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Zoodiacs Bunny Rabbit C2C Crochet Graph

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Zoodiacs bunny rabbit made using c2c crochet |

Next up in my Zoodiacs collection is the Zoodiacs Bunny Rabbit c2c crochet graph. All my Zoodiacs are big-headed, small-bodied cuties in graph form. With the graph, you can make graphghans, or work the pattern using C2C (corner-to-corner) crochet. I think this bunny would work especially well as an Easter-themed pillow.

As I mentioned before, stick around to see all the animals in the Zoodiacs collection. I’ll be crocheting them all together into a blanket at the end too!

See all the Zoodiacs!


J hook (CloverUSA Amour Hooks*)

Michaels Loops and Threads Impeccables in Grass (2 skeins) and White

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Eggplant, Pink and Black

A few notes:

  • I made my squares using C2C (corner to corner) crochet. Using an I hook, I got squares around 18 inches wide, but my gauge did vary a bit. You can use C2C crochet, or make a single crochet graphghan, totally up to you.
  • The colors I chose were based on the final blanket design. You can obviously switch things around, but I do list the yarns I used below.
  • I re-used the same yarns for multiple squares so the blanket has some color consistency. Using a combination of mostly Lion Brand Vanna's Choice and Michaels Loops and Threads, I found I could get a diverse color palette and consistent yarn feel, with no one skein jumping out in either hue, vibrancy or feel.
  • I always have 2 skeins of the background color on hand. It made it easier to work the C2C running two skeins at the same time.
  • To finish the square, work 1 round of sc around the square. I worked 3 sc into each "tile" of the c2c, and a ch 2 in the corners, then slip stitching into the first sc. (69 sc + ch 2) * 4 sides. This also makes it easier to join the squares later.

Zoodiacs Bunny Rabbit C2C Graph

Zoodiacs bunny rabbit made using c2c crochet |



I’ll be adding each animal graph to the Zoodiacs page, so in case you miss a post, you can always find all of them in one spot.

I’d love to see your Zoodiac animals, so share with me on Facebook or tag me (@1dogwoof) on Instagram!


  1. Suzanne Biggs

    on the zodiacs, where are the cow and rat graphs?

  2. lurenda richter

    Do you have written instrutions for your graphs?

  3. DeLane Clay

    If I wanted to make this into a 36 X 36 blanket, who much will I need to add all around to it?


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