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Hidden Veggies Round-Up: Hide Vegetables in Popsicles

by | Food

Do you have issues getting your kids or your spouse or, maybe, yourself to eat the whatever servings of vegetables are recommended on a daily basis?  My son eats nothing but white bread and macaroni and cheese (and brownies, cake and ice cream, when it’s offered).  If we’re lucky, I can get in a sugar-loaded yogurt drink.  If we’re REALLY lucky, maybe a peach or a banana.  Want a funny story?  Apparently, he eats Americanized chinese food too.  You know, mommy cooked chinese food doesn’t cut it, but “vegetables with brown sauce”, especially whatever they serve at church lunches, are a hit.  He was literally pointing and saying “no chicken, I want broccoli”.

One Dog Woof: Hide Veggies in Popsicles

Well, I am nothing if not creative and determined to win the battle of the wills against my toddler.  Come on!  I’m bigger, I’m taller, I have a bigger brain.  I have a Masters degree, he plays with Tonka trucks, gosh darn it.  And that is the impetus behind my quick little recipe series – “how to hide vegetables in different meals and snacks so you can trick that Tonka playing, Sesame Street watching hooligan into eating something that isn’t completely starch and cheese”.  Long title, I know, so I shortened it to just a Hidden Veggies Roundup.

The first in this series is Popsicles!  Because it’s summer, because fruits and vegetables are abundant, and because I want to start with popsicles.  Let’s take a look!


GirliChef Carrot Mango Raspberry Popsicle:
Looks like a perfect store-bought popsicle, except this one has carrots in it!  The sweetness of the carrots would work really well with the tartness of the raspberries.

Carrot, Mango, and Raspberry Popsicles 3


Sunglasses for the Masses Strawberry Kiwi Hidden Vegetable Popsicle:
Mmm, looks so creamy!  My son may not be thrilled with the kiwi, but I’m thrilled there’s avocado and beetroot in there!



My Chic Life Hidden Veggie Popsicles:
There are a couple here to choose from, using either pureed carrots or pureed spinach.



LAFamily Fruit and Vegetable Popsicles:
Also a couple options, using squash, lettuce and spinach.  Talk about superfoods!

Fruit Popsicles


Mary Crimmins Veggie Popsicles:
There’s more veggies in these popsicles, some with the regular purees but there’s suggestions on how to use cucumbers and even corn!

Here’s the rest of the Hidden Veggies series!

Hide Vegetables in Smoothies


Hide Vegetables in Meals

Hide Vegetables in Savory Meals

Hide Vegetables in Dessert




  1. ChiWei

    I know it’s winter here, but I’m craving popsicles right when I saw your comment.

  2. j

    These are so awesome! Pinning and tweeting and making a grocery list!

  3. Elaine

    Thank you for sharing, this is an amazing idea – to trick MYSELF into eating vegetables! I have this aversion to veggies and a dangerous addiction to ice cream and frozen yogurt O_O

  4. ChiWei

    You’re welcome Elaine, enjoy!

  5. Sharyar

    This is awesome! Omg I struggle with this so much!

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