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Zoodiacs Bunny Rabbit C2C Crochet Graph

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Zoodiacs bunny rabbit made using c2c crochet |

Next up in my Zoodiacs collection is the Zoodiacs Bunny Rabbit c2c crochet graph. All my Zoodiacs are big-headed, small-bodied cuties in graph form. With the graph, you can make graphghans, or work the pattern using C2C (corner-to-corner) crochet. I think this bunny would work especially well as an Easter-themed pillow.

As I mentioned before, stick around to see all the animals in the Zoodiacs collection. I’ll be crocheting them all together into a blanket at the end too!

See all the Zoodiacs!


J hook (CloverUSA Amour Hooks*)

Michaels Loops and Threads Impeccables in Grass (2 skeins) and White

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Eggplant, Pink and Black

Zoodiacs Bunny Rabbit C2C Graph

Zoodiacs bunny rabbit made using c2c crochet |



I’ll be adding each animal graph to the Zoodiacs page, so in case you miss a post, you can always find all of them in one spot.

I’d love to see your Zoodiac animals, so share with me on Facebook or tag me (@1dogwoof) on Instagram!


  1. Suzanne Biggs

    on the zodiacs, where are the cow and rat graphs?

  2. lurenda richter

    Do you have written instrutions for your graphs?

  3. DeLane Clay

    If I wanted to make this into a 36 X 36 blanket, who much will I need to add all around to it?

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