planet June, and it’s pretty ingenious, probably because it’s so simple. Instead of inserting your hook through both loops to create the decreasing stitch, you only insert your hook through the front loop… 

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on the beach.

Why I Defined My Terms of Use Today

Welp, a couple things happened today. Besides going to the park and having ice cream, I found this awesome whale of a project I want to do. Thing is, as I was reading the tutorial, the blogger stated that I was not allowed to sell finished products or make translations or distribute her content in… 

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Crochet invisible stripes. Can you tell where the join is? via

Perfect Crochet Stripes Without Cutting Yarn

There I was, wanting to make stripes for a project I’m working on (which I’ll be sharing!) and I kept seeing that ugly seam where the rounds join up. I’m sure you know what I mean. I suppose I could cut the yarn each time, join it with an invisible join, and then start a… 

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Making the Most Out of My Narrow Hallway Entrance

A few weeks ago, we signed a contract to purchase our first home in California! It was a stressful affair, but full of excitement as it’s a new construction and we’ll be the first to live there, as opposed to the 100 year old home we had in New York. So, I figure before we… 

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Crochet Cupcake Pincushion Sewing Kit

A long time ago, I think sometime last year, a friend of mine sent me a photo and asked if I could make her a cupcake pincushion that could sit atop one of those mason jar sewing kits. After much thought and much procrastination, here’s what I think is a great gift for crochet and… 

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Origami Fox Digital Art Print

Of course I’m late, again. OF COURSE. But, better late than never. Here’s Round 2 of the origami print series, this time, a fox. Dear old origami fox. And because I’m been negligent in posting, I’ll leave the origami owl print up and available for a short time more! Same old, same old: I’m making these… 

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Origami Owl Digital Art Print

I thought I’d do something a little different today because I haven’t gotten around to buying any yarn for my next big project and I’m super-stuffed on life and whatnot. A while back, I had asked you on Facebook to express your opinions on freebies, namely, printables. I never know whether a printable should be… 

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