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Party In My Tummy! Starts May 25

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Tomorrow’s a big day!  I get the day off from work (Yeah!) and it’s the first post of my new series, Party in My Tummy!  It’s going to be a fabulous month filled with basic cooking tutorials to help you create some wonderful meals this summer!



I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty terrible when it comes to following directions in a recipe.  The problem I have with recipes is that nothing is ever exact (how big is one eggplant anyways), and oftentimes, the ingredients are hard to find or out of season.  Ever since my family joined the local CSA, we have been much more in tune to what is available in season.  We pick up 10-15 pounds of vegetables every weekend, and it really forces us to be creative and use what we receive, instead of going to the grocery store and buying ingredients for a particular recipe.  What would you do when you’re faced with several leeks and a huge ziploc bag full of garlic scapes?  (Is anyone asking what a garlic scape is?)

I don’t remember when I learned how to cook.  I definitely went through the ramen and spaghetti phase (haven’t outgrown it yet), but after I got married, Drew and I spent a lot of time watching cooking shows and trying different techniques in our own drab-to-fab little kitchen.  I figure if we can do it, so can anyone else.  All it takes are some simple skills and tricks, as well as a basic understanding of flavor combinations.  The rest is just experience and experimentation!

So, this month, I’m going to post a whole collection of little skill tutorials, and occasionally a basic recipe to go with it.  There’s going to be a couple of guest posters with tips of their own, and then a link party where you can share your own culinary skills and recipes.  I haven’t figured it all out yet, but there will probably be a giveaway too!


Here’s the not-set-in-stone schedule for my boot camp.  The dates/order may change if I have problems getting my hands on certain ingredients.


5/25: How to Dice Onion + Fresh Tomato Salsa


5/27 : A Tip for Juicing Citrus + Cool Limeade


5/29 : Understanding Mirepoix and the Holy Trinity


5/31 : Peel Garlic with a Bang


6/2 : Cooking Rice Like an Asian American


6/5 : Guest Post from Shelby at The Bean Sprout Notes 


6/8 : How to Peel and Cut a Pineapple 


6/12 : Guest Post from Joe Turic – Jar Salads


6/15 : How to Clean Those Dirty Little Leeks


6/19 : Guest Post from Justine at Kerr-afty Creations


6/21 : Link Party right here at One Dog Woof to show off your cookery skills and to celebrate the start of summer!


6/27 : Hopefully, I’ll have enough participants from the link party to feature my favorites!


I would love for you to display my party button (grab it from the sidebar) and tell your friends.  Write your own posts and join in the fun.  Follow my blog any way you like so you don’t miss a single tutorial, and we’ll all get together for a big ol’ bloggy potluck to welcome in Summer!  To be brutally honest, this is the first time I’m scheduling this many posts, so I’m excited and nervous at the same time!


  1. Rebecca

    I’m excited to read your series! I am always happy to help contribute if you need any extra posts. I also love to cook (particularly desserts!) Have a great holiday weekend.

  2. Chiwei @ One Dog Woof

    Thank you Rebecca! I think I have all of my posts set, but feel free to grab a button and write your own post about what you love to cook, and link up in June – I’d love to read it!

  3. Justine

    Yay the series look so great!! Can’t wait to read all of your posts!! What fun this will be 🙂

  4. Kirsten

    What an awesome idea! I can’t wait to read your series!

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