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Crochet Wrap Bracelet with Button

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One of the reasons I liked my crochet friendship bracelets so much was because of the fact that they were adjustable.  I have small wrists and I always find it awkward to wear large bangles.  I guess I could look for small bangles, but I still need to get my hand through it, and then there’s just this big clunker dangling from my wrist.  I saw an image while perusing Pinterest of a crocheted wrap bracelet that also looked adjustable, so I thought I’d give it a try and see if I could make the bracelet work for me.

Crochet Wrap Bracelet |

After puttering with the pattern a bit, I couldn’t get it completely adjustable for any wrist, so this pattern isn’t an exact pattern; it should be sized to your wrist, at least approximately.  Basically, you just chain and chain and create more chains, then turn around and slip stitch your way all the way back to the beginning.  Make sure there’s a loop at one end and attach a button on the other.  Then you can wrap this simple “rope” around your wrist as many times as you crocheted for and secure with the button.

Crochet Wrap Bracelet |


crochet thread/yarn/hemp/string – I used Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton Metallic Size 10-Gold/Gold (affliate link) and DMC Pearl Cotton Embroidery Thread.
crochet hook appropriate to the medium you are using.  For both bracelets, I used a 2.75mm hook, size C2

Simple Crochet Wrap Bracelet

1. Chain as many chains as needed to wrap around your wrist 3 times.  You can always chain more in order to wrap around your wrist as many times as you want.

2. Once you’ve created the wanted length chain, work an extra large chain stitch – this becomes the loop.

3. Chain 1 more beyond the extra large chain stitch.  You’ll want to hold on to the large chain stitch while working this last chain stitch.

4. Work a slip stitch into the 2nd chain from hook (the one right after the large stitch).

5. Work a slip stitch into every chain across.

6. Fasten off.

7. Grab both the beginning tail and the ending tail to attach a button.

8. Tie 2 square knots to secure the button. Cut off ends and glue to secure.

To wear: wrap the bracelet around your wrist (or ankle) as many times as allowed and fasten the button with the loop.

cCrochet Wrap Bracelet |

Super simple, thin, discreet, and you can make it in as many colors as you like.  If done in hemp, this could even be acceptable for the men in your life!

Crochet Wrap Bracelet |

Crochet Wrap Bracelet |


  1. Kate Lantry

    It looks really neat. Thanks for the pattern 🙂 I don’t quite understand the end part with the button, but I’m a visual person and probably just have to see it. I’ll make one and let you know if I can’t figure it out. Thanks.

  2. ChiWei

    Ha, Steph, that was the one thing I forgot to add! I’ve updated the post above, but the gold one was Aunt Lydia’s Metallic Cotton Crochet Thread, and the blue was a DMC Pearl Cotton Embroidery Thread. Both were found at JoAnns.

  3. ChiWei

    Thanks Kate! Basically, at the end, just attach a button any way you can :-). Since you’ve got a beginning tail and an end tail, you can use those tails to sew on the button.

  4. ChiWei

    Thanks Michelle!

  5. Carolyn

    Love, Love! I will definitely be making a few of these!

  6. Lisa

    These are so cute with endless possibilities of color and buttons! I love them…thanks for sharing!

  7. ChiWei

    You’re so welcome Lisa!

  8. ChiWei

    Thanks Carolyn!

  9. ChiWei

    Thanks Heather!

  10. Margo

    I love finding pretty crochet projects that I can actually finish!!

  11. Linda Deal

    Great concept. I’ll be making several of these for my granddaughters and myself. Maybe even my daughter will want some. Thank you for sharing.

  12. ChiWei

    Thanks Linda!

  13. deb

    Really nice will be making these for my granddaughters. Thanks

  14. Frances

    These are so sweet, there are endless possibilities using different coloured yarns and buttons. Thank you!

  15. ChiWei

    Thanks for your sweet comment Frances! And yes, you can make so many of these and each one can be unique!

  16. ChiWei

    Thank you!

  17. Carri

    Could you post a picture of the loop end before the button is attached? I’m really having a hard time visualizing this.

  18. Litl Bits

    Guess you could also do this making an I-Cord instead of just chain with slip stitch, but this is a cute, simple bracelet…agh! should have thought of this myself!
    might try one with beads and/or flowers as well.

  19. ChiWei

    Yup, except I’d have to go figure out an I-cord 🙂

  20. LitlBits

    Here’s a link for YouTube tutorial for I Cord…believe me, If I can do it, you can do it blindfolded!
    I’ve actually found a number of uses for this I Cord!

  21. Finess

    Where did you find the button at? I’ve looked at Joanns. Also on the DMC pearl cotton thread which color of blue is it? Because there are several shades of blue and I would really like to get the exact color of blue because it’s such a beautiful blue shade.

  22. ChiWei

    Oooh, I really don’t remember the exact shade of blue. But the Pearl Cotton line is much smaller than the regular DMC line, so there’s a lot less choices to choose from. The button was a lucky find on Etsy. I’ve looked for more, but have never been able to find them. They are wood on the front and metal on the back.

  23. Vicki

    Love the look of these, but I found working with the yarn difficult. It kept curling on the part coming off the ball. Any suggestions on how to prevent this? Maybe I’m just awkward. Lol I was making one to wrap about 5 times. Thanks for any hints

  24. ChiWei

    You’ll have to keep untwisting and releasing the tension as you go. Good luck!

  25. Cheryl Sullivan

    Thank you so much for putting this into instructions for those of us who cannot buy them 🙂 I will be pinning this along with making some for my great niece, and myself of course 🙂 Thanks again.

  26. Mindy

    Ive seen these with little charms hanging from the buttons as well, super cute!!

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  28. Bobbie

    Very cute. My daughter saw the pattern and asked if I thought she could make one, so I made one first. You need to be careful not to twist the chain. The loop is a bit of puzzle because it needs to be large enough to fit over the button (I used a 22mm wood) and be sure the button to have two holes, not four.

    When the loop (a single strand of thread) is large enough, it gapped. I don’t see a gap on your examples. It looks like the crocheted piece is tight to the end, so not sure what I’m missing. –Ah! I think I figured it out. The single loop is looped back onto the bracelet to make a stronger “loop” –yes? 🙂 That brings the button to the crochet work.

    It works perfect now. Again, thank you for sharing your creativity with us. I just finished making 20 of your Puff Star ornaments –also for my daughter and her family. They are so cute too.

  29. Deena Abutaha

    Awesome pattern! I made one easily I tied a small charm with the button to add a little decor. I also made my loop a little too big so I slid two beads onto the loop to shorten it a little. Turned out fantastic, thanks!

  30. Lori

    I agree. I don’t understand after the large loop

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